“I can’t seem to tune in properly, can you help me?”

How many times do we find ourselves saying that? We try to connect in to get guidance for ourselves, and nothing comes so we give up, get frustrated and straight away ask for help. Now I see nothing wrong with asking for help, because it’s so much easier to get guidance for others than ourselves, yet at the same time, I don’t know how many times THE BEST guidance I’ve ever received for myself, came through me for me, rather than from others. Because at the end of the day, we know ourselves best, despite our blind spots, so for this reason, I do encourage a bit of persistence when tuning in to get your own guidance. 

So if you are one of those people that try once or twice, and then give up and ask for help, I really encourage you to keep trying. I don’t know how many times when I’m tuning in and not getting clarity, it’s because I need to swap things up a bit, do something different first, and then the guidance can flow better.

So below I’ve brain stormed a list of ideas you can try when you can’t get any guidance for yourself, to see if it helps to open the door to get the info you need for yourself, because you can’t always book in straight away with your favourite professonal intuitive, and us professionals are better with the the big stuff than the small day to day stuff. 

There are plenty of TOOLS we can use:
Meditate for awhile, then ask your teams for guidance.
Do a short reading for someone else, and then ask your teams for guidance for yourself once you as you’ll be more opened and tuned in.
Hold some crystals like a clear quartz, or a grounding crystal like an obsidian, or a heart opening stone like a Rose Quartz. There are plenty of stones that help with clairvoyance and increasing psychic abilities so experiment.
Connect your energies into the Earth and then into the sun, and then expand your energies out into the room.
Visualizing all your chakras opening aligning and spinning in the same flow
Ask your guides to come around you, lift your vibration, surround you and blend deeply with you. Take some time to really allow them to blend deeper.
If you have pets, or if there are any animals near you, connect into them first, they can often act as a bridge to the spirit world.
Do a guided meditation first. There are plenty on Youtube
Try doing some breathing exercises that will help you connect to your higher self. – you can find plenty of posts and video’s if you Google this.
Meditate gently with some Mudra’s – I found this blog of 5 Mudra’s you can use to connect to your higherself – https://fractalenlightenment.com/42660/spirituality/five-mudras-connect-higher-self
Do some EFT tapping to clear out any resistance, fear, or blocks stopping you from connecting in.
Send yourself some Reiki or other energy healing with the intention to release what’s blocking a clear connection, and intending to lift your vibration and connect in to your Spirit team.
Use some energy tools – there are plenty out there to practice and play with – from pyramids, to codes, to energizing disks, drums, singing bowls etc.
Light some sage or Palo Santo wood to clear yourself and your space to help you feel more fresh and uplifted
Diffuse some essential oils or put some on you. Citrus oils are uplifting and really raise your spirits which always helps when connecting in with spirit, and oils like Sandalwood, Frankincense and Rose really help to open your heart and Spiritual Centres.
Use a room/aura spray with flower essences or oils to lift your energy and raise your vibration.
Sometimes we need to MOVE, or simply go somewhere else:
Go for a walk outside, preferably in nature and ask while you are there.
Have a shower and ask in the shower
Go for a swim in the Ocean – the salt water will cleanse your energy
Eat. Spirit can’t always connect on an empty tummy.
Drinking a big glass of water – I don’t know how many times I get guidance to drink alot before I go to channel. Hydration is a necessary requirement for Spirit connection.
Try sitting outside in nature, either directly on the ground, or with your bare feet on the ground
Try at an energy hotspot, like at the top of a mountain or deep in a forest or at a beach.
Dancing and Yoga is really good for letting go of any tight energy in your body, loosen up, and connect in deeper. It also helps get you out of your head and into your body which is really helpful when connecting to Spirit.
Go get a massage, or some other body work that isn’t going to make you want to sleep the afternoon away. Again, it can help take you out of your head, centre you, and get you more into your body.
Do something that brings you joy – whatever that maybe. That always lifts our energy.
Sex. It really opens the energy centres, and your heart and gets your energy flowing.
✨Meet up with a like minded Intuitive friend and tune in together, the extra support always helps to bring clarity when you tune in together, and it’s much more empowering tuning in together than simply sitting back and getting your friend to do all the work. 
Lastly if none of this works, stop trying so hard! Sometimes you just need to walk away, take a break, and come back when you feel more aligned and inspired.
What’s your go to when you can’t connect? Is there anything on this list that works for you that isn’t listed? Feel free to comment below.

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