A big focus of my work is around gifts, finding them, activating them, expanding them as well as aligning you with your potential, your purpose.  For the past 15 years this is exactly what I have been developing and doing in myself as well using my intuition and energy healing.  But this past week I made an interesting discovery.  I learned first hand just how much our physical bodies being in alignment contributes to the functioning of our intuitive gifts.  

I was born with a very crooked spine.  It’s not uncommon.  My crooked back never bothered me until I was 10 when my parents divorced, from that year onwards it became more and more uncomfortable.  When I was 23, I saw a Chiropractor for a year until my Chiro insurance coverage ran out and I couldn’t afford to pay the full price costs.  He helped get me more aligned, and straight, I felt a lot better, and I stayed that way for the most part.  That was, un-coincidentally I now realise, the same year I had my spiritual awakening. I remember lying on my back after a Chiropractic session and practising connecting with my dead grandfathers energy more deeply and feeling so comforted.  A few kinesiology appointments when I was 28 cleared out all the emotional stuff stored in my back and took away my back pain for good.

All was well until I got pregnant 4 years ago.  Pregnancy threw my body out of alignment again, but I didn’t know it at the time.  “It’s pelvic instability” they said “It will go away when the baby comes out” they said.  It seems it did so for everyone but me.  

Saturdays are the days where I work on the house and garden.  But in recent months it’s become increasingly painful to do.  Last Saturday’s garden work and a Sunday walk sent me into such a painful state, out of desperation I rang around and found a Chiro who could see me straight away.  Because an Osteo didn’t help, energy/emotional healing sessions have so far shifted nothing on the physical level, and Yoga eventually made it worse.  The Chiro showed me that my pelvis is in really bad shape and it’s thrown the rest of me into a more crooked alignment with nerve pinching, ligament pulling whackyness.  And I could feel a significant difference after the first session – I knew I had found the help that I needed.  

I had my second session yesterday, then I came home and did a healing session with my friend and to my surprise my abilities were so much clearer, I felt way more grounded, way more aligned, not just physically, but spiritually, energetically and my abilities were surprisingly really heightened.   Amazing!  I had no idea how much a physically more aligned body impacts our gifts and our ability to ground fully and shine brightly.  I was taught to sit with my back straight when I worked with energy and intuition, my legs and arms uncrossed, and I understood the reasons for it, but the Chiro took things to a whole new level – now I’m wondering what it would be like if I could get my body and spine fully straight?  

So my question to you – is your body fully straight and aligned? We’ve all heard the term “Mind Body Spirit” but in all honesty, I’m learning that the Body is more than just self care, exercise and Yoga.  It’s all of it’s physical inner workings, and diet plays a huge role too.  

So tell me dear readers, have you noticed a difference in your intuitive gifts and abilities when your body is physically healthy and aligned?  

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