Is your Purpose to Self-Master? 

A personal sharing around my own Purpose

My Spiritual work is very much focused on growth, developing your gifts and abilities, and stepping more fully into your purpose and embodying your potential. I love to help people discover more about their Gifts and Purpose, and whilst I share a lot about my own gift of Channeling, and teach people how to channel, it’s not actually my Purpose (although it plays a part).  I’ve not actually shared anything around my Purpose because the truth is, I wasn’t actually very clear on what my purpose was for a very long time.    

For many years I found it frustrating that I could channel so much information about other people’s purpose, and yet all I could get for my own was a few measly paragraphs that didn’t tell me the whole picture.  I felt a bit inauthentic for years helping people better understand their purpose when I myself didn’t really understand mine. I knew I was already somehow living it, I just wasn’t sure how.  I wrote a story about this which was published in the book Animals by Stephen Farmer.

That’s the thing with purposes, we are already living it to some extent, in some form or another, without even realizing that we are or how.  I see this often in people when I share information around their purpose and their face lights up because they have already either been living it, or dancing around it for years.  

The truth is, just because I wasn’t clear on my own purpose didn’t mean I gave up trying to figure out what it was.  I knew a part of my purpose is to help others find theirs, and learning Human Design and Gene Keys a few years back confirmed that.  There is a section of Human Design that is about your purpose, and it sits within an unconscious area within the chart, meaning, it’s hard to see for ourselves and easier for others to spot in us, but once we see it, we can have that inner awareness.  My Purpose centre in my chart is all about living with purpose, and helping people do the same. (My Design Earth/Purpose is Gate 28.5 – for those of you into Gene Keys) So my purpose is to work with the concept of purpose, and I love to find out the purpose and the reasons why for everything.  I have been living this part of my purpose for years.   

And yet I knew the Human Design and Gene Keys information wasn’t the whole story, because truthfully, I don’t always help people with their purpose, I often help people with completely different and unrelated things, like the development of their gifts, or through challenging times in their lives and that has nothing specifically to do with purpose, so my purpose being helping people with their purpose didn’t 100% feel right.

I do believe for so many of us, information about our purpose is stored in our unconscious which is why so many people are searching for answers and clarity around their purpose, so that they can more fully embrace it and live it, and true to that belief, in 2020 I had someone see my purpose in me, and once she saw it, I saw it too, and this one summed up my whole life. I could clearly see how I have already been living it.

My purpose is to Self-Actualize, to Self-Master.  

The term Self-Actualization was coined by a 20th century American Psychologist named Abraham Maslow who is best known for creating a Hierarchy of Needs. His hierarchy of needs forms a pyramid with physiological needs at the bottom, basic but important needs such as food and shelter.  The second level is safety and security, the third a sense of love and belonging, the fourth is self-esteem and confidence, and at the top of the pyramid is self actualization. 

Self Actualization is achieving one’s full potential including achieving optimal creativity and self-transcendence.  It’s achieved from a place of growth motivation, rather than through defense motivation.  Maslow believed that self-actualizing people are motivated by things like growth, health, wellness, being of service to humanity, and getting to the core of life’s issues.  

When I read that, everything clicked for me, all the pieces came together and I saw the truth in my purpose.  I love developing my gifts by using them on and for myself, as well as applying them to help others develop their gifts and embody their full potential, it’s the thing I love most.  But that’s where it became clear that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs didn’t tell the full story, because there is so much more beyond Self-Actualization, which is seen as essentially reaching the full potential of our gifts, and even Maslow himself started to see this just before he died, as he added something above Self-Actualization which is Transcendence.  

Growing up, my childhood years were an exploration of life to find my gifts, those things I was naturally good at.  Other than a knack for jigsaw puzzles and a love of stories and creative writing, and a tiny bit of musical talent, I came up empty handed for years. I had always felt that there was something I’m really good at, something I’ll develop to become amazing at, I just have to find it, and so I continued to look outside myself for it.  I had my Spiritual awakening around 2001, and in 2003 I discovered my gift of channeling.  It literally came out from inside of me. I had found my thing.  It wasn’t just a side hobby or a fun thing to play around with, it was a doorway into so much more. I wanted to develop myself, and my spiritual gifts.  It meant letting go of things in my life that weren’t working for me, like my anger, and my unprocessed trauma to create space for things that would work for me.   

In 2005 I met some like minded friends who also wanted to develop themselves and their gifts as much as I did and we threw ourselves into growing our abilities together.  We were spending many hours of our free time practicing, playing, experimenting with our psychic and intuitive abilities, our channeling skills, all while trying to find more effective ways to heal and improve our lives so that we could better help each other. We were so driven to become better versions of ourselves, for ourselves, and each other.  

Fast forward 16 years and I am still spending many many hours on Zoom, on chat programs, on the phone with friends, and with clients developing our gifts and abilities.  I have one friend in particular with whom I can spend many hours of a day tuning in, channeling, moving energy in order to grow ourselves and improve our lives, thus becoming an even better support for our clients, we do it all the time.  Personal growth and development is one of my highest values and biggest priorities.  I really love it regardless if I’m focusing on myself, a friend or a client, and I find it a lot of fun.  

And whilst that may sound a bit self-centred that I value personal growth so highly, especially as there is this collective impression out there that healers and light workers have a grand purpose to be of service to humanity and the world around us, something that is to a degree true, but being of service to humanity is a part of my purpose, a result of the self development I’ve done, it’s a skill i’ve developed on my journey towards mastery, not my actual purpose.  Being of service is a way in which I can develop my gifts further doing something I love doing, rather than it be my purpose itself, because I do love what I do.

Being of service to others is only one of the ways I develop my gifts, and work towards embodying my full potential, it’s an opportunity to develop my gifts by using them to help others to self-actualize, to transcend, to grow.  Not all of my clients are running spiritual based businesses.  Not all of my clients are healers and readers, some work in the corporate world, education, medicine, or do a trade, and whilst not all of them share my purpose of self-mastery, many are working towards it in their own way.  It’s a common theme that runs amongst many of my clients.  People book in with me not because they just want to heal, but because they want to grow, develop themselves, and improve their lives and the lives of those around them.  

Having been reading people’s energy for many years now, I have to say, many people have a purpose of developing and evolving themselves, to walk the path of self-mastery or self-actualization. Not everyone is here to leave a mark, or be famous for something, inspire some big change in the world, some people are simply here to become better versions of themselves by bringing out their inner spirit, their innate gifts and abilities and the best of who they are.  Alternatively, not all who are here to become better versions of themselves are here to self-actualize or self-master, but I’ve seen more than a few clients who are.

So, are you here to develop and grow, or Self Master and become your potential, or are you here for a different purpose? 

If you’d like to read more about Self-Actualization, I found a great article on the subject:

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