Intuitive Guidance vs Channeling

In recent years as so many more of us have our Gifts activate, I’ve noticed more and more there has been a blending of our gifts take place.  And yet at the same time it’s meant that not everyone is clear on what the difference is between Psychic Predictions, Intuitive Guidance, and Channeling, for there are distinct differences between the two.

I love teaching and giving examples and demonstrations and so I’ve created a Youtube channel to be able to do so. My husband is a Videographer, and so it made sense for me to start creating video’s, as there is only so much that can be shared through a written post.

If video isn’t your thing and you’d rather read some blogs than watch a video, I’ve got you covered:

What’s the difference between Channeling & Voice Channeling

What’s the difference between a Psychic, a Channelor & A Voice Channelor

My Youtube video is 25 minutes long, and in it, I talk about What is channeling, and how it differs from Intuitive Guidance (and Psychic Readings). I also asked for 3 volunteers to pass me a question and I answered their question in 3 different styles to show you the difference between Intuitive Guidance, Channeling, and Direct Voice Channeling.

So if you were curious to learn more about channeling, what it is, and what it looks sounds and feels like, simply click play

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