What’s the difference between Channeling and Channeled Healing?

What’s the difference between Channeling & Channeled Healing? If you are part of the Spiritual World, you’d have heard about Channeling by now.  It’s something a lot more people are doing and more and more people are learning how to channel, and getting themselves out of the way and letting Spirit do the talking [...]

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Intuitive Guidance vs Channeling

Intuitive Guidance vs Channeling In recent years as so many more of us have our Gifts activate, I've noticed more and more there has been a blending of our gifts take place.  And yet at the same time it's meant that not everyone is clear on what the difference is between Psychic Predictions, Intuitive [...]

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5 Steps to Prepare to Channel Guidance for yourself or others

5 Important Steps to Connect in to Channel Guidance for yourself or others When I channel for a client, I get on the Zoom call, have a quick chat, connect in and start channeling.  It looks pretty simple, and easy, and it is, but there is so much more that I do than simply [...]

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