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Workshops & Group Sessions

How my live workshops are run

My group sessions are open to anyone who books in, and can be experienced Live or via a Recording.  I channel them specifically for those who book in, so each workshop is unique.

I tend to post the latest workshop details on my website, in my occassional newsletters which I sent out a few times a year and my Facebook Page – Yolanda Channels.

In 2023 I am re-opening up my Opening to New Group sessions and running it approximately twice a month. I haven’t run this since 2020. They’ve been re-named to Elevate the Group Session

Elevate – the Group Session

Are you ready for an upgrade?  If so, Elevate the Group Session is for you.  

Elevate is for those of you who are ready for more: a jump, a leap, the next level of being.  It’s for those of you who’ve done a lot of healing and clearing work on yourself, and are ready to move forward, to grow, and uplevel and Elevate your gifts, and your life in general.

Elevate is for those who are ready to open to what’s next, as this group session has less focus on healing, other than that which may need resolving in order for the upgrade to take place. For some it may feel you’ve had a few parts of you upgraded and upleveled, and for others it may feel like a full system update, upgrade and reboot as you receive a whole new and improved layout. 

Elevate has one main purpose: to elevate and expand your consciousness and open your gifts, so that they can work at a more elevated level in order to support Humanity in it’s forward movement.  

It will strengthen your connection to your Higher Self, Divine I am Presence, and your Source connection.  You may find you connect differently, but with a new strength and clarity to the connection after this session.  It will open you up to a bigger picture, more of your innate higher wisdom, and strengthen your Claircognizance (Clear Knowing intuitive sense) in particular, along with your other intuitive senses. 

These group sessions are 45-60 minutes long, and will be fully channeled.  The group sessions are like my 1:1 sessions in that I will be channeling through details about what’s upgrading, what’s clearing, releasing outdated beliefs, and stories, but due to the nature of this being done in a group, I will not be going into details on an individual level but rather sharing what’s happening with the group overall.  It will feel as though you are receiving a healing session.   

I suggest finding a quiet location where you won’t be disturbed.  You may wish to lie down, sit back with your eyes closed, or move around the room if needed to help move the energy through your body.  

Please check in with your intuition and guidance to see if this group session is right for you, and how frequently.

Cost is AUD$35 (approximately US$24, GBP$20) and the recording can be sent to you upon request. 

*Disclaimer – If you feel deeper issues, trauma, strong fears, or prominent self-sabotage programs are holding you back from moving forward, this group program may not be right for you until that has been addressed. 

On January 25th 2023 I channeled the very first Elevate – The Group Session with a small group of people with the intention that it be openly shared for anyone who may want to listen. It ran for 1 hour, and was a complete session. If you’d like to listen to the very first session, experience the energy and get a sense of the Group Session, you can listen here. Please ensure you are in a quiet place and uninterupted

This session will be offered monthly Thursday (USA)/ Friday (Aus/NZ) during Australian daytime, and USA evening times. 

Dates Offered

Friday December 8th

Melbourne/Sydney – 12:30pm – 1:30pm

(USA: 5:30pm PST, 8:30pm EST Thursday September 14th

More dates will be added in the future.