Are you on a quest to heal your life?  Move past all that’s blocking you, stopping you, and getting in your way to having the life that you want?  If you are one of those people who feel like life is throwing one obstacle after another at you for you to move past, then please keep reading.

There is a lot of terminology and beliefs out there around blocks.  Some people call them blocks, other people call them issues, and others challenges.  To keep things clear and simple, I’m going to simply just refer to them as blocks.  

Blocks come in all shapes and sizes, some feel like little annoyances we try to shoo off like a fly, others feel like someone dropped mount everest in our path, and we are expected to just figure out how to climb it, go around it, or somehow move it, and regardless what we do, it all feels absolutely mammoth, overwhelming, and makes us want to just throw in our towel and give up some days.  Let’s face it, some blocks are really really hard.

So here is my question to you.  I’d like you to take a moment to think about it.  Do you give your power away to your blocks?  Do you treat your blocks as if they are powerful, menacing, life destroying things that you should be afraid of, careful of, or give your full attention to?  If you’ve answered yes to that, keep reading, I have a story to share.

I’ve been on the healer’s path for a number of years now, and I’ll tell you, time after time, those blocks have come in my face and threatened to ruin my life or my relationships if I didn’t give them my full undivided attention and deal with them ASAP.  Blocks have a habit of being really annoying.  They have a habit of making everything come to a halt.  Does this sound like you?  Do alarms get raised, panic rise when a block crosses your path?  Do you try to run for the hills, flapping around like a head-less chicken, or simply tense up into a tight ball that can’t seem to roll.  

That was my life for years, it was a never-ending cycle that I was growing really tired of. All this changed for me when I stopped giving my power to my blocks.  This shift for me took place early 2017, as despite my best efforts to grow expand and move forwards, I was giving my blocks way too much power, attention, and focus, trying too hard to shift and heal everything, due to the belief that they were important, and I had to, and I felt like I was drowning in them.  Everywhere I turned, everywhere I looked, I saw blocks, blocks, and more blocks.  My life was filled with so much wrong, I struggled to see anything right.  I felt broken, and not good enough.  

That was when Spirit/my higher self/the Universe guided me to stop healing blocks.  I had to stop completely, and focus on my growth, on learning, expanding only, and if I slipped back into the “But I have blocks!” story and got stuck back on the block shaped hamster wheel, I’d be gently reminded to focus back on learning, growth, and expanding my abilities.  The lesson they were trying to teach me eventually came through clearly one day – I had been giving too much power to my blocks, and I needed to shift my focus and my beliefs around blocks as a whole.  

Everything changed when I did.   When I dug deeper I found It was a pattern in me, a very old one that had past life, ancestral, and present life stuff tied in.  Shifting that story away from – blocks are important, they need all my attention to I hold the power over my blocks changed everything.  Sure, I still had blocks come up, but they shifted quickly, I never stayed stuck for long. That was a new experience for me.  My blocks used to feel so big, so important, and so challenging, that my life would slow down and even freeze up at times.  Since shifting this belief, I’ve found that yes, blocks still pop up, but they are no longer a big deal, in fact, they have usually shifted within a day or two once I recognize them and decide I’d like to clear them, and it usually happens in a really effortless way.  I might be chatting with a friend, and she’ll say something and I’ll have an aha moment and everything shifts, or I’ll suddenly have some time to sit quietly and shift past it myself, or the block will come up just before I do some healing work with a friend and be shifted by the time we finish.

I was flying through life feeling pretty chuffed when suddenly I hit a bigger block, one that I thought affected the quality of my healing work, a block that I knew I’d be unable to shift myself.  I decided to put my healing work on pause and told the Universe to keep clients away until I had the time to work through it.  That’s when the Universe decided to teach me a further lesson around giving power to blocks.  I sent an Email to a mentor asking for her assistance as soon as the block came up.  After a week I had not heard from her, which is highly unusual.  I started to feel desperate and I messaged my friend Zeo Sheehan who I knew could shift the blockage, but he didn’t have any available appointments for another 4 days.  Why was help taking so long to come?  I was starting to feel quite uneasy.  Something wasn’t right about the situation. I needed some answers.  They came on a Monday, 1.5 weeks after I had put the initial call out for help.  Denise Litchfield, a medium in Sydney said in a Facebook group “I was reminded of how much Spirit really wants to work with us, and how much we hold ourselves back. Remember there is only ONE you and Spirit might need just the right balance of life experience and skills that only you possess.”  I sat with her words, but the meaning of it all sank in when I had a quick skype chat with Zeo.  I mentioned briefly what was going on and he said that just because I have a block that I feel affects my work doesn’t mean I should put my life and business on hold and wait for it to shift.  He reminded me that blocks shift at the perfect time, and to trust this, and to carry on living and trust all is still perfect.  Those words opened a door for me, and I moved on through, it felt like Divine permission to just keep going, despite the block.  I also suddenly had some clients book in – the Universe’s way of saying “Yes you have a block, but it won’t stop you from giving these clients exactly what they need now.”  I did clear the block eventually, although interestingly when the time came to clear it, I could barely remember what the block was, I had already moved beyond it because I had stopped giving it power, I had stopped allowing it to rule me.

So, are you giving power to your blocks?  Are you ready to shift that and start sailing through life much more smoothly?  Are you ready to trust that everything happens at the perfect time and that you do not need to put your life on hold and wait for the Universe to hurry up and send help?  

Remember, the Universe allows us to hold the power over our lives, our destinies, our situations, it’s us that holds ourselves back, us and our stories.  

If you are ready to stop giving power to your blocks but are unsure how, feel free to book a session with me, and I’ll help you to shift it.  How much more would we all be able to accomplish on this planet if we all stopped allowing our stuff to decide when it all happens. 🙂

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