About Me

Hello there, I’m Yolanda, and I’m a Voice Channeler.

My story

I was born and raised in Western Canada, but left in 2003 to pursue my dreams of traveling and exploring the world.  I’d had my Spiritual awakening just before I left, and used my travels as an opportunity to explore what was out there in the world in terms of Spirituality, and learn more about myself. 

Yolanda Tong, voice channeler

I was living in Tokyo when I channeled for the first time. I had purchased the book “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman and followed the exercises.  It came so naturally to me, so easily, that I thought it must be that easy for everyone.  

Growing up, I could never quite find the right words to say, and dreamed of speaking more clearly, and beautifully, so it came as a surprise when the words that flowed through my channel were the most beautiful, powerful, wise, and spoken in the most positive, loving and uplifting way, and unlike anything I’d say when I talk normally. 

Despite how seemingly weird it was at the time, I continued to channel every opportunity I got from then on as it came the most naturally to me whenever I needed guidance and clarity.  

In 2005 I moved to Hong Kong, and I was channeling much more frequently.  One day I was out with some friends, sitting on a rooftop restaurant channeling a message for a friend when I felt my guide step inside me, take over my voice, and spoke through me.  My voice changed, my accent changed, as did my energy.  I can best describe it as being there, present but off to the side, while listening to someone else take over your voice and speak using your voice, only to fully lift up and out when he was done and I was back to being just me. I discovered my gift of Voice Channeling that day and have used that as my main form of channeling ever since.     

Gifts, Purpose & Path

Voice Channeling is not something you discover and then press the cruise control button and off you go.  It’s a massive journey of growth and learning, of healing, clearing, opening and expanding your channel so that Spirit can come through in it’s highest purest form, that much more.  It’s a journey that can span a lifetime.  It’s a path I’ve been walking ever since.

In 2009 I immigrated to Melbourne, Australia.  I married an Aussie man and gave birth to my son in 2013, but I didn’t just birth him, I also birthed the next level of my work.  When my son was a baby I refocused my channeling into writing while he napped.  I channeled a story for a friends baby, and was surprised to find the story incorporated their gifts, their overarching life purpose, and the path they would take through life into their story.  Gifts, Purpose and the Path ahead has been the focus of my work ever since.  

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My own gifts are tied into this work, as I am really good at seeing who you are, especially those parts of you that you may not see yourself, or have seen but haven’t fully acknowledged how special, important, or impactful those parts of you truly are. I see what makes you truly unique, special, and I see your gifts, both your Spiritual ones and your everyday ones.  I also see your positive potential, and possibilities available to you and know that it’s all within your reach.  I love supporting people reach that potential, and raise the bar and grow into that next level of you. 


My own purpose is to ultimately reach my potential so that I can better support this planet, and I’ve been focused on growing my own gifts and abilities, and thus, love to work with people on a similar journey. I’ve heard other channelers out there encourage people to follow their passion, follow their joy as this supports you to live your best life.  I do agree with them.  My favourite thing is focusing on spiritual growth, both my own, and yours. It’s my number one passion, a big part of my purpose and you’ll find me developing myself and my gifts and abilities with a few close friends in my spare time. We’ve always got projects going on, that are focused on how to connect and do energy work more effectively and effeciently, and we’ve developed some unique methods that you won’t find elsewhere. When I’m processing and integrating that, you’ll find me outside in the garden growing more vegetables than we can eat.

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In 2016 I combined my channeling with my energy healing abilities and began to do what I call “Channeled Healing” and have been supporting people to open up to, align more with their path and embody more of their gifts and potential through my Channel, assisting many people via Zoom all across Australia, North American and the world via Zoom to ground, open, grow and expand.  It’s a unique gift in that I not only channel information, but also energy that clears, heals, and uplevels, and it doesn’t all flow directly from my hands.  

Who do I channel?

People often ask me who I channel, and the truth is, this is isn’t an easy question to answer.  Over the years the Spirit team that I channel has changed, expanded and evolved.  I could write a whole book on the changes that have taken place to my channel as I developed it.

Esther Hicks one of the most famous Voice Channelers of our time channels a collective known as Abraham who focuses on Joy & The Law of Attraction amongst other things.  I too channel a collective which have no name, and no form.  It is a collective that includes my higher consciousness.  I refer to them/it as “Source Intelligence.”  Your teams, and higher consciousness joins in to support you in the session as well, and sometimes take over and work on you directly as they know you best.    

Pathway of Evolution

In 2020 my Signature work started to birth through.  It’s called Elevate, and it’s my own Modality, my own line of work which I offer in 1:1 sessions.   It’s a modality that rapidly and easily upgrades, accelerates, and elevates your connection to your higher consciousness, and elevates your gifts & path to the next level, and supports you on your pathway of evolution.  It’s not yet ready to be taught like Reiki or Kinesiology but rather supports the development of your own modalities and signature work to come through you. In 2023 and the years to come, I’ll be offering more sessions and group programs that will bring Elevate to the front and centre of all that I offer. 

If you are a Channeler, Psychic, Energy Healer, Coach, or are on the path to become one, or simply want to bring more of you into all that you do, and want to open to more of your gifts and potential, or simply needing some support to help anchor in what’s next for you, I’d love to work with you.

Other Facts about me

  • I’m a Leo with a Scorpio Rising and Virgo Moon. 
  • I’m an ENFP in Meyers Briggs.  A story teller and cheer leader.
  • I’m a 3 / 5 Manifestor in Human Design.  I’m great at change, being innovative and moving things forward, not so great at doing the same thing over and over.
  • When I was 14 my mother went into a trance and predicted I’d marry an Asian man someday.  She was right. His name is Sam. My last name is Chinese. I’ve clearly inherited some intuitive abilities from that side of the family.
  • I once channeled my 73 year old future self, so I know I’ll be sticking around for awhile.
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