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Free Guided Meditations & Info

I’ve got a few meditations I’ve created for my clients, feel free to download them if you need them.

Activate Your Inner Connection

A free 3 Part Meditation Series

As a channeler, I’m all about improving the connection to guides and our Higher self – because the clearer the connection and the stronger the relashionship, the better and clearer the guidance that comes through for our clients, and our own everyday life.

I’ve approached this part of my development journey to getting really clear guidance for myself and others in two ways: 1) with hands on regular practice through connecting in and working with my guides, 2) Doing energy work specifically on my connection itself. Energy work has really opened doors for me I wouldn’t have been able to open on my own just by channeling alone, because we get stuff stuck in various parts of us that can limit how clear our connection can be, and there are times we need some support to clear or move those energies because so often they sit in our subconscious..

This Free 3 part Channeled Healing Meditation series I did live with a group in Jan/Feb 2020 focuses on the energetic part of building that stronger connection. I’m quite excited to be offering this. I’d love for you to join in one or all of the sessions. See details below:

Awaken Your Intuitive Connection

This meditation series is for you if you are on a path of developing your connection to your guides and higher self, and you’d love to improve and expand this connection. It’s a free 3 part meditation series designed to clear anything standing in the way of a pure energy flow through your clairs and central chakra column that’s ready to move out. It’s also about opening, expanding and strengthening that connection so that you feel more confident in accessing more of that inner guidance for yourself and others.
Through this meditation series, we will release whatever is ready to clear, and open to receive more clearer intuitive guidance in whatever form that guidance comes through for you. You’ll still have to keep practicing, and working together with your teams, but this healing meditation will help support that journey.

Whilst there will be a journey element to these meditations these 45 to 60 minute meditations may bring an energy clearing, certain keys or activations that allow you to discover elements that had been lost, and they may possibly even reveal new gifts and connections that you have not yet experienced in this lifetime, but which are part of your path. My intention is to ultimately focus on helping you and your teams connect more deeply, your teams and mine will collaborate to open, clear and build pathways that enable clearer guidance to travel from your Higher Self and Spirit Teams to and through you.

The Channeling Now Summit

A free summit for those either wanting to or just beginning to learn how to channel your guides and higher consciousness

15 Highly Experienced and Professional Channelers and myself got together to share some of our best tips and advice for people that want to get started channeling and cultivating a lifelong conscious relationship with their spiritual guides. It’s a series of short video’s that takes about 45 minutes to watch from start to finish!

In these short video’s you’ll receive some really useful tips that dive into the spiritual keys so you get meaningful advice and inspiration that can help open the doorway to your guides. This is exactly what you’ll find in the Channeling Now Summit. It’s why I’m so happy to be a part of this! I believe sharing insights, experiences, and lessons makes our community stronger.

This series takes insights from successful channelers and brings them to you all in one single spot. And it’s just the beginning.  I’ll be offering more with Channeling Now in the future. The entire summit is focused on helping you make the next breakthrough in spiritual connection with your guides.  Keep an eye out for my tip about Bridging Guides. Here’s why I love this free series:  Because I can almost guarantee you’ll come away with at least one tip that will help you in a big way. And who knows where that one tip might lead! So click HERE to check out the Channeling Now Summit at www.channelingnow.com. It’s totally free, you’ll just need to create an account and log in.

Channeling Now Summit - experts share how to start channeling and connect with your spirit guides