The New Kids

Some of you may have heard about the Indigo Kids, the Crystal kids etc, and I’m sure some of you can relate to these terms.  The Indigo kids started coming to the planet in the late 70s up to the early 90s, (and a few even earlier than that) when the New Kids started coming in.

In August of 1987 there was something that happened called the Harmonic Convergence.  It was a time when the planet’s all aligned in a special way. There was a world wide meditation that happened, the first of it’s kind, and it’s believed that a shift occurred on the planet at that time which raised the vibration of the planet, and opened the door for more and more New Kids to start being born onto the planet.  Some of you may know the New Kids as being the Crystal and Rainbow children, but they are so much more than that.

Personally having read the definition of Rainbow and Crystal kids, and then having tuned into many kids energies, I feel that by saying there are only 3 types of new kids is in reality too limiting.  When I tune into the kids, I believe there are many types of new kids. A channelor named Qala Sri’ama Pheonix shared back in 2004 that there are around 200 different types of New Kids, including Rainbow, and 8 different types of Crystal kids, amongst many others. If all our kids were Rainbow and Crystal according to the textbook definition, they’d have a lot more in common than they do, but the truth is, these New Kids Gifts are so wide ranging, unique and special, and their gifts are so much more than what we would typically define as Psychic or Academic gifts and thus, their gifts are so often overlooked or misunderstood.  As a result, whilst I believe many of these kids are Crystal & Rainbow kids, I believe so many of them are not specifically, yet are equally as gifted and therefore I like to use the term New Kids to describe them all.  

I’d like to share a few general examples of gifts I’ve seen in kids to varying degrees that often get’s overlooked:

  1. Psychic, Intuitive, and Healing Gifts (both healing themselves and others), and the ability to go within to get all their answers.
  2. Gifts with Oneness – the ability to see beyond skin colour, race, gender, and have gifts of being able to be unifiers and are able to create unity amongst people and animals.  They have gifts of working with emotions, and can work with emotions to unify people through emotion. They hold gifts of synergy, manifestation, and powerful positive creation of their realities. They are great creators and co-creators and work well with groups
  3. Telepathic Gifts, and the ability to connect to humanity on a soul level, and thus be able to read beyond outward appearances and know what needs to be done.
  4. Gifts of helping the planet through a deep connection to the planet, and it’s inhabitants
  5. Highly Creative Gifts, both individually, and within a group setting.
  6. Gifts of profound Wisdom, Grace, Unconditional Love, and ability to recognize deep truths.

I believe all the kids being born these days are New Kids.  Some may seem like your average kid, but in reality, they all carry energies that make them special, and unlike the previous generations that came before, some of these kids are showing up quite switched on, intuitive, but their gifts can be shut down if not supported and understood. We can understand that, how many of us can remember being super switched on as a kid? The difference between now and say, 30 years ago is that many of these New Kids aren’t shutting down, and some are coming in with gifts never before seen in families, gifts that are quite extraordinary and as a result are being born with extra sensitive energy fields.  Allergies and intolerances are in the rise, along with other sensitivities that weren’t an issue for most kids 30 years ago.  Another difference I am seeing between the New Kids and those of us who are older, is that more and more of these New Kids coming to the planet are brand new to Earth.   I’m finding so many, especially the kids under 8 years old have had less than 5 lifetimes here on Earth, and many are here for the first time! Yet i’ve found that those of us of previous generations have been here plenty of times before.  Alternatively, some of the kids coming to the planet these days that may seem like ‘average kids’ may just need opportunities for their gifts to come out and shine, develop, grow, and to simply have their gifts recognized, but their energy will be having an impact on their families, teachers, and friends regardless.  So many of these kids need time to be kids, to adjust to being human, and need to learn about this place before they can open up and truly change things.   

 There is one trend I’m noticing with these New Kids, and I’m hearing it from so many of the mum’s I work with.  These new kids are bringing about a Spiritual Awakening in their Mum’s when they are born, and/or opening their Mum’s up to a whole new level of Spiritual Awareness.  As a result, mum’s are becoming one of the biggest and fastest growing demographic in the Spiritual world. These New Kids are literally waking us up and are going to continue to do so in greater and greater numbers.  I had my Spiritual awakening when I was 22, and with the birth of my own child, my gifts of seeing other people’s Gift’s & Purpose began to open up for me and I’ve been walking this path ever since.

I believe these New Kids are here to change the world, make it a better place, and with each generation, the gifts are going to get stronger, more potent and profound.  I believe too that these New Kids are helping us to clear out patterns from our ancestral line, and changing the way we live our lives and parent, in preparation for even more powerfully gifted New Kids to come. I believe that if you have a New Kid (or kids), and your New Kid woke you up, or expanded your awareness and gifts to varying degrees, and you are on a path to healing so much in your life, chances are, if you have grandkids, and great grandkids they will be coming in with even more amazing gifts like nothing we’ve ever seen – and all because of the work that you and your New Kids have done.  

If you are interested to learn more about the New Kids, I am planning to write 2 more Blogs on the subject in the coming weeks.  I’ll be talking about their purpose, and how we can better help them as parents and educators. 

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