So many of us are empathic sponges to varying degrees, not fully a master in the art of being a sieve and letting it all flow right through. We are sponges that soak up emotions, feelings, words, thoughts, beliefs, trends, patterns.
How many times do we say “I should” because we have a perception that we need to do things a certain way because of what the outside ‘collective’ world is doing or believing. I can so easily recognize when the stuff we carry is our’s and when it’s not and is clogging up our systems rather than actually supporting us. I see this in others, and I see this in me, and I see this because it’s easier to clear it when I’m aware of it, and recognize it. Clearing everything within us that we’ve absorbed from others that is clogging parts of our system doesn’t always happen in one clearing, in my experience it takes time to recognize and clear the chunks and layers, although so much can still clear without our conscious knowing.
I have always had a strong desire to walk my own unique path. The path of leadership was always there quietly calling me forward.
So a number of years ago when I found that whenever I wrote, I sounded exactly like it was written by the last author I read (I would have made an amazing ghost writer), I realized I had a problem. I didn’t know what my own Voice sounded like. So I stopped reading books for two years. This allowed me to wring out the spongey parts of me and detox out everyone elses words so that I could find and solidify my own.  Now when I read books, I find that they actually inspire me to write more in my own way.  
Since the start of this year, I’m going through another sponge cleanse, and detox. This time it’s to do with all things Spiritual. After years of being in Spiritual Facebook groups, listening to podcasts and Youtube videos, listening to different Spiritual teachers I realized alot (but not all) of what I was focusing on was centred around what others were needing, wanting, saying, and I found myself struggling to step more into the direction and work I was feeling I needed to do because of ‘shoulds’. So I started unfollowing Spiritual Facebook groups, and certain spiritual people on Social Media, and the detox process begun.
Despite this, I never stopped loving my client sessions, and I started to notice a clear trend. Most of the people who were booking in with me are people who are here to do certain/many aspects of their life differently. Part of what I help you with is to find YOUR way of working/being/doing simply because doing things other learned ways isn’t always working as well for you and I can hear those ‘shoulds’ and feel you questioning and doubting yourself as a result causing your confidence levels to drop.
The more I help you with this, the more I see it and help myself with this too. Last night I had a clear message drop in. A reminder of how going off books helped me find my own Voice after de-toxing everyone else’s out of me. This pattern is repeating itself – because I still have some spongey parts. I’m moving away from most things Spiritual to better help me find and solidify my own Spiritual path, my own Voice, my own channeled work not influenced by current trends, popular interests and topics, or what I think I should be doing and how. Its a deeper clearing of my own channel, I’m here to bring through my own work, my own way, regardless if it’ focuses on popular or trendy subjects or not. I’m here to walk my talk, and step even more into my own leadership, and be an example of that even more than I already am.
Detoxing through seperating myself from and recognizing and clearing the ‘noise’ is my way of finding myself and my path, and may not be yours. 
If you are more sensitive and empathic, I do encourage you to look within, and when you can feel stuck energy, places where things feel clogged or not flowing, ask the energy there if it belongs to you or someone else.  That someone else could be a specific person, or it could be a combination of people – the noise you read on Facebook, or in the news, or are empathically picking up across the globe.  If it belongs to others, ask what it needs to release from you, and where it needs to go.  It might need some energy, some love, some affirmations, some colours, or herbs and oils.  You may need to dig out some of your tools. It may need to be returned back to where it came from, or simply down to the Earth, and it may need to disolve and not go anywhere.  Maybe it simply needs recognition and no seperation at all.  This will help you to feel clearer in yourself, and to help you to know and recognize where you are taking stuff on, instead of being a sieve, and letting things flow through you, because the clearer you are in you with your energy flowing, the better able you are to make clearer better decisions, and help and support others too.  🙂

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