Yolanda Tong

Empowering your potential through voice channeled guidance, clarity, and energetic support

Hello, I’m Yolanda and I love to help YOU to:

ACTIVATE your unique GIFTS
UNLOCK your amazing POTENTIAL and bring

Know Your Potential

Stop for a moment and think about the last time someone saw something special in you that you couldn’t see in yourself.

They believed in you and saw your POTENTIAL

How did you feel when you finally stepped into that and realized the truth?

It’s a feeling of pure MAGIC.

You’ve had your spiritual awakening…

You are intuitive, a healer, coach, channeler, or on the path to becoming one. Or perhaps you are someone on the Spiritual path who is focused on your own personal development and growth. You’ve grown so much, and are committed to this Spiritual path, and wanting to open up and develop so much more, to step more fully into your true purpose and actualize your potential.

We all need some assistance along the way, from someone who gets you, who can feel where you’ve been, and sees where you are going. Someone who can see the bigger picture, shift what’s blocking you, and help you expand your divine connection to your higher consciousness and the Spirit world.

My gift is voice channeling and working with energy to heal, unblock, upgrade, initiate, and accelerate.

I bring guidance with detail and clarity that’s easy to understand, directly from your Spirit team and mine, to assist you with your journey.

A few ways I can help you


Channeled Guidance & Clarity in Q&A format around your Gifts, your path & your life in general.

Voice Channeled Q&A Sessions

Energetic Support

To assist you with the development of your Gifts, and connecting you more deeply to your own higher guidance.

Energy clearing, healing & activation sessions

Learning & Development

Workshops & Meditations on various topics to support your understanding, personal growth and Spiritual Development

What clients are saying

Don’t let this fresh face fool you, Yolanda is an old soul who brings her level headed wisdom to all things about altered states and connecting to higher wisdom in the spiritual realm. I can always count on Yolanda to add the right perspective to any question I have.
Yolanda is ‘the real deal’ and incredibly accurate with her readings… I have been given so much detailed information I can work with and I will be back for more when the time is right… I highly recommend her services to anyone at any level!
Amanda B
I have had the privilege of working with Yolanda on a number of occasions. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable straight away. Yolanda and her beautiful team have guided and assisted me in opening my channel and continue develop and expand. I would definitely recommend working with Yolanda, you leave with greater knowledge and guidance, what could be better than that!
Angela M
Ohio USA
Yolanda is so gifted and such a warm and beautiful person. I love having sessions with her. The guidance I receive is always spot on and gives me lots to think about. It always resonates, and often surprises. I know when I have a session with Yolanda that I will be given the guidance that I need at that time. The opportunity to ask questions also helps focus and clarify things. I highly recommend Yolanda


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