When coming out of the Spiritual closet is scary

For years I walked around with an energetic sign over my head that said “Don’t ask me what I do.” Because I was not ready to tell people outside of the Spiritual world who I was. My fears constructed that sign to keep me safe.  It was amazing watching the power of that sign.  [...]

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Is Your Purpose to Self-Master? (A Personal sharing around my own Purpose)

Is your Purpose to Self-Master?  A personal sharing around my own Purpose My Spiritual work is very much focused on growth, developing your gifts and abilities, and stepping more fully into your purpose and embodying your potential. I love to help people discover more about their Gifts and Purpose, and whilst I share a [...]

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What kind of healer/energetic support person are you becoming?

What kind of healer/energetic support person are you?  Many of my clients are on the path to becoming a healer, or do various types of energetic support work and have already taken steps towards this path and are in the process of discovering how they impact, how they wish to work with people, where [...]

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Detoxing ourselves from the Collective Noise

So many of us are empathic sponges to varying degrees, not fully a master in the art of being a sieve and letting it all flow right through. We are sponges that soak up emotions, feelings, words, thoughts, beliefs, trends, patterns. How many times do we say "I should" because we have a perception [...]

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When our Spiritual Gifts are Upleveling

When our Spiritual Gifts are Upleveling So often when we are going through an upleveling process, it can feel like it is something that is taking a few weeks, but this is only because we are feeling the intensity of the shifts as the old comes to a close and the new blossoms into [...]

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We all connect to Spirit differently

So often on this path, we find ourselves learning from each other, taking each other's advice, and trying to do what others do. Whilst this is by no means a bad thing, it can create a situation whereby we feel 'not good enough' because Person A does something well and no matter how much [...]

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The different ways our Gifts Open

In my channelings I see so many gifts in people. Some of these gifts they are already aware of, and some of them they are not. I see our gifts as a form of energy, and there are usually several ways I see them playing out and opening in people. ✨They are there, playing [...]

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The New Kids – Part 1, Who they are & their Gifts

The New Kids Some of you may have heard about the Indigo Kids, the Crystal kids etc, and I’m sure some of you can relate to these terms.  The Indigo kids started coming to the planet in the late 70s up to the early 90s, (and a few even earlier than that) when the [...]

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Our Gifts, and the Importance of Grounding

There has been a theme in all my sessions lately.  The trees have been bringing forth messages via their symbolism.  I had a vision last night of a tree that drops it’s seed. Our Spiritual gifts are like that seed, the knowledge of the whole universe is stored inside us that tiny seed, yet [...]

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Activating to Remember – A sharing of my journey

ACTIVATION: [noun] The action or process of making something active or operative.   When our paths change course and we begin to walk in what feels like a new direction, it’s easy to get a bit stuck, a bit bogged down by the changes that we have made, and often need to go through a [...]

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