Hello there.  

I am Yolanda.  I grew up in Canada but now live in Melbourne, Australia.

My greatest passion has been researching, and exploring the psychic and healing worlds as to me they are very interconnected.  Originally my passion started out through books, workshops and courses where I’d take what I’d learn and have a play, but I learned that my greatest teacher is actually my higher self, and my team, and so for the past 8 years, I’ve been my own greatest teacher and student through the wisdom and teachings that have come through my own channellings, and intuition, and with the help of a few mentors and friends, I’ve been carving my own path forward.  My focus is very much on growth, expansion, and empowerment, and this focus carries over to my work.  

One of my greatest gifts is seeing people’s positive potential, and knowing that it is within their reach.  I love supporting people to reach that potential. Along the way I developed the ability to see life from a much bigger picture perspective.  3 years ago I took my intuitive abilities out into the world and was doing Life Purpose and Gift channeled readings (Some of you may have had a Starry Night Story written just for you), as channeling was my first gift to open, and has always been my strongest.  I saw so much potential, and so many gifts in so many people, gifts that were already known to them, gifts that were unknown but already working in the background, and other gifts yet to be awakened but available and waiting for them to tap into.  A common question I was asked was “How can I tap into these gifts and my potential now?  How can I start to develop them?  I wanted so much to help my clients with this but was not yet able to.

So my higher self teacher got to work.  Since August of 2016 she’s stepped up her teaching and not only taught me how to open, activate, and expand so many of my own gifts, some that I had foreseen but was unable to tap into before, and she taught me how to do the same in others.  
I see so much talent in people, so much potential.  I love working with people who are on a quest to grow, expand, and develop.  I love cheering people on because I can really sense doors opening.  I love reading their discoveries, their transformations, and all that they are opening up to.

If you are on the path to becoming a psychic, healer, or coach who wants to unlock your gifts and strives to become the best version of yourself, so that you in turn can better help others. I would love to work with you.  🙂