I love working with people on an ongoing basis.  I love diving deeper into the work, and supporting you to grow and develop.  For those who are committed to working on an ongoing basis, I offer a 2 options with the same discounted prices to make it more affordable.

Option 1: Session Packages – You can purchase a package of 3 sessions upfront and cash them in whenever you are ready within a 1 year period.  Perfect for those who want to dive deeper but unsure how many sessions you need, or how long you need between them.

Option 2: Book in session by session using a special booking link.  Option 2 is for those who would like to work within a more set time frame, ie fortnightly, monthly, 6 week basis.

I recommend booking in with me for a session first so that you can see how I work and see if it’s the right fit for you, and then we can discuss ongoing work either during or after that session.

Discounts for ongoing sessions are $20 off your session cost.  Until May 1st 2021, the ongoing  rate is AUD$140 (with the the package price being $420 for a 3 session package), and after May 1st will be AUD$160 or AUD$480 for the package.

This rate covers both Empowering Your Potential, and Opening my Channel Sessions, and may have elements of Elevate and Q&A’s integrated if needed.

Those who have started working with me on an ongoing rate before May 1st 2021 will remain at your $140 rate.