There has been a theme in all my sessions lately.  The trees have been bringing forth messages via their symbolism.  I had a vision last night of a tree that drops it’s seed. Our Spiritual gifts are like that seed, the knowledge of the whole universe is stored inside us that tiny seed, yet the seed needs to fall to the ground, get buried in dirt, watered, and then it starts to grow out of the ground, the taller it gets, the deeper the roots grow.  It is only with deep roots can a tree really expand out and stay expanded out. If there is a problem with the root system, the tree cannot maintain it’s expanded state. Our gifts are no different. Without being grounded and anchored, we can only expand out and grow our gifts so much.  We need to really be grounded here to maintain that expanded Spiritual state in a healthy balanced way.  

When we are truly grounded and anchored, how do we feel?  We feel in our bodies, and very very present. We aren’t thinking about what we need to cook for dinner later, or are thinking of to do lists, our minds are actually pretty quiet, and as a result we take in so much more, from Spirit, and from our surroundings.  

How often do you experience that?  Probably not often enough right? People will say “Imagine your roots going down into the ground” or “Walk barefoot in the grass.”  But is that enough? For some it is, but for many it’s not. Also, if you are having to walk barefoot daily, or imagine your roots going down several times a day, then are you truly grounded?  No, because you aren’t able to hold and maintain that grounded state.

Some might say “but it’s impossible to hold that grounded state all day long, life is too busy, it’s not practical.”  I believe that we can become like a tree, and spend more time in a grounded state than in a non-grounded state. It’s a process, a journey, and it comes down to addressing all the parts of ourselves that don’t want to be grounded in each moment.  Because that’s what it comes down to, aspects of our being don’t want to be here. They are struggling to be present, usually because they don’t feel safe, or they are uncomfortable, maybe there is some trauma, and most importantly, they feel disconnected from Source/Mother Earth/us.  

I believe that Grounding is THE key to our gifts opening and being able to stay in expanded states of consciousness, so that we can receive and do more from and with Spirit whilst still living our everyday life.  It was certainly the key for me. I spent most of my childhood tripping over my feet, bumping into door frames, and really struggled to focus on what my teacher was saying, or the school work I didn’t enjoy. I grew up in a small town, so ADD wasn’t really something teachers were aware of, or diagnosed.  I was simply labelled clumsy, and dreamy. It was when I started learning grounding exercises, ie, send your roots into the Earth, that my psychic abilities started opening up more, but what really blasted me opened was doing deeper energy work to shift and clear the trauma connected to not wanting to be here present on the Earth in every way.  The more I healed the parts of me that didn’t want to be here, the more naturally grounded I became.

♥  I explored and did healing work on childhood trauma – incidents from my past that scared the bejeezus out of me, and sent me further and further out.

♥  I explored and did healing on past life trauma, during those times for example when I would do something like push past my fears and post an offer online for the first time and subsequently left my body for 3 days because being visible with my psychic gifts got me in trouble so many times before.  

♥  I went into my Ancestral History.  My mothers father was as grounded as you can possibly get, yet my mother’s mother came from a history of trauma and isolation via cold and rural Eastern Canadian winters, and I inherited so much through that mother line which I’ve been working on clearing out of me.

♥  I also looked at my physical body, for it too plays a part.  I was physically out of alignment, and even my Soul was out of alignment with my physical.  One way to check if your soul is in alignment with your physical body is to check in your body at where your point of connection to Spirit is.  Do you connect into your guides and your Intuition outside of your body, and bring that info in, or do you connect in your head, your heart, your gut, or some other place in your body.  I used to connect to my soul 1.5 meters above my body and to the left, because that’s how out of my body I was. Now, I connect in my heart chakra area, because I’ve not quite cleared all the trauma to bring it into my gut, our most centred place.

♥  I also looked into the Earth itself, and all the ways the physical Earth triggered me.  I used to struggle to sit outside because I was triggered by bugs, animals, big Australian Spiders.  Clearing away the triggers that come with being on the physical Earth helped me to connect that much deeper too.    

As I said, it’s a work in progress, but it’s completely transformed my life.  I spend more time in a grounded state than in a non-grounded state, and as a result, I’m able to focus and do alot more Spiritually and in my everyday life.  My connection is better, my channel clearer, and I genuinely feel supported in my work and all that I do, I have so much more flow.

Grounding has another unexpected side-effect too, particularly if you are a Mother.  So many of the kids being born on the Planet at the moment are coming in with so many gifts, and so many are struggling to be grounded.  By getting grounded yourself, you will inevitably be helping your kids to get grounded and step more into their potential because you are connected and all that you heal and shift within you, is going to help them too.  

If you are serious about growing your gifts, and really expanding into your potential, and helping your kids to do the same, I really encourage you to take the extra time to work on the parts of you that aren’t presently and comfortably grounded and rooted here on Planet Earth.  It will really make a huge difference to your life. If it’s something you are struggling with, feel free to book in with me, because grounding and anchoring is a big part of the work that I do. ♥  ♥  ♥ 

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