So often on this path, we find ourselves learning from each other, taking each other’s advice, and trying to do what others do. Whilst this is by no means a bad thing, it can create a situation whereby we feel ‘not good enough’ because Person A does something well and no matter how much you try to do what they do, or do it the way they do it, you simply can’t.

I don’t know how many times in the past I felt not good enough because some intuitive friends were amazing at something I simply couldn’t do no matter how much I tried, and I let my focus on what I couldn’t do define me.

A question I am often asked is “What are my gifts?” Because so often we can’t see or don’t yet know what’s special about us, because our journey through the maze of self-discovery occassional leads us to some dead ends. The truth is, we are all gifted and talented, and once we discover how we tick, how we are built, and how we work, all those fine intricacies, things start flowing better for us and our Spiritual gifts start showing up more strongly for us because we better know how we work, and we can thus in turn be better guided to opportunities where our not-so-Spiritual gifts can come out and shine. We don’t have to question or doubt ourselves so much.

One thing I’ve found that every person I connect to has in common – is that NO ONE connects to Spirit and our Guidance in the exact same way. We are all unique, on the outside, and on the inside.

Person A connects to Guides via their Right hand side.
Person B gets messages from Guides via their heart in a very specific way.
Person C hear’s Guides as if they’ve stepped into the room, and then get nothing when they seemingly transport out of the building.
Person D is so incredibly wise and connected to this Universe they don’t need a conscious relashionship with guides at all to be strongly guided.
Person E is Incredibly Clairaudient, but needs confirmation from their Claircognizance in order to know what words are from Spirt, and what words are their thoughts.
Person F is highly Clairsentient and feels so much from their environement that they have to sit with how those external energies they are feeling make them feel on the inside in order to discern what is truth and guidance.

These are more generalized examples. Using myself as an example. Up until 2 years ago, I actually connected to my guides and channeled them from a point 1.5 meters above my head to the left. Despite the fact that my Clairvoyance was working on overdrive, I was still a good channelor. Yup, and no matter what people told me “Connect via your heart” or “Guidance should be from the inside” or “Can’t you call them closer?” I simply couldn’t, which led to frowns and occassional judgement. Until a woman I’d never met in real life tuned into me and without knowing how I connect, confirmed all that for me and for the first time I felt vaildated.

I think it’s pretty obvious the point to this post is this: we all connect differently. We all have our own system that works best for us. Just because you haven’t found yours, or it’s not yet working for you at the capacity you’d like it to doesn’t mean you are broken, or mediocre. It just means there is an opportunity to dive in and learn more about how you are built, how you connect to guidance, and what more you can do to develop and improve that connection.

My prescription to discover this – is to practice, play, try different things, experiment, and practice some more. And trust that if something is working for you, no matter how weird, wonky or seemingly cumbersome it may come across to others, roll with it, because it’s what makes you uniquely you, but of course, it’s still good to be open to exploring and finding an even smoother and easier way for you. I myself no longer connect to guidance 1.5 meters above my head and to the left, I’ve managed to do some healing work on that connection and now meet it somewhere between my heart and solar plexus where it’s much stronger and clearer than before with much more involvement from my other clairs. It works for me and I trust it.

It’s a journey, and know that it too is going to change, and that’s a good thing.

So tell me – how do you connect to your Guidance?  Have you found the pathways it takes or are you still on the journey of discovery?

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