I’m currently offering 3 diffent Packages for Channelors who wish to deepen and improve their channeling.  I currently offer two different types of sessions for Channelors.  Open my Channel sessions with are a healing/activation/opening of your Channel in a way that can support the next level of your work to birth through, and works very much in a bigger picture capacity and requires time to unfold and integrate.  Secondly I offer Mentoring sessions for those of you who are wanting to go into your channel process and work on the finer details together to open, expand and improve your channeling.

As some people prefer one type of session over another, I have 3 package options available:

Package A – 3 Channel Mentoring Sessions

I’ve found that whilst we can get your Channel flowing more smoothly after 1 session, you’ll notice a bigger impact when we can go deeper into the different parts of your channel.  Our channels aren’t just a flow of energy from our guides, there is so much more happening beneath the surface, our Clairs may be involved to varying degrees, and the energy needs to flow through our chakras and into the Earth, and thus a 3 session package will allow us to go into more parts to expand the flow of energy.  These sessions can also be used if you’d love some support to recieve some guidance on questions you’d love insight on from your Spirit teams as I’ll be able to ask your guides your questions, as well as any other questions in order for you to bring through detailed guidance you need for yourself.

Package B includes 3 Mentoring for Channelors sessions – to be used within 1 year. Cost AUD$390

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Package B – Open My Channel & Mentoring for Channeling package

This is a two session package whick starts with a 2 hour Open my Channel session which works on a bigger picture to open your channel, and open the next level of your work.  These sessions are very deep and require time to integrate.  Once you’ve integrated your session, you can then book in for the Channel Mentoring session where we go into the finer details of your channeling and clear your processes clearer and smoother.

To learn more about Open my Channel & Mentoring for Channlors sessions, click HERE.

Package A cost $AUD $285 for 2 sessions (Special August price) – to be used within 6 months.

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Package C – 3 Open my Channel sessions

This Package is for those who are wanting the bigger picture energy work, and to go deeper into the activations and energy work, for those who are really wanting to grow.

3 Open My Channel Sessions – Cost AUD $450 – to be used within 1 year.

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