5 Important Steps to Connect in to Channel Guidance for yourself or others

When I channel for a client, I get on the Zoom call, have a quick chat, connect in and start channeling.  It looks pretty simple, and easy, and it is, but there is so much more that I do than simply connect in and start channel. 

Whilst I do believe we can simply connect in and channel, I do feel without the 5 steps I’m about to share with you, the information that gets channeled doesn’t have the same potency, depth, and power to it.  

So without further ado, I’d love to share my 5 steps to create the BEST connection.  

Step #1: Grounding

A good channeling needs a good grounding first.  Channeling can often create a lot of energy in your head region which can easily make you feel spacey and lightheaded.  Grounding your energy and working to ensure there is a flow of energy through you down into the Earth, and back up through you from the Earth will allow messages to come through clearer and easier, otherwise the messages will come through more scattered and unfocused.  Grounding will help you to focus and hold the energy for longer. It will also help the energy to settle faster once you have finished channeling and connecting. Whilst I have done much work to help me feel more and more connected to the Earth, and present grounded on the Earth which has improved my channeling immensely.

For the purpose of doing a channeling, I simply visualize and feel the energy flow down from my heart through my lower chakras into the Earth below, and continue downwards until it reaches the centre of the Earth.  You can visualize your energy hooking, or wrapping around the core of the Earth, or simply just plugging in. For me the core of the Earth is also where the Heart of Mother Earth lies, and I visualize her sending love, light, and supportive grounding energies back up through my lower chakras into my heart.

Step #2:  Call in love and light, and open my heart

Once I feel really grounded, I send energy from my heart up to the sun, and I do the same process with the core of the sun as I do with the core of the  Earth, and allow my heart to be filled with so much light from the sun, and allow it to mix and blend with the light and love from the Earth. It’s good to feel there is energy flowing in and out in both directions.  I use this energy to begin to really open and expand my heart. I further the process along by breathing in love, and breathing out my day, any stress, scattered thoughts, and really settle into my quiet heart space. 

As I continue to breathe in love from the Universe around me, I visualize my energy start to expand and my vibration start to rise up.  This will make it easier to connect in with my guides.

Step #3: Intentions!

Intentions are important for a few reasons, they direct the channeling, and give it some structure and context.  I keep my intentions pretty simple and straightforward. I always intend to get my mind/personality out of the way, and allow the most divine and perfect guidance to come through for the highest good of all concerned, including myself.   I usually phrase it like this.

“I intend to be a clear and perfect channel, and to allow my teams in Spirit to come forth and deliver the most divine and perfect guidance and messages for _______.”

One time, I didn’t set any intentions other than to simply open to channel, and it was quite the experience.  I had a random being come through talking about the most random things that really had nothing to do with me, or the person who joined me for the session.  I ended up sending them away and set a clear intention for a being who only had the purest most divine intentions to come through to bring through the most divine and perfect guidance for my friend, and in came the most beautiful being who delivered the most spot on message that was 100% relevant to what was happening in her life at that time.  That day I learned the valuable lesson that intention is very important.  

Step #4: Create a sacred Space

These steps may sound familiar to you so far, you may have read them elsewhere or seen others follow these steps, and it’s usually in Step 3 or 4 that others will talk about calling in protection!  

Now, there are two belief systems in this Spiritual world, one belief that says protection is a must because there is bad stuff out there that can interfere with your channel and therefore it’s better to have protection so that it can’t hurt you, or get in the way.  And then there is the other belief system that basically says stuff will only hurt you if you believe it can hurt you, and also that channeling is such a high vibrational thing that lower heavier ‘dark’ energies can’t intervene. Personally, I’ve sat in and experienced both of these Spiritual beliefs.  I believed I needed protection whilst warding off yucky energy, and believed I needed none and channeled the most beautiful loving high frequencies. I’m currently in the later category, but despite where I was in the journey, the technique I’m about to share with you covers you regardless which side of the protection fence you sit on.  

This step is something that was taught to me early on, but which I have adapted and made into my own.  Whilst I have created physical sacred spaces in my home from which to channel in, there were often times I was out and about, on public transport, or simply in a place that was arguably not the most ideal place to channel and this step helped me to create a sacred space to channel in no matter where in the world I was despite what tools I had or did not have on me at the time.

In this step I intend for a sacred space to be energetically anchored around me by my guides.  Sometimes I visualize this sacred space to be like a thick energetic bubble around me, othertimes like a beautiful temple.  You can imagine a beautiful garden space, or your favourite place in the world, with you sitting in the centre of it. I intend for this sacred space to be filled with only the most beautiful high vibrational energies and nothing less.  I also intend that with the help of my guides the sacred space gets sealed so that I am working within this beautiful space, and nothing outside can get in for the duration that I’m channeling. 

I call into this space my Higher Self, my Divine I am Presence, all my Guides, as well as anything else I feel inspired/guided to call in.  Here is a list of things/beings I call into my sacred channeling space:

  • Energies: I love to infuse the space with certain energies such as Unconditional Love, Light of varying colours, Peace, Harmony, Wisdom, Hope, etc 
  • Colours: Sometimes I feel as though my sessions need a certain colour frequency, and I’ll infuse my sacred space with that colour ray, ie Green Healing energy, Pink Loving energy, or Golden White light. 
  • Objects: I check to see if I need the energy of any objects in my Sacred space, perhaps some crystals, some Amethyst energy, a particular oil, such as Tangerine to uplift my mood if I’ve been feeling a bit heavy, to help my channeling flow better.  I intend for my sacred space to be infused with those energies, just the right amount that I need.
  • Beings of Love and Light to support: I love to tune in and call in and invite all sorts of beings and energies into my sacred space to support my channelling and the channeling sessions I give to others.  Here are some examples of who and what I might call in:
    • Mother Gaia, 
    • Elements (Water/Earth/Fire/Air/Metal)
    • Elementals/Nature Spirits/Fairies/Plants/Trees/Flowers of love and light who have only our highest good at heart
    • Animal spirits, Animal Totems
    • Energies from Sacred Spaces, and power spots on the Earth, just that which is for my highest good to come in and support my session. 
    • Beings in Spirit such as Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and any other guides and beings of love and light whom have our highest good at heart. I tend to invite them in individually one by one.  

If I am channeling for myself, I create this sacred space for myself, but if I am channeling for others, I intend for this sacred space to anchor around the others at the time the session begins and remain until the session ends, and I tune into what the others need specifically.  This ensures the other person is also sitting in a beautiful sacred space no matter where they are, and can receive their session in a more uplifted, safe space where they can open their heart more easily to receive the messages, information, and energies coming through without interference. Plus, I feel it just adds to their experience. I have worked with mentors who create a sacred space for me and those who don’t.  Whilst I don’t always need a sacred space created for me, I do notice a difference in the overall feeling of a session when I am in a sacred space vs when I’m not. I find it easier to open up and shift when I’m in one as I find it easier to do so when I can feel a lot of love around me.  

Personally I create this sacred space for my clients before the session begins, however some people like to create this sacred space at the beginning of a session. 

The great thing about this sacred space, is that it just requires intention, a bit of focus to create it, and the rest is up to your creativity and your imagination as to what you choose to add in, or do with it.    

Step #5: Blending with your guides.

Your intentions are set, your sacred space has been created, you are feeling amazing and connected, now it’s time to invite your guides to step forward and begin to blend with your energy.  You may sense where your guides are around you, and you may feel sensations in your body. Once you have felt the energy build up enough, you can begin to channel out loud, or write, and bring through the most divine and perfect guidance for yourself our others.

Happy channeling!

PS: If you have been wanting to do some channeling for yourself or others or simply receive messages from your guides and you’ve worked through these steps and are still having a hard time getting it happening for you, feel free to book in for one of my Channel Mentoring sessions and we’ll get it all flowing for you in your own natural way.    https://yolandatong.as.me/ChannelingMentoring

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