There is a dis-ease that’s been spreading around the world for years. I call it Comparison-itis and we’ve all caught it at some point or other, just like a common cold. We catch it, and we walk along through life feeling not good enough as we are.

Before we had our spiritual awakening, it might have been around things, objects that others had and we didn’t, or perhaps body size or shape. We are all different, yet we are also all One species of human and live on this One planet called Earth.

One thing I’ve noticed is that a spiritual awakening doesn’t always bring automatic immunity to Comparison-itis, for most people, that’s still something that has to be built up overtime, all that changes is that rather than compare body shape, or financial wealth levels, the comparisons tend to be more internally soul related than externally materialistic, although there is still a prevalent strand that spreads around shiny powerful spiritual objects.

Let me give you an example of a more internally soul related comparison many of us have made at one point or another. When was the last time you looked at someone you admire and thought “Wow, they are so evolved” or “They are soooo gifted” or “They are soooo psychic” and then felt the “compared to me” followed by the beat yourself up feeling that you aren’t good enough yet.

For some, comparison-itis takes over the body on a deeper level and you have people taking every course, shifting every issue they can find, and feeling that if they can just learn/clear/shift that one last thing, everything will unfold and fall into place and things will really change and start to happen. They will finally be evolved enough. Perhaps they’ll be recognized and suddenly be a busy intuitive helping so many people, but as that one thing shifts, 20 more things come up, and they stay on that hamster wheel for years, never feeling good enough, never feeling ready, not feeling that all they have learned and done already is enough.

The truth is, there are some pretty enlightened spiritual people out there. They make wonderful teachers and healers and show us what’s possible if we keep going, keep clearing, shifting, evolving. And yet they themselves are also still ongoingly evolving.

It could take some people a short or long period of time to get to that ‘highly evolved’ place of being fully in the spot light, recognized and admired by others for all their good work, but the truth is, not ALL of us are meant to evolve and grow to be like that person. We all have a purpose, it’s something we all have in common, yet like body shape and size, we have all at one time or another fallen into Comparison-itis and felt as though our path is not good enough, and that we must work harder, change our mindset, develop faster, pay for that shiny object that promises faster enlightenment, and we do so from fear, from lack, from that feeling that we aren’t where we are meant to be yet and how is that a positive thing?

I’m not saying we aren’t meant to grow and evolve, on the contrary, I believe we are meant to grow and evolve in the direction, and to the level that our soul needs and wants us to as part of the bigger plan that is tied into our specific purpose, both our life purpose and soul’s purpose as a whole. We aren’t all meant to be Guru’s and highly evolved teachers, so stop comparing yourself to them if you do, and where they are at, and start focusing on you, and where you need to go, even if you don’t know that yet (most of us don’t), and don’t let your current level of Spiritual Development or evolution stop you from living your purpose, because for so many of us on the Spiritual Path, our purpose is far more than what we came here to do, so much of it is about the journey, the lessons, and the souls we touch and help along the way, so much is about getting our hands busy and DO-ing what inspires us, what feeds our soul, in whatever form DO-ing means for you, whether that be helping a friend out, practicing and developing your abilities, or going for a walk outside.

We are all perfect as we are, and perfectly where we are for a perfect reason, even if it looks and feels flawed. When you start to see the imperfections for the perfections that they are, and trust, really trust your soul, your higher knowing, and the Divine Plan unfolding, you’ll start to really build up your immunity to comparison-itis, for following your guidance, and your gut to the best of your ability, making mistakes, learning, growing, and following the path that feels best for YOU without self critical judgement, and allowing all others to do the same is some of the best medicine you can give yourself and everyone else.

One thing you can do when you get stuck feeling frustrated with yourself is stop, and sit.  If you love crystals, grab some Rose Quartz to assist.  Intend to connect to the energy in the centre of your heart, and send that energy down into the Earth and connect it to Mother Gaia’s heart.  Then send your energy up to the Sun, and connect to it’s heart, allowing the light of the sun to stream down into you.  Now sit back into your heart again and intend to expand your energy out, fill the area around you, fill the room, fill the house, fill your neighborhood, keep expanding until you feel so light, present and really connected to the Universe around you.  In this state, affirm to yourself any of the following, if you feel guided, you can tap the pinky finger sides of your hands together, as done in EFT for deeper results. The more you affirm this, and shift what’s blocking you from the believing this, the more you will embody this, and build up your immunity.

I am in the perfect place in my path.  

I am walking the perfect path for me, for my soul.

The Universe is always guiding me to exactly where I need to be.

I am walking my highest path forwards.

I am perfect as I am.

The Universe believes in me, and I believe in myself.

If you keep coming down with Comparison-itis, and are struggling to build up your immunity to it, have a chat with someone who believes in you, and sees your gifts, your path forwards, allow them to raise up your vibe, and feel the truth within you. Or book in with someone like myself who sees your truth, and can get to the root of the “not good enough” stuff that we carry that keeps our immunity down, for some of the roots are buried away deep. Guarantee you’ll feel better for it. 🙂

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