ACTIVATION: [noun] The action or process of making something active or operative.

When our paths change course and we begin to walk in what feels like a new direction, it’s easy to get a bit stuck, a bit bogged down by the changes that we have made, and often need to go through a period of initial clearing before we can fully embrace the path.

When was the last time you made a major decision?  Perhaps the decision you made felt right on every level, and yet as you stepped forward to embrace the new path, fears came up, blocks, beliefs that weren’t quite fully in alignment.  It can often lead to what may feel like a ‘rough start’ for just as when we are learning to walk, we still have a few tumbles as we find our feet, our strength, and embrace what will become the most natural action down the track.  And yet it’s not so much that we are learning to walk, but that we are remembering how to walk again, as we have walked before, and the ability, knowledge is built into our DNA, our soul memories.  

My journey these past few months has been around walking the path of being an Activator.  It was something I had been doing for quite some time, and yet, I was focused on healing, trying to heal deeply, all while feeling I hadn’t quite fully found myself, my calling, my magic.  We all have special gifts that make us unique, and whilst I have known some of mine for quite some time, learning I hold gifts in Activation was something I learned of only this year.

And yet I held so much resistance to Activation.  I believed it was dangerous, and needed to be used with extreme caution.  [Insert big scary warning label].  Whilst I followed some activators, I actually had blocks up and resistance to Activation work since before this lifetime.  Big blocks.  And so when I saw Activators or went on healing retreats that had an activation element, I often got sick.  I struggled with the energy, which further enhanced my belief that Activations are dangerous and can be harmful.

I joined in an activation circle with Sara Hocking a few months ago.  She blasted parts of me out into the sky and far beyond.  I got sick, again.  I went into a daze, and a haze.  I had gastro, nothing was staying in, including pieces of my own self.  And then the most miraculous thing happened.  A piece that was blasted off came back transformed, and it said “You Yolanda are an activator.  You can’t deny it anymore.” and I couldn’t.  I really couldn’t.  I still remember sitting on the sofa when that piece came back.  For a brief period of time I felt like the emoji with the eyes super wide open, mostly in shock. I started to recover, and then I fell into such a panic, for although I couldn’t deny the truth of the path, I also had deep deep fears, fears that rose up and scared the crap out of me, literally as my gastro returned with full vengeance. 

And so began my journey of remembering to walk, to walk a path that felt right with so much wrong attached to it.  “It’s too dangerous to be an activator.  You’ll hurt people.  You’ll end up hurting your career, damaging your image.  You’ll end up hurting yourself so much.  Stop, don’t go any further! IT”S DANGEROUS!”  My fears were screaming at me, they were absolutely terrified of activation.  Thankfully I had my experience of learning to be a healer, for although I knew to my core I am walking that path no longer, I still brought out my tools to shift past and clear those fears, and I did, one by one, I cleared them out, and became confident in the path ahead.  Through this journey of clearing, I remembered so many lifetimes of being an Activator, and being Activated, some good, some not so great, as I cleared and healed my fears through my past lives.  

My story is not an uncommon one, in fact, I see it all the time.  We came to this planet with our gifts.  How many of us at first signs of danger shut those gifts down to the best of our ability.  We remember the consequences on a cellular level of the times we didn’t.  It’s created an inbuilt warning system, which consciously at times sounds totally irrational, yet plausible to the mind at the same time.  Some of these fears need some deep healing and clearing, and others simply need to be overstepped and moved past.  This world may still feel scary, but the truth is, it’s changed.  The world is ready for our gifts.  We are able to come out of our closets and start showing up.  There is so much support for us, and so many of us are being called to step up, and step out, to raise the consciousness of this planet further, and be able to assist others as and when they are ready.  Our gifts are our power, our tools, and together we can do so much with them.

Walking the path of owning my Activator gift is a relatively new path for me, I still don’t fully know where I’m going with it.  But i’ve laid my healing tools to rest, activation work has taken over, and the path is becoming clearer as I switch on more lights with each new activation I do.  I’m getting glimpses, and a sense that there is so much more to come, I just need to activate my way to it.  I’m sure i’ll still need some healing in the future.  Lucky for me I know some amazing healers who can assist.  For we don’t have to do it all myself anymore.  

So as we know when we are learning to walk a new path, the best way to become confident, strong, and really good at walking that path, is to walk it, or in my case, activate it.  I’ve cleared my fears that activations are dangerous.  I know my limits, I trust the Universe, my guidance, and most of all, my channel which has become strong and clear.  I trust I’m not going to blast someone to their untimely doom while I activate and switch on their gifts and abilities.  I’ve only grown stronger, clearer, my abilities have become more awake, active, alive, yet refined, and filled with magic and grace. And so I’ve reached a place where I’m ready to take activation work to the next level.  To walk the path of an Activator with Grace, Ease, and Flow, and share my gifts and magic with those who are ready and willing to receive.  I’ll be sharing freebies on my Facebook Page, so if you don’t already like or follow it, you can find it here.

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