We can become our own best healers/readers if we want to be, we just have to practice.

I’m always saying that we are our own best medicine, in that, the gifts we have, the service work we do with them is ultimately what we are needing most, so it’s important to give ourselves what we need.

And yet so often I see people who are perfectly capable of doing readings and energy healings asking others for help with something they themselves can do, simply because they are having troubles doing it for themselves.

I understand that it’s easy to be too close to the answers the clarity, and that it doesn’t always flow for ourselves, but the truth is, if we can read and do healing for others well, we can read and do healing for ourselves well too, we just need to practice.

Today I have a little tip you can try if you are struggling to read or heal yourself. It’s a little process where you trick your mind to believe you are reading for someone else, a client, a friend, and they are sitting in front of you right now. They may look like you, or feel like you because they are you, a version of you, but they can look or be like whatever you want them to be. You can use your imagination. The key is to set the intention that whatever messages/healing you give them, you ultimately recieve, as they are ultimately for you, so pretend they are a client, click record on a device, and begin your session. Pull cards for the imaginary person or simply tune in and see what comes. Get the energy flowing outward. Really externalize the entire process, so that your mind gets out of the way.

If you can’t visualize an imaginary person in front of you, use a teddy bear or a prop.

I use this technique more for healing these days as I’m confident with getting answers for myself (you will too if you keep practicing  ), and what i’ve found is that it can take a bit more time as you are recieving at the same time as you are giving, but that sessions don’t need to take as long as they would on a client. It will also give you a really clear sense of what your clients feel in your sessions too, what your energy feels like, and that will help you to have more clarity around what you actually do. 

Give it a go if you feel inspired. I hope it helps bring you clarity or the healing you need. 

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