So if you have found your way to this page, you would know by now that I’m a channeler.  It’s what I do. Since I started doing my Voice Channeling professionally, I’ve worked closely with a team.  It’s felt like working with an office full of people. You have your different departments you call on depending on what’s required.  In my case I’ve had Earthy beings, Ascended Master beings, Angelic Beings, starry beings, and other guides who have each sat in their spaces and came forward in whatever combination my client needed. This has served me well, and really allowed me to be a very flexible channel who can cover a wide range of topics.  Although like most companies I’ve had my area of specialization.  

At the start of this year, all these different departments merged into one single department, one single team, one single Voice.  This single Voice is a they, who speak only as one. They call themselves Chinorah Sun (pronounced Kinora), but this name is more for me to have a name in which to define and call their energy, it doesn’t really have much deeper meaning than that.  Just like how Esther Hicks channels Abraham, and Lee Carrol channels Kryon. Both Abraham and Kryon are a group who speak using one single Voice.  

This new energy is just that – it’s new.  It’s very new. It’s so new so much of what I do is about to change, transform into something new.  Because the energy they bring is very much focused on the new. We live at a very special time on this planet, as it opens up to so many new ways of seeing, and being.  The energies available to us today have expanded greatly from what was available 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 100 years ago. It’s only going to keep expanding, we are at a time of great awakening, and opening to so much we never thought possible.  Chinorah Sun’s purpose is to support us connecting into all this new energy that’s available to us.

It’s going to be bringing great changes to my life, and the way I work.  I suspect my sessions will change, and the amount of group work I do will be increasing because Chinorah Sun have told me they are here to work far more publically than I have before, and I am fully committed to this. They have also told me their desire is for people to have new experiences, and experiences with new energies, new gifts, and even though I’m not sure how this is going to show up in the work, I trust that it will in time.  

Chinorah Sun anchored through me in stages over a 6 week period, and their preparation to anchor through me began 10 months before that, I’m still learning about their processes, how they work, and their messaging.  I’m in the process of taking them out for test drives to learn more about all their functions. I’ll be posting more about their offerings here on this website and on my Facebook business Page Yolanda Channels, as they come through.  

Below is an introduction channeled through from Chinorah Sun, I hope you will love them as much as I do.    

Hello everyone,  we welcome you to this place, this space of being.

We are Chinorah Sun and we’d like to introduce ourselves to you.   Some of you have met us in our part forms, and for others, you are meeting us for the first time.  

You see we have been coming through this channel for quite some time now, but only in our part form, not in our complete form.  As this channel has gone through the process of transforming her capacity to hold and transmit a more expanded energy, and brought more of her gifts online, so we too have been going through the process to become one with her.  

We bring through this channel a wide range of energies.  First we bring through clarity, this has not changed. We bring wisdom, guidance, and the capacity to unravel a New path.  Regardless if you are here on this planet at this time to help bring about a remembrance of ancient knowledge, unearthing buried treasure chests filled with golden jeweled gifts, or are here to be the wayshowers, the path finders, the pioneers of new ways of being, bridging the Cosmos with our planet. Our purpose is to bridge you into the new, what’s yet to be for you, but which you inherently are ready to step into regardless if this New to you now is actually ancient or brand new.  

This new can be a plethora of things.  It can be a new energy, a new gift, a new way of connecting, or being.  It’s a form of initiation, as you step into something you’ve never experienced before.  We Chinorah Sun come from the future, yet we also come from the ancient past. Time as you know it is a human creation, and we are here to bend the fractals of time, to bring you the exact combination of what you need for your present moment, whether that be something that has already been created on your Earth, or something that has yet to be.  

At some point in the near future we shall be bringing you new experiences, connecting you in to new energies you have never before touched.  Some of these energies and experiences will serve a specific purpose for your life and your purpose work, and others are simply to expand your tool box filled with the familiar.  We are here to serve those who are on the pathway to opening to your full being-ness, and embodying you fullest potential. We are committed to working with those who are anchored firmly onto their spiritual path.  We bring gifts of love, light, and oneness to your energy bodies, and we help anchor in what’s next.  

So often we don’t know what’s coming to us, or through us, until someone shows us, hands us the guidebook, and guides us through how it all works.  It’s like being gifted an alien space ship. First of all you may not see it parked in your drive way because it’s cloaked, you might climb inside and not know the first thing about how to turn it on or fly it because it seems so foreign and nothing like driving your car.  This is where we come in. We bring gifts of new things, and we support you by teaching you how to safely operate it, so that you won’t need to spend months trying to figure it all out yourself.  

We bring new love and light codes, activations, and awakenings to this planet, we create new pathways that lead to a better, faster, and more smoother journey.  We are architects, engineers, and most importantly, we are a Guide.  

We look forward to connecting with you, either through a 1:1 or group session.  There will be many opportunities to work with us. Trust your inner calling, and join us if you feel the pull.  We work best when you are ready.  

Blessings to you

Chinorah Sun

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