What’s the difference between a Psychic a Channelor, and a Voice Channelor?

I am often hearing the word psychic and channeling used interchangably. “I’m psychic, I just channeled this message.”

Whilst psychics can channel, and channelors can get intuitive messages via their clair’s whilst not in a trance like state. There are differences between the two, and I’m going to share my personal views on it.

Psychics come in all shapes and sizes. They get their intuitive messages via their clairs and proceed to intepret them for themselves and their clients. This information can come from tuning into guides, or the clients energy. Some psychics have their information come in little packages of information that comes through and their readings have more opportunity for dialogue, and others have a bit more flow with it. One thing I’ve found with psychics is that they tend to provide messages about everyday life, and many focus on where you are going, what’s coming, whilst providing some life guidance. I clearly remember a few psychic readings I had years ago where it was predicted that I’d be moving countries, and then I did, or a man was coming into my life, and that man was well described so clearly I couldn’t miss him when he showed up and it was really cool when he did. Love a good prediction that comes true!

Channeling is a bit different, it’s kind of like being Clairaudient, but it’s a bit different. When you are channeling, there isn’t alot of interpreting going on, you don’t hear a few words in your head and then share them outloud, it’s like you relax into this semi trance state where your energy blends with your guides and the words flow out without thought, and the words are coming directly from guides (or your higher self.) These words can be spoken outloud, or written (automatic writing). The information is less focused on future predictions, and more in the form of guidance for where you are now. When I channel, I feel really expanded, as if I’m suddenly wiser, and see the world from a different ‘bigger picture’ positive perspective. The information feels uplifting and flows without thought, it just comes out and I hear myself saying it. It’s often using words that might not be my first choice in a normal conversation.  Channeling healing or art is very similar, it involves a semi trance state where your hands just move where they need to go. There is no thought, no tuning in. It just flows out.

When I channel, I actually take it a few steps further, I don’t just blend with my team, I actually get out of the way and let them come in, take over my body and my voice and speak to you directly through me and my Voice.  This is called Voice Channeling, and it’s a kind of possession, except that I’m fully allowing my team to take over my body and am in control the whole time. Voice Channeling is less common than regular channeling. In my opinion it goes much deeper, and is far more powerful as so much more than words comes through.  It’s also more challenging to do as it requires a lot of surrender and allowing of my team to come in and take over.  For years when I Voiced Channeled my voice, and accent changed depending on who I was channeling as well.  Now that I channel a team that I’m highly aligned with, the accent shift is very subtle. Im often surprised by what gets said, and I find it’s also the first thing I forget as it’s like my brain has been taken over, and I’m sitting in a movie theatre with popcorn in hand watching it all play out with fascination and amazement. There is no fear when they speak.  They only speak lovingly, semi-formally, and use less slang.  There is no judgement in their words, only love. I found that when I’m in a trance state, something as simple as a person entering the room or a sudden small noise will make me jump and lose my trance.  Esther Hicks (who channels Abraham), Lee Carrol (who channels Kryon) and Darryl Anka (who channels Bashar) are all examples of famous Voice Channelors.

I’ve met psychics who can shift into semi or full trance states and channel, and channelors who can take a break from channeling and simply tune into their psychic senses to bring through wisdom, clarity and detailed information. So it’s possible to be and do both and both have their purpose and both are able to assist others, it comes down to what works best for you, and what clients/sitters are wanting and needing.

As a channelor myself, I love the idea of being a telephone, allowing Spirit and my teams to do the talking through me because they are so wise. I fully trust their guidance. I may not be able to predict a man coming into your life, or an upcoming unexpected country move, but I can give you some pretty detailed clarity and guidance to help you move forwards with your life in positive ways. 🙂

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