In my channelings I see so many gifts in people. Some of these gifts they are already aware of, and some of them they are not. I see our gifts as a form of energy, and there are usually several ways I see them playing out and opening in people.

They are there, playing out in the background waiting to be consciously discovered, and once people know about them, acknowledge them as gifts, they see those gifts more clearly already playing out in their lives and can start developing them further.
They are there, but because we haven’t used them in a very long time, they’ve gone to sleep or shut down from fear. This one is common. As kids we were very switched on, but felt like we lost some of it as we grew up. It’s still there, and it can wake up again and as adults, we can more easily learn how to manage those gifts as we are so much more supported now than we were as kids.  Sometimes it takes a nudge, a course, a bit of energy work, or simply just practicing it again, as these gifts can often be like muscles.  The more we use them the stronger they get.  
There are the gifts that we’ve had in lifetimes past, but haven’t yet shown their faces in this lifetime. They gradually start to open and we can start working with them and discovering them. This is common for people on the Spiritual path, as they work on developing their abilities, new abilities appear and come to light, and it feels like your toolbox is ever growing.
Then there are those gifts that get activated, or are waiting for ‘Divine Timing’ to switch on, and it’s like a light switch. They’ve gone from no trace of their existence to fully on seemingly over night, and it can feel a bit intense.

Whilst the first 3 are quite common, I am really seeing the 4th happening more and more. I’m watching people go from nothing to amazing at something in particular seemingly overnight. Our world is changing, and more and more is getting activated in people in ways never before possible. I see this in my clients, I see this in Facebook groups, and I see this in friends I’ve known for years who suddenly with a flick of a switch, are something they weren’t yesterday.

I do believe this is going to start happening as more and more people are not only waking up but waking up fast. I’ve seen people with Spiritual Awakenings as recent as a few years ago develop incredible Spiritual abilities in such a short time. Those of us who awakened years before, it actually took us longer in some ways ‘back then’, not just because there was less resources and support networks, but because the energy of the planet wasn’t where it is today.

It’s all a journey, and we are all Divinely where we need to be, and even if it feels like things are going slow, trust me when I say, there is so much more happening on the bigger picture. We have the choice to embrace our Gifts, our Purpose, our Path, and when we make that choice, the Universe starts to conspire to make it happen, to open those doors, and give us opportunities if we so choose. It doesn’t always happen the way we want it, or in the timing we’d like it to, but it’s still happening. The Universe, our guides, our higher self ultimately knows what’s best for us, and makes it so when we are ready, aligned, based on the needs of ourselves and those around us, in accordance to our gifts, our greater purpose, and what we have to offer, it just naturally happens. 

So tell me. How has the discovery and opening of your gifts been for you?

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