Session Packages

I love working with people on an ongoing basis. I love diving deeper into the work, and supporting you to grow and develop. For those who are committed to working on an ongoing basis, I offer a 2 options with the same discounted prices to make it more affordable.

Option 1: Session Packages

You can purchase a package of 3 sessions upfront and cash them in whenever you are ready within a 1 year period. Perfect for those who want to dive deeper but unsure how many sessions you need, or how long you need between them.

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Option 2: Discounted Sessions

Book in session by session using a special booking link.  Option 2 is for those who would like to work within a more set time frame, ie fortnightly, monthly, 6 week basis.

I recommend booking in with me for a session first so that you can see how I work and see if it’s the right fit for you, and then we can discuss ongoing work either during or after that session.

Discounts for ongoing sessions are $20 off your session cost.  So if you are booking in for ongoing Energy work sessions, the cost will be $160 instead of the regular $180

This is available for the following sessions:


  • Q&A 60 Minutes

Healing Work:

which will be focused on whatever you need and may include some Elevate & Q&A if needed:

  • Embodying Your Potential
  • Opening My Channel
Yolanda held an “Open My Channel” session for me and I was absolutely blown away! I knew this session was going to be amazing, I knew it was going to be life changing. I have worked with Yolanda before and knew how incredible she is!
I was guided to book in with Yolanda as soon as my channel started to open, but I couldn’t have prepared for just how out of this world amazing and life changing the session was.
Yolanda is so gentle and thorough, any questions I had were answered in great detail and things I hadn’t considered were shared which gave me an even “bigger picture”. I was in absolute awe throughout the session as I felt the shifts and changes happening in my energy field.
Thank you so much Yolanda! You have truly been such a gift on my journey. I would strongly encourage anyone who is considering booking a session to go ahead, it is absolutely worth it
Candi M

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