What kind of healer/energetic support person are you? 

Many of my clients are on the path to becoming a healer, or do various types of energetic support work and have already taken steps towards this path and are in the process of discovering how they impact, how they wish to work with people, where their gifts truly lie, and what kind of support person they want to be.  If you are on the path to becoming a healer or do energetic support work yourself, this post is for you.

As someone who has received a lot of healing and energetic support over the years, I’ve worked with a number of different practitioners (because let’s face it, energetic support workers need energetic support workers, and stuff will come up as we step up and grow, and we don’t have to do it all alone). Through my experiences, I feel like I can categorize those who do energetic support work into three different categories in terms of how they get to the core root of something, and shift it so that you can better move forwards on your path, and I’ve met both male and female practioners who fit into all 3 categories.  Obviously there are practitioners who sit in between my 3 categories, or can be and execute all 3 to different extents depending on the person and what they are guided to do in each session. So to simply things, I created 3 general categories:

Category 1) Goes digging through your energy to find your deeper wounds, your triggers, and brings them up.  There are usually tears, and plenty of big emotions. Its often a shock to the system as it came so unexpectedly, (especially if you have a more refined sensitive nervous system).   Whilst some of these people do have the capacity to powerfully work to shift this stuff in you, you spend alot time in those triggers re-traumatized having them come up fully.  You walk away feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus and need some time to recover.  In some extremes these healers set this stuff off in you like fireworks and then encourage you to use your own tools to heal them.  In my experience, I can’t heal very well when I’m that triggered and usually need support, although I’ve had times when I’ve needed to work on shifting it myself anyway.  Partly because what got triggered either wasn’t fully ready to go yet, or, because the wound was so deep it was hard for me to face alone.  

Category 2) Waits for you to have your own triggers come up already and for you to feel ready (on some level), for them to release, helps you to feel safe and secure, and then proceeds to dive in deeper and brings up more stuff to get to the core and more, this can bring up big emotions and cause you to re-live more trauma and then they shift it out just as quickly as they brought it up.  You walk away feeling tired, but in a better place than before.  

Category 3) Waits for you to have your own triggers come up already, and for you to feel ready (on some level), for them to release. They wrap you up in so much love, helping you to feel really safe and secure while they support the release of whatever was causing the triggers without diving into the story too deep and re-activating them again.  These people are like a comfort food,  a hot cup of tea on a winter’s day.  They have a way of making you feel better by quickly and quietly finding the core and really loving all the parts of you helping them to feel so safe and secure while you gently shift, making everything feel right again in the world.  You walk away either tired and needing a good nights sleep, or with a smile on your face because you feel so much better.  

We all are going to have our own preference and intuitive draw to certain practitioners at different times.  And for those of you who are here to become healers and energetic support people yourselves, it’s important to note which category you are most drawn to, which one has the biggest impact on your healing journey, and which one is your preference.  I encourage you to question yourself as to why, because chances are, the one you are most drawn to is the one you are needing to become more like, for a period of time or longer because that’s where you need to be to grow your gifts, to develop your work, your intuition, and to make the biggest impact.  

For myself, I have had my own experiences with this that have shaped my personal preferences. I’m the type of person whose lived a life of ‘experience what doesn’t work in order to know what does.’ I’m an experimenter, and I’ve dove into exploring all 3 categories of healing. I used to work in a healing centre, and worked with alot of the healers who came to work in the centre.  They all had different modalities and ways of working and each fit into those different categories, or somewhere in between. The truth is, it was perfect for me at the time, and I’ve had powerful shifts from all 3 types and learned and opened so much through the experiences.

Through it all I found myself more and more drawn to Category 3 because as my healing gifts have developed, I’ve noticed that I wasn’t just drawn to category 3 because it helped me feel better, but because there was a synergy there.  A connection, a resonance, because what I was needing from others was what I was needing more in myself. They brought out the medicine I needed in me until I could bring it out of myself.  They shone a mirror and showed me what was already there. Working with those kinds of practitioners brought out those gifts in me and inspired me to develop them. They were my role models, and outside examples of aspects of my potential, and what I too could step into and they in turn helped to bring those parts of me more. 

And so if you work with me, you are going to get a big dose of Category 3.  You might get a bit of Category 2, but I’m not here to trigger you or take you back deep into your history or your stories, I’m not here to dig up your stuff kicking and screaming.  I’m here to help you and your stuff feel safe and supported enough to shift as fast as you are ready.  I’m here to be a mirror to show you how gifted you are, and how amazing your potential is.  If you are drawn to work with me, chances are, you are more of a Category 2 or 3 energetic support person yourself.  🙂  

So tell me, which category is your preference to receive energetic support from, and which is your preference to become as you develop your own healing and why? Which one have you had the biggest shifts with?  

Please, no judgement here, there are gifts and positives to be found in all 3. 🙂 

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