A bit about me

Hello there, I’m Yolanda, and I’m a Channeler.

I was born and raised in Canada, but left in 2003 to pursue my dreams of travelling and exploring the world. I was the kind of girl who struggled to find the right things to say, and so carried this deeper desire to truly express myself throughout my life. In 2004 I was sitting on my futon bed which was the only place to sit in my closet studio apartment in Tokyo when I channeled for the very first time.

I’d had my Spiritual Awakening just before I left Canada and was looking to learn more about the Spirit world through the limited options available in English at Amazon Japan. I was drawn to the Book “Opening to Channel” by Sanaya Roman, and ordered it. I decided to give the exercises a try and discovered that channeling was surprisingly quite easy to do, it was a doorway to a new kind of expression, the kind of expression I’d always dreamed of. One that was so moving, and impactful, one that found the most perfect words.

I moved to Hong Kong in 2005 and started channeling for my friends, practicing, and improving it. One day soon after I felt my Guide move into my body, take over my throat and started speaking through me. I can best describe it as being like I was there, fully present, yet listening to myself speak words that were so beautiful, powerful, wise, spoken in the most positive uplifting way, and unlike anything I’d say when I talk normally. Then when they were finished talking, I’d feel their energy lift up and out and I was back to being me. I discovered my gift of Voice Channeling Spirit that day, and have been doing it, developing it and evolving it ever since. Voice Channeling is not something you discover and then press the cruise control button and off you go. It’s a massive journey of growth and learning, of opening and expanding so that Spirit can come through in it’s highest purest form, that much more.

In 2009 I moved to Melbourne, Australia, and settled down. I had my son in 2013, but I didn’t just birth him, I also birthed the next level of my work. When he was a baby, I re-focused my energy on writing while he napped as a way of expressing the Voice of Spirit, and channeled a story for a friends baby that incorporated their gifts, and their overarching life purpose into their story. Gifts, Path & Purpose has been the focus of my work ever since.

One of my gifts is not only seeing people’s gifts, both their Spiritual ones and their every day ones, but also seeing people’s positive potential, and knowing that it is within their reach. I love supporting people to reach that potential. My own purpose is to ultimately reach my potential so that I can better help this planet, and I’ve been focused on growing my own gifts and abilities, and thus, love to work with people on a similar journey.

Since the birth of my son, I’ve not only supported his growth, but the growth of my own Channeling abilities. I’ve stepped into my gifts of energy healing and supporting people to open up to, embody more of their gifts and potential through my Channel, assisting many others via Zoom all across Australia, USA, and the world to ground, open, expand and grow. It’s a unique gift in that I not only channel information, but also energy, and it doesn’t flow directly from my hands.

But the truth is, I don’t work alone, nor do I do most of the work. Over the years my team has changed, evolved, expanded, and merged into a powerful One Voice. I could write a whole book on the changes that have taken place to my channel over the years as I grow it. Esther Hicks the most famous Voice Channeler in the world today, channels a collective known as Abraham, who focus on Joy & the Law of Attraction amongst other things. The collective I channel are focused on developing your Gifts & opening you to your potential and supporting you with what’s next on your journey. They are a collective that includes my higher consciousness, Ascended Masters, and other beings of love and light. Your teams always join in to support the session as well, and often take over and work on you directly as they know you best.

Although Gifts & Potential is still a big part of who I am and what I’m here to assist people with, ultimately, my greatest gift is my ability to Channel, and it is this gift that has become a significant focus of my work as I work more and more in-depth to grow and develop channelers and channel healers to step fully into their own unique gifts. I don’t just work with channelers. In 2020 my Signature work started to birth through. It’s called Elevate, and it’s my own modality, my own line of work which I offer in 1:1 sessions, and you’ll be seeing more of it in group format in 2022. It’s a modality that more rapidly and easily upgrades, accelerates, and elevates your gifts & path to the next level, yet it’s a Modality that isn’t to be taught like Reiki or Kinesiology, but rather supports the development of your own modalities and signature work to come through you. In 2022 and the years to come, I’ll be offering more sessions, and workshops that will bring Elevate to the front and centre of all what I offer.

If you are a Channeler, Psychic, Energy Healer, or Coach, or are on the path to become one, or simply want to bring more of you into all that you do, and want to open to more of your gifts, your potential, and/or your capacity to channel, or simply are needing some support to help anchor in what’s next with you and bring in more of your own unique work, I’d love to work with you.