If you’ve been on the Spiritual Path for awhile, you’d have come across the term “Cords”, and probably found at some point that you have cords attached to you.  It’s actually really common.  

What are cords?  

Cords are strands of energy connecting a person to other people, places, things. These cords tend to be connected on a subconscious and unconscious level hence why we are not really aware of them. Some cords are healthy, like cords between a mother and baby, but for the most part, cords are something we are taught to clear because they can have a detrimental effect on our energy over time, particularly if they are negative cords and are causing an energy drain.

Now some people may say that there are positive cords and negative cords, and that we want to keep the positive cords and clear the negative ones.  Personally, I’ve found over the years that no cord serves me what so ever, including the so called positive ones.  I decided to tune in and channel, and brought through some great information on this topic:

First of all, we’d like to clarify that when people connect into another’s energy directly it is usually done in a well meaning way, and even if you intend to keep your own stuff to yourself, your energy is of a different frequency from the people around you, and thus when you connect your energy into theirs, regardless of how much of your thoughts/beliefs/stories/projections comes through that door way that’s been created into them, your frequency connecting into their frequency changes both your frequency and theirs, there is a reaction and you both experience it.  It’s simple chemistry.  This reaction can be good, lifting their energy and spirits up, or it can have some less positive effects, making them feel more tired, heavy, and weighed down.  This is where the popular term “Energy Vampire” comes into play, as so often when someone with a frequency that plugs into ours causes the reaction of making us feel tired and depleted we believe they are draining our energy (usually believed to be malicious when so often it isn’t), and whilst their energy plugged into yours may give them a boost, so often this isn’t actually the case.  When some people plug their energy into others, the energetic reaction that takes place changes the frequency, so often if people get an energetic boost from plugging into others, it’s a bit like having sugar.  What happens when people eat sugar?  They get a sugar high and then crash, unless they are hypoglycemic in which case they just crash. We would also like to note that just like how sugar is an addictive substance, we can become addicted to some frequencies, particularly if we are lacking in them ourselves, craving them, and are looking outside of ourselves for this replenishment as we don’t know how to access this within ourselves. When we seek something outside of ourselves, the supplies we do find are always limited and never enough. 

(As someone who actually was hypoglycemic for years, I can relate as I never got a high from eating sugar or plugging into others, I simply just crashed.  Perhaps this is why I learned early on to connect directly to Source which to me feels more like eating protein or carbs, it brings energy that fuels me in a healthier way, as tuning into people is exhausting work comparatively, but I’m digressing here.  Back to my channeling!)

Secondly, our guides, teams, and our Source connection is finely tuned to our own unique frequency, our energy signature. When your energy connects in with someone else’s or vice versa, the change in your frequencies makes it harder for both you and them to get pure, clear direct messages from Source and your teams, thus making it harder for you to get messages and clarity for them and yourself (even if you don’t realize this is actually so), and the harder you have to work, the more tired you are going to feel. Whilst your intention might be to connect in and help them, you are actually limiting them, and making it harder for them to help themselves and be helped.  Sure, maybe they are asking you for help, and needing the support, but again, this support you give them when you inject your energy into theirs is like sugar, it’s short, it’s limited, it’s not the clearest it can be, and whilst it may ultimately help them to get some of the support they need, it can also make things harder, which leads to our third point.

When you connect your energy into others, or have others connect their energy into yours, as we mentioned there is a changing of frequencies which changes the frequency we are attuned to source with.  Thus with other’s energy in our field, or ours in theirs it can make it harder for you or them to get the clarity you need, it slows down the stream of info, and will ultimately mean you are working harder to get the information that you both need, and thus extra energy will need to be put into your energies, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to get it back to your own optimal frequencies where you have the clearest connection to Source and this can lead to tiredness for both parties, even if you are trying to help rather than feeling energized, which is the feeling you should experience after connecting to Source directly. 

Cord Cutting

I’ve worked with cords a lot over the years, and I’ve learned a few things a long the way.  Back in the early days of my journey, I was an avid cord cutter.  I’ve done cord cutting ceremonies, used knives and other spiritual tools to cut away the clutter, and I did feel amazing after, but, as my awareness grew, and so did my spiritual friendships, I started to notice something: when you cut a cord to someone, they feel it, they feel the loss, the disconnect, and they try to re-attach so that things feel better again.  For more sensitive people it can feel a bit more harsh than that, like you’ve cut them out with no reason.  They can feel hurt.  I’ve been at both the receiving end of someone else’s cord cutting and felt that confused pain, and I’ve seen the repercussions of cutting cords to people who not only felt it, but was upset by my action as well.  This led me to find a better way to clear my energy, and in came cord healing.

Cord Healing

Cord Healing is something I did up until recently.  It’s a much kinder and gentler way to clear a cord.  Here is the thing with cords, if there is a cord, there is a reason that cord is there, and although it may be a different reason on both ends of the cord, there is a reason none-the-less and that reason ultimately allows the cord to exist.  If you cut the cord without clearing the reason the cord existed in the first place, the cord can easily re-attach.  Doing cord healing requires a deeper level of intuition and healing, to be able to find the cord, and where both ends are, and to find the deeper reason (hint: it’s usually sitting in the subconscious, unconscious) you’ve created that cord and attached it, or are on the receiving end of it.  Usually there is a vow, contract, agreement, or a story we believe to be true (or several in some cases).  I have found that when we get to the root cause of why we allow that cord there and shift that to something more positive, we heal the part of us that allowed the cord, and the cord naturally falls away, dissolves, or simply can no longer attach.  As part of the cord healing process, the healing extends to the other person, and there is love, forgiveness and understanding that flows through.  There is more acceptance  and no sting on the other end. These cords don’t come back.  

I have found that sometimes we allow these cords (even if they are draining us), for positive reasons, such as, perhaps we believe we are helping the person, or that in this way they will know they are loved. I’ve been doing cord healing for a number of years now, but at one point, I got tired of healing cord, after cord, after new cord, and wished there was a way I would never have to heal another cord again.  As an answer to my exhausted prayer, I stumbled upon a way at the start of 2022, and I started to incorporate this into client sessions with amazing results.

No more cords!  Sovereignty at last.

The question I ask the energy of my clients when we are doing the Cords be gone for good process is: Why does your energy allow people to attach their energy to you (both positively and negatively)? The answer is so often “Because that’s what we do, it’s common practice, it’s normal?”  And when I ask why, the answer is usually “Because it’s how I get information.”  When I ask “Are you able to get your information via your intuition, and your higher consciousness?”  The answer is usually: I can’t, I don’t know how, or I don’t trust it fully.  You see, what I discovered is that people who allow cords, usually also attach cords to others themselves, even if well intentioned such as “I just want to check in on them to make sure they are ok because I care.”  

The key to all of this is asking the right questions, begining with: “Why does your/my energy allow people to attach their energy/cords to you/me (Both positively, and negatively)? Followed up with “Do I/you attach your energy/cords to others? Why?” (Well meaning or not). Usually there are deeper unconscious reasons that can be the same, or different for both questions. So often past lives can be involved. The next step is to do the healing work in whatever way you do healing so as to heal all those deeper reasons why you or a client is both having cords/energies attached to them, and attaching their cords/energies to others. Lastly, reprogram the energy to something healthier, see my own personal example below.

I personally had made a vow to extract information from people directly because they were real and tangible and I could show evidence and proof because we have no direct evidence and proof that God/The Spirit world is real, thus no one would believe me if I said my information came from God/Source but what if I said it came from a person and they verified it? This was my main reason for attaching cords to others, and allowing others to attach cords to me. It was old, a vow I made lifetimes ago. After clearing that, I made an agreement with my higher consciousness that I would only receive information about another person via my higher consciousness and vice versa, if it was for our highest good. 

Connecting a cord to another person is an easy way to acquire information.  But is it the best information?  No.  Is it the best way to recieve information?  No again.

As we heal our (usually deeply unconscious) reasons for attaching cords to others, as well as our reasons for allowing others to attach their cords to us, we can step into a new energy, an energy of sovereignty over our energy where no one is able to attach their energy into us at any time.  It’s freeing, it’s nice, and since shifting my energy to this, it’s the clearest my energy has ever been.  I do get prompted from time to time to reach out to someone, to send them a message and check in on them and it’s always perfect, and when people get a nudge to check in on me, I acknowledge how connected they are to their higher consciousness.  I also can feel when people try to connect a cord into me, it’s like they ring the door bell but no one let’s them in.  It’s one of those door bells that activates a camera, because I get a sense someone is at the door, and that they need something, and if it’s for the highest good of all, I’ll support them through what’s going on, otherwise, they move on and find the perfect support.  

Nearly 1 year later, I’ve not had to clear a single cord out of my energy, and it’s been wonderful being in my own energy.

If you are done with cords for good, and aren’t able to clear out the deeper reasons why they keep happening in the first place yourself, book in for an “Empowering your Potential” session, and I’ll support you to clear our your cords for good. 

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