This post is for those of you who currently know what your gifts are and are developing them but may struggle with confidence, believing in yourself, or feeling not good enough.

I have noticed that we have two kinds of blocks that happen to our gifts from time to time:  1) blocks that is stuff that got triggered, activated when we used them, perhaps a particular situation triggered a deep memory of trauma of when something happened in our childhood or a past life that was strikingly similar to present day and you shut down to protect yourself from the same trauma potentially occurring again.  This is common, I see this happening in myself and others.  This trauma/memory will need clearing, either by tapping, affirmations, healing or simply just finding a way to push past it.  This is a big part of the work I do to help you develop your gifts.  2) There is another kind of block that’s not actually a block, it appears to be a block, but actually, it’s simply the Universe putting up a barrier to keep us on the road, to point us in the right direction so to speak..

So what do road barriers look like?  Well, have you ever been cruising along, perhaps you are doing your card readings, and you are doing them in a certain way, and that way seems to work really really well, and then someone says somewhere “you should try doing things this other way, or include that” and you take on board their advice, and you try, and things just aren’t working quite the same way as they did before despite all the practice and you find yourself loosing confidence in yourself.  Perhaps you may think, this advice doesn’t resonate and go back to how you were, but perhaps you will feel that this advice does seem to resonate, or you believe it to be true because someone seemingly more ‘switched on’’ or ‘advanced’ or ‘powerful’ said so, and you think that perhaps you aren’t quite doing it right and push harder, or perhaps something has actually triggered and you are now a bit blocked in moving forwards and find yourself doubting yourself, feeling not good enough, or simply just continuously crashing into a concrete wall wondering what to do.

I will share a story – the inspiration for this blog. I hit my own road barrier this past week.  I used to be a regular voice channeller, it’s one of my strongest gifts, or so I’ve been told.  I channelled messages that wanted to come through, and occasionally meditations, but I hadn’t done any in quite some time.  I decided to get back into it again and a friend asked for a channelled healing.  This friend actually does channelled healing himself and I have recieved enough of his style of session from him and others to know that it works really really well.  So when I went to channel for him, I decided I was going to channel in the same healing style that he and some others use.  My channelling which normally flows felt stuttered, and the words struggled to flow.  I thought perhaps I was out of practice, I thought perhaps I wasn’t so good anymore.  My confidence levels took a nose dive, but then I received a reminder message that I am not meant to heal things other people’s way, I am meant to heal things my way.  It was a huge AHA moment for me, because my way always flowed, and this new way which I believed was better (because some powerful healers use it) was the way I was supposed to develop.  I shifted my direction, and was given another opportunity to channel, this time my own way, and surprised myself by the power, intensity and speed of the words that boomed out of my mouth.  It was arguably one of the best channellings I have ever done.  I had hit a road barrier, I had learned what doesn’t work for me, so that I may grow in the way that does.

So lets go back to that gift you are developing, but may be feeling a bit stuck with at the moment.  Is it a block that needs clearing, or is it a road barrier? Ask yourself what changed, and how did the change come about.  Was it divine guidance asking you to change?  Curiosity? If you aren’t sure if it’s a road barrier, check to see if you feel resistance when trying to develop this new way?  What happens if you stop for a moment and let go of what you believe you are supposed to do, and go back to how you used to do things.  Does the old way feel lighter, happier, and suddenly more confident, refreshing and freeing, or does it feel old and dead, like you can’t go back? If you feel like it’s old and dead, you are currently undergoing growing pains, or have triggered a block which will need clearing.  If your old way feels lighter, happier and freer and your confidence comes back, know that even road barriers can come through as Divine guidance to show us the right way for us.  You might think this sounds a bit crazy, but the Universe is often trying to show us what we are not, so that we will learn what we ARE, and so these road blocks come to point us in the best direction, and get us on track to developing our gifts in the best and easiest way possible for us.  It’s not meant to be hard!

Know that things are meant to flow, and if you have come up against a road barrier, all you need to do is change your programming, tap out those beliefs you have taken on, go back to your happy place, or simply acknowledge that it was a gift to show you what doesn’t work, so that you can get back to doing what does, and be able to grow and flow in all the right ways.

Cheers to road barriers, for they really are a blessing.  🙂

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