I came across a woman recently who had a bit of an inner struggle because intuition and higher guidance was leading her down a different path from what her teacher had taught her. It happens to the best of us. Feeling as though we are newer and less confident at something, we look up to those who are further along the path to guide us, and show us the best way forwards. We follow the steps in the modalities and teachings we are learning because we’ve been told and even shown that it works, because how many of our teachers/mentors/guides walk their talk and receive clear guidance? Well, many of them do!

So if it works for them, it should work for us right? After all we were guided to that teacher, or that class for a reason!

Whist teachers/mentors/guides want to help us reach for the stars and become confident in what they are teaching, becoming confident doesn’t mean we are meant to become a complete carbon copy of our teacher/mentor/guide and all of what they do.

We know this. We know this. We know this!

Yet so often we get caught up in the “but my teacher said…” as a justification, or, a self-sabotaging dig for all the times we struggle, we bang our heads against the wall trying to do things ‘right’, or move forwards in positive ways, only to find ourselves not feeling in the most ideal place and unable to truly understand why things aren’t quite flowing despite following all the steps as taught.

Because we believe/trust others know what’s better for us than we do.
Because we don’t always realize we aren’t being taught by others in the way we learn best.
Because we aren’t hearing or trusting our inner guidance.
Because we doubt our inner guidance could possibly be right in some situations.
Because it’s easier to look around at what others are saying and doing than to look within.

I know, I’ve struggled with this too at times. It’s a pretty common human thing.
*Insert a dose of self forgiveness here for all the times we’ve done this and struggled*

But to get to the point of my post. I truly believe that we all have our own unique gifts, our own unique ways of learning, and working with Spirit, our intuition, and humanity in general. I’d also like to mention that Spirit knows how we learn best too, and works with us in ways that works for us.

There is no one modality fits all, and even though many of us may resonate with a particular modality, and use that modality in our everyday practices, this doesn’t mean we are only meant to live and breathe that modality in it’s textbook form. There is so much we can bring in of our own unique self to take working with that modality from text book, to sooo much more.

My belief is that we are all Gifted Beings, and the more we tap into our Unique combination of gifts and let those gifts flow and shine, the more aligned to our path and purpose we will FEEL. I’m all about uncovering you – the you with all your unique facets and all the many ways you work with energy, Spirit, intuition, guidance, humanity, plants, animals, and the planet and Universe as a whole. The you that goes beyond any Modality, or any limiting Human created belief systems. The you that you ultimately are, and meant to be.

Because we are so much more than empath/psychic/medium/healer/coach/mentor/teacher/speaker/ *Insert more labels here*

Underneath all the Human stuff that we are carrying, we are beautiful and amazing multi-faceted souls.

So why limit ourselves to fit within the confines of the beliefs of others? The beliefs we were born into that were passed down through our genes, or took on to fit in, belong, or feel safe. Stepping out is a journey, one so many of us on this planet are walking. Let’s not beat ourselves up for it. Let’s hold love and compassion for ourselves and others, and gratitude for how far we’ve come, individually, and as a collective. Appreciate all those times we listened to our gut, and moved ourselves forwards despite what others were saying or doing. This in itself can take us further. It’s only our fears that can hold us back if we let them. Ultimately, it’s our Intuition that will guide us where we need to go and be. It’s our intuition that will tell us what resonates and what doesn’t, it’s our intuition that’s going to help us step into more of who we truly are, and I love that so much. 

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