Want to be a better Chanelor? Let more love flow through.

Our Spirit Guides, and loved ones on the other side, once they’ve left the Earth plane, leave behind their Earthly stuff, the baggage, the trauma, the drama, and move into a space of love and lightness.  Whilst their personalities can still come through, their words are always peaceful, loving, and can be so healing.

Beautiful loving words spoken by a guide or loved one, is a sign that you are indeed connecting to a guide.  If the words being spoken are not loving, two things are happening, either a being that perhaps doesn’t have your best and highest interests at heart is coming through, or more likely, the person bringing through the guide hasn’t fully opened their hearts and cleared their channel and thus their own personality is coming through the channeling. 

To allow their love through, you have to open your heart

Opening your heart is quite possibly one of the most important aspects to becoming a really good and clear channelor who can bring through the true essence of the guide wishing to speak.  Without an open heart, words coming through a channelor sound and feel more like themselves talking, or a feelingless robot speaking, rather than a guide coming through. 

Earlier on in my training to become a better channelor, I was challenged by my guides to really heal and open my heart to deeper and deeper levels, and to learn to speak more lovingly towards both myself and others. (We humans can be so hard on ourselves and others at times!) This made a difference to my channeling as it became easier to open my heart and really allow and feel the love coming through from my Spirit teams and to more easily speak those loving words in full and partial channel as they sounded less foreign to me coming out of my mouth.

Whilst opening your heart wider and wider is not something you do in an instant, it is something that happens overtime as we heal, release, shift various things that have kept our hearts shut off for protection reasons.  If you are here to channel through guidance for others, guaranteed this will be a part of your journey in direct and indirect ways. You don’t need to have the heart of a Saint to channel beautiful loving guidance from Spirit, but you do need to ensure the chakra is open enough for energy to flow through it.

So it was no surprise that when I was learning how to teach others to channel, and open more to recieving guidance from Spirit Guides, my guides quickly showed me the importance of ensuring the heart was more opened first, and the connection between the heart and the throat were clear, before the channeling began so that the guides energy could reach the heart, and stir up those emotions, those loving words, and bring that through the channeling.  In every single mentoring session, I’ve been guided to check in with the heart, the throat, and the connection between the two to make sure the connection is clear and flowing. Are the two energy centres open? Is the pathway clear with energy flowing in both directions? If the answer to that is yes, that’s great news, you will have an easier time channeling. 

How to open to a greater flow of love

To check your throat and heart, simply tune into each energy centre.  How does it feel? Tightly closed or open and flowing?  If tightly closed, what does it need to open? For the intention of channeling your guides, it often doesn’t need a huge deep clearing, it may need a bit of love, or some energy.  Intention is key, and know that we and all things are made up of energy, and so often by intending for the energy of something to enter that space, the space can shift with that alone.  So if you feel like it needs a crystal, an oil, or an essence, but you aren’t about to shove that into your throat, you can call the energy of that particular crystal to move into your throat to support it from the inside out.  Simple and easy as that. Once you’ve done this with your two energy centres, you can then do this with the pathway of energy between the two.  

Lastly I’d also like to share that opening and expanding our hearts to feel more love can help raise up our energies very quickly which in turn will make it easier to connect in with our guides and hold the energy for longer.  Whist there are different heart opening tools and techniques out there you can research and learn such as Heart Coherance, often something as simple as intending to breathe in love and breathe out tension and our day can get the process started.  

Gratitude can also do wonders for changing and raising up our energy, and you can revise this a bit to specifically open up the heart by listing and thinking about all the things you love and why.  You can even take this a step further to ask your guides to help you to find and list everything you love, as well as things they love about you.  You’ll be expanded and bursting with love in no time.

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