I’m noticing some posts and comments these days on social media questioning  “Are your/my guides high vibe?” and also, “Who are they?”  As we can’t see them with our physical eyes, there is some fear there, like we can’t fully trust them until we know for certain that we can.  It’s inspired me to share more on the topic of our connection to our guides. 

I wonder, how many of us know each and every member of our teams?  The large majority of us don’t, and that’s not because we aren’t good enough to know those details, or they are deliberatly being kept from us, it’s because we don’t actually NEED to know.  Because it’s not actually about your guides, they aren’t on stage doing a performance, it’s about the messages they bring through you and to you, that’s what’s most important, that’s the stuff that’s going to stick, because it’s the stuff that’s going to change your life for the better.  Powerful guidance has the power to change your life in profound ways, thus focusing your energy on who gave you the guidance takes away energy from the message itself, because Spirit speaks to us in a plethora of ways because it’s about the message, not the messenger.

I believe we almost always bring through and recieve messages from guides that have our highest and best interests at heart, especially when channeling, as our teams in Spirit hold a higher vibration than us, and we need to expand our energy and vibration in order to meet them and bring through messages from them, thus we can’t actually bring through a lower vibrational dark, heavy, and fear based being from an expanded vibrational state simply because the vibrations won’t match.

That being said, I’m sure you’ve heard some stories or seen instances when despite the expanding vibration, a high vibe guide didn’t come through to deliver messages.    

3 Reasons why you may not be recieving messages from a High Vibe Guide.

I’ve been channeling now for 15 years, and during that time, I’ve channeled a very diverse group of beings.  Some were really fun, some blew my socks off with their power, and some were just off, and I couldn’t quite place my finger on the how.  There were also times when channeling, despite knowing who I was channeling, the messages coming through weren’t so high vibe.  As a result, I’ve really become clear on why we can connect to and bring through messages from beings that are super amazing, and beings who aren’t so much and why at times despite channeling a high vibe guide, the messages are off. 

1) You believe you might not always attract a high vibe guide.

This is an important point, so I’m listing it first because many people out there believe somewhere in their conscious or subconscious mind that you can bring through beings that don’t have your highest interest at heart, or will be drawn to recieve a message from someone channeling a guide who isn’t high vibe.  Perhaps you carry some fears that you might attract something you won’t like.  This energy exists on our planet thanks to movies, and stories.  Take the Ouja board, how many people are afraid to use it because they might summon a demon or something else that might try to hurt us?  If you hold this belief that this is a possibility, then chances are, your subconscious fears might actually attract something that reflects your fears as a result of the Law of Attraction.  Clearing out this fear and shifting this belief can help you to only have positive experiences with Spirit teams who really are aligned and have your highest good at heart. Since shifting this belief in myself I’ve never had a bad reading, I’m simply not guided to see people who aren’t able to bring through messages that the teams in Spirit need me to hear.

2) Because Spirit wants you to experience the difference in order to truly know.

If you have brought something through that feels ick or misaligned, or recieved a reading where you felt this from the channelor, despite feeling that you don’t have any beliefs or fears that may be attracting it, my team has said that the bigger picture purpose of this is to teach you what isn’t for your highest good, so you can know with better certainty what is, because some people need to experience first hand to know, because that’s how some of us learn and grow.  Just like how some people can learn simply through reading and hearing, others need to learn through doing. I’m one of those people who learns through doing, and I’ve brought through a wide variety of entities/spirits/guides over the years, and I can now feel the difference in energy immediately.  For me, it was an incredibly empowering experience, because I now know without a shadow of a doubt, that who I channel is beautiful, loving, and really does have mine and my clients best interests at heart, because I’ve had alot of experience with a mix of energies, and the ones I do channel now feel 100% aligned with me and my energy. This also goes for recieving messages, as I’ve recieved some really off messages to know what that misalignment feels like when its coming to me, and helps me better trust the messages that do feel aligned.

3) We are humans with egos, fears, beliefs and programs.  All of which can be triggered, shifted, and changed.

We as humans, we have our stuff.  We have our beliefs, our fears, our triggers (all of which can and do change), and we like to feel in control of things, as a result there are times when we are channeling that the messages coming through from Spirit conflict with our own outlook, and as we are translating the messages coming through us telepathically, our mind/ego/stuff can get in the way of the process.  There is a real art to separating your own stuff from the messages coming through, this takes time, practice, and for some people, some energy work to become super consistently clear channels who can fully get out of the way and let the teams speak freely without interference.  I’ll speak more about why this occurs at the end of this blog, because there is a very important reason for it. 

What it feels like when you are recieving messages from a high vibe guide.

Now that i’ve talked about what can go wrong, I’d like to discuss what it feels like when it all goes right, so you can know and feel for certain that you really are recieving messages from a high vibe guide which is fully aligned with our energy and has our best interests at heart:

1) There is no Ego

Spirit Guides have no ego, but we humans do.  So if a being is coming through and saying they are so and so, and they were a very powerful so and so and super amazing, and you can feel a bit of ego coming through the words. The question then becomes, is the being not so high vibe and aligned, or is the channelor attaching some ego to the messages?  Do keep in mind that our guides don’t judge us or others, they see us all in the most positive light, and at times do lovingly share how they see us. They make us feel very special, and loved, but it’s never from a place of ego, and never in a way that makes us out to be better than others.    

2) They allow us the freedom to make empowered choices.  They won’t tell us what to do.

Spirit guides don’t use words like “You should” (It’s such a human word!) or “This is the ONLY path, there are no other alternatives” and use other limiting vocabulary, again, this is a sign that either the channelors personal limiting beliefs on the matter have jumped in the way, or the being channeling through isn’t so aligned. They tend to use words like “We suggest” or “We invite you to” or “This is a potential path, however you have the power to choose, and change it at any time.” They acknowledge how powerful we are, and capable of making the best choices, they’ll guide us to make the best decisions, but they will never make those decisions for us. They will also never tell us what to do, but at times they might be quite insistant that a particular path would be highly beneficial, if we choose it.  

3) They are incredibly loving.

When channeling through, Spirit Guides do love to use very loving words, speak in a postive loving way, even if being quite direct, and often say words we wouldn’t say in a normal conversation like addressing you as  “Dearest one”, and “Beloved” I told my teams I don’t really love the word Beloved and so they keep that word out, (Hello interference!) but they do like to end each reading with “We send you many many blessings and all of our love.”  I’d never say that to anyone personally.  

4) The words and energy coming through is expansive and uplifting.

Spirit teams talk about positive, uplifting and expansive topics, rather than fear based ones. If you are feeling fear coming from the words, either the channelor has their own fear based beliefs on the subject coming through, your own fears are being triggered in order to be faced and released, or you are chatting with the wrong guide.  They never make dire predictions, or tell us what we are doing wrong. They see positives, and guide us towards a better happier future.  

Why all this is important.

Keep an eye out for these points when giving and receiving readings and channelings. Use your intuition and discernment, focus on the messages that resonate and leave you feeling uplifted and expanded, and before judging that the guides aren’t high vibe enough for you, know that channeling is a 2+ being collaborative job, and the human delivering the messages here in the physical is still learning and developing their channeling skills, and working through their own stuff, just as the being in Spirit may still be adjusting to their energy and language capacity, and learning to speak through them clearly, because things can and do get lost in translation. It’s all a part of the journey, and necessary as we really do grow through the journey.  Spirit deliberately chooses to speak through those who choose to learn and grow rather than those who’ve perfected the gift, because the ultimate purpose of these messages coming through is so that we will apply the messages we bring through and receive, and become better versions of ourselves, and I love this so much.    

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