I work closely with light workers, healers, and intuitives.  I see everyone’s potential, and I really see gifts coming out to shine, but what I’ve noticed is that there is thisstrong desire in general for people on the Spiritual Path to quit their jobs, and become a healer/reader/facilitator/coach of various sorts, and earn a living from this.  Whilst I do believe this is the direction so many of my clients are going, for us all it’s a journey, and some of you might land in that position next year, and for others it could take 10 years, and maybe for some it’s simply not specifically what you are meant to do in this lifetime.

You see, the world needs light workers, intuitives, healers, teachers and coaches, not all separately doing their own thing, but right in the thick of things, shifting structures and people from the inside of different environments.

The world needs more spiritual doctors, lawyers, school teachers, IT people, corporate people, bankers, real estate agents, scientists, retail workers, trades people, etc, why?  Because those industries are full of staff members and clients/customers who need to wake up.  So many of those people would never approach a healer or a psychic unless they were dragged, and even then they may not be so open to it.  They need help from the inside, in a way that’s not going to make them clam up into their protective shells.  They need people who can speak their language and talk their talk. People who get them, but also see things from another perspective.  

For years I hated my jobs.  I loathed going to work, and I dreamed constantly of the day I could quit and do my spiritual work, whatever that was going to be, for I actually didn’t know what it was going to be until the end of 2016.  I had my spiritual awakening 16 years ago.  It took me 16 years of full time employment in teaching and corporate to get to a place where I was at a level, and ready to own my gifts, who I am, and what I’m meant to be.  I used to always ask the question to healers, readers and intuitive friends, “when can I quit my job and start my spiritual work.”  The answer was always “You aren’t quite ready yet, the work will come.”  Whilst that gave me hope that there was light after the misery of my 9-5 with rush hour commutes, it never made me feel satisfied with where I was, I was still trying to escape.  

Then one day someone said to me “You are exactly where you need to be right now, you work in an environment that lacks a lot of love and light, people are so disconnected, closed, and highly focused on material things (I was working an admin job in the beauty/fashion industry placed there by the Universe itself, for I would never have chosen that industry myself,) you need to bring more light into your office.”  I realized she was right.  My office was one of those environments where no one helped anyone unless they absolutely had to in so many teams and departments. Everything and everyone was guarded.  And so I made up my mind that I was going to shine my light, and be the change, in the way that I could.  I was going to break the pattern.  I started going out of my way to help people, not just team members but people in other departments, sometimes it was simple things, sometimes more complex.  I smiled and said hello to everyone I felt inspired to.  I shared spiritual insights and perspectives using their language without coming across as Woo Woo and weird.  And before long it caught on, people started being a bit more nice to each other, and calling in positive energies before meetings with nasty clients.  My reputation as being the one who is happy to help spread, and people sought me out from other departments to get simple help that their own team members refused to help them with.  People walked away with smiles on their faces.  My team members started to talk about things beyond shoes, clothes, dates, and dieting during group lunches.  

Not many knew I was spiritual, or how deeply spiritual I was, but a few opened up and shared their experiences.  Did I make dramatic changes?  No. Did I have an impact?  Yes, on some.  It opened people up, just that little bit, that tiny crack, and honestly, it helped.  It made a difference.

So if you are still working in the corporate world, dreaming of the day when you can quit and do your spiritual work for real, I challenge you, right now to be that light, bring it to where you work, shine it brightly, and know that in the most simplest and smallest ways YOU can make a difference, YOU can help people right now, right where you are. That there is a greater purpose to where you are now, and that you are needed right where you are right now.

The world has some Spiritual doctors, lawyers, school teachers, IT people, corporate people, bankers, real estate agents, scientists, retail workers, trades people, etc, but it really needs alot more.

Shine your light out, the world needs to see it.  🙂

How are you going to make an impact at your work today?

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