Being in Flow & Alignment – a Personal sharing.

I’m sitting here humbled, reflecting on a really big day, in gratitude. It was a hard day, but it was full of magic nonetheless.

My calendar was fully booked with clients this week, all except Friday. Earlier in the week my Friday client re-scheduled and no one else booked in. Whenever this happens, it’s always for a reason, and it’s pretty obvious as to why once the time comes and it’s always perfect.

Thursday night my husband started to feel really unwell, and this morning I had to take him to the ER. It’s the first day of lockdown 6.0 here in Melbourne and with Covid rules, I wasn’t allowed in with him past the triage. I was worried, and so was my son. In the 12 years I’ve known my husband, I’ve never had to take him to the hospital. Not being there with him made it harder, and I was so thankful I’d been given the day off to take care of my family.

The magic continued all day long.

Some big triggers came up, too big for me to work through alone, and a close friend popped into my mind, I messaged her and she just happened to be free right then to help me work through them.

My husband gets discharged from the hospital after dinner. My son and I climb into the car to go pick him up. We are told he’ll be fine, it’s nothing serious, and he’s got the next week of lockdown at home to recover. We are driving along in silence, alone in our thoughts, the roads void of it’s usual busy Friday night traffic, when suddenly, without the push of a button, both my hands wrapped tightly around the steering wheel, my car radio turned itself on! I happen to know a local Radio DJ, and it was set to his station, and surprisingly there he was talking on the radio, his show is earlier in the day so it was completely unexpected.

I picked up my husband at the ER entrance, dropped him off at home and drove to the chemist to pick up a prescription for him, all the while being comforted by the sound of a familiar voice. The chemist just happens to be playing the same radio station, and the Universe didn’t end the magic there, Radio DJ proceeded to play one of my long time favourite songs while I waited, which brought me so much comfort.

The more I’ve worked on my Spiritual growth, and development, the more of this level of flow, alignment, love, care, and support I’ve experienced every single day, especially on the bad days, the hard days, the days I’m too triggered to tune in and have partially left my body. Perhaps I notice it more on the hard days like I did today, because on the good days, I’m usually the one caring, supporting clients, and being that person that just so happens to be free when a close friend is in need of some support.

It wasn’t always this way for me, part of the reason why I value it all so much now. Growing up my family had an expression, “When it rains, it pours” because it was never just one challenge that came, it was several all at once, and there was never an umbrella.

It’s this level of flow and alignment and more I have been wishing for everyone to embody, and have intended that with each client I work with and help them connect more deeply to their intuition, their higher consciousness, their Spirit Guide/Teams, and Mother Earth herself, they too will experience more and more of this love, support, flow and alignment.

Our higher consciousness, our Spirit Guide/Teams, and Mother Earth are here to support us, and I am so grateful for that. We are never alone.

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