How do you know if you are channeling?

I feel as though “Channeling” has become a bit of a buzz word as of late.  Once upon a time channeling was something rare, special and unique that didn’t happen very often, now these days so many people are channeling or are claiming to be channeling, and yet, from my perspective, they are not, and they aren’t always aware of this, for I’ve noticed that receiving intuitive information via the clair’s and channeling are being used interchangeably as part of everyday language when describing spiritual work.

As someone who has taught many people how to channel, I can feel that precise moment when a client has eased from receiving the messages intuitively and cross the threshold into a channeled state where they are actually channeling.  I absolutely love it when someone eases into the channeling state for the first time.  I want to jump up and down, and give them a high five.  It’s an achievement that for some takes a lot of time, energy work, and practice to achieve, for it is after all a specific skill that needs to develop.  

So how can you tell if what you are doing is actually channeling, or simply using your Intuition and Clair’s to receive messages from your Spirit Team/Higher Consciousness.  

  1. Channeling Happens in Real Time, like a live stream.

The difference between using your Clair’s and channeling is simple.  If you are using your Clair’s, the messages come in from your Spirit Team/Higher Consciousness via your seeing of visuals, hearing of words, feelings, or a simple knowing that you need to process and then share.  The key is that it comes to you first, even if only a moment or two before you share it.  When you move from receiving the messages via your Clair’s and passing them on via what you write or say, into a state where the information is coming out either via your voice, or being written via your hands, and you are hearing it/seeing it as you are speaking/writing, and it flows steady, not just a word here, and a word there, but a full flow of sentences, that is how you know you are actually channeling.  

I never know what’s going to be said until I say it.  All my sessions are just as new to me as they are to my clients.  I hear things as I say them, and they often surprise me.  I often receive visuals to explain to me what I’m saying so that I can understand what is coming out of my mouth as sometimes the message is so specific to the client, I have no idea what it all means or why I’m even saying it. 

        2. It doesn’t sound like you – because it’s not you communicating.

Whilst not everyone is able to take the leap into Direct Voice channeling where they let their higher consciousness/Spirit team completely take over their Voice and Body thus having their voice and accent change in the channeling process (It’s actually less common to be able to direct Voice channel, and not everyone needs to go that deep into the channeling process), however when you listen/read back on what you channeled, you find that the way things were spoken doesn’t sound exactly like you.  The tone may be different, the sentences more formal, or the vocabulary not typical to your everyday speech.

       3. The words are only loving, kind, and supportive.  

When we channel our guides/higher consciousness, they only speak loving words.  They do not speak of fear, nor do they judge or sound biased, critical or negative.  If a person speaks these things, they either aren’t in a channeled state, or they have aspects of their personality, or their personal beliefs, or some energies that’s perhaps not of the highest vibe coming through their channel thus pulling their energy either fully or partially out of the channeled state. A well trained channel can separate this out and keep what comes through pure.

       4. You can’t remember what you channeled after you channeled it.

Another difference between the Channeling state and using your Clair’s is that so often our brain gets involved in translating what is coming through the Clair’s, making it easier to remember the experience, however when we are in a channeling state, our brain actually slips into a more passive mode where it’s more of a bystander than an active participant.  As a result, people often quickly forget what they channeled either as soon as they channel it, or shortly after.  It’s why it’s good to always record it. I have usually forgotten most of what I channeled within a half an hour after channeling.  One thing my repeat clients often say to me is that I will have said something in the channeling that I had said during their previous channeling which may be months, or even years previous, something I have no recollection of saying or doing.  It comes as a surprise, and a sign that I’m doing something right, as I never re-listen to a client’s channeling as that information was for them and them only.  

        5. It just feels different!

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, I can feel that moment when a client moves from an intuitive state of bringing through into, into a channeled state.  Whilst the intuitive state feels like a bunch of starts and stops, dots and dashes, like morse code, the channeling state feels smooth, and even when there are silent gaps between sentences, I can still feel they are in the channeling state. When you move fully into a channeling state, you and the ones you are channeling blend together in such a way I can feel the energy come through of those you are channeling.  You might not be able to feel this yourself when listening to someone channel, but if you close your eyes and listen and just feel, it’s much easier to notice the difference. 

When you have moved into a full channeling state, there is a stream of energy that flows out of you that I don’t feel when you aren’t in that state.  When you listen to a well developed channeler channel, that stream of energy can be more clearly felt, and it has an impact. You can feel the words hit you and sometimes they hit you hard.  It also feels like they are speaking to all of you, not just your mind, but your consciousness, and your energy bodies.  I call it frequency, as that energy is connected to the words, and is emitting from channeler and whoever they are channeling as they channel, and it creates an experience for the one receiving the channeling.  Thus as a client, or someone on the receiving end of a channeling, if you can feel what they are saying more powerfully, it’s a sign they are channeling.  This frequency has the power to do many things:  It can make you sleepy, and put you into a deeper meditative state, or a higher state of conscious awareness, and for some channelers who have really worked on developing their capacity to emit frequency, what comes through the channel can heal, shift, activate, re-balance, uplift, and transform. Channeling is something that really can be developed into a powerful tool. 

In Sum

If you are a developing channeler, I highly recommend you work on developing those 5 points.  And if you are someone who is interested in following or working with someone who claims to be a channeler, watch and see how much of those 5 points you notice coming through, it could mean the difference between information that might be ok/good, or powerful impactful channeled information.  🙂 

If you are wanting some support with your channeling to either learn how you specifically can channel (as there is not a one size fits all method of doing it), or are wanting to develop it further so that you can be a more powerful impact channeler, I have a specific session I have created just for you called “Open My Channel.”  More information can be found here:

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