What’s the difference between Channeling & Channeled Healing?

If you are part of the Spiritual World, you’d have heard about Channeling by now.  It’s something a lot more people are doing and more and more people are learning how to channel, and getting themselves out of the way and letting Spirit do the talking through them.  It’s wonderful, and it makes me happy to see so many more people getting guidance for themselves and others.

So what is channeling?

I don’t really need to define channeling, as it’s something so many understand, and I share more about it in other blogs and videos, but in case you aren’t clear on what channeling is, it’s the ability to move into a slight or full trance like state, and allow Spirit to speak/move through you.  You know those times you get into a zone and lose track of time and become almost hyper focused on whatever you are working on and it flows, that is a channeled state, and it’s not just words that flows from this state, art, movement, and other things comes from it too.  However channeling using words is what is most talked about in the Spiritual world, for we have some famous channelers that have really helped shape our understanding of Spirituality, and have brought through concepts, and information that has helped us to develop and grow. 

Channeling can be healing.  It can bring love, support, nurturing, reassurance, and clarity.  It can bring through shifts of consciousness and new awareness that can change our lives forever.  It can do so much good, but to me, there is a difference between Channeling, and Channeled Healing. 

Let me explain.  Channeling as in, channeling messages can really only go so far in terms of healing.  Yes, it can heal and change our lives, however so often words alone are not enough to heal things really deeply.  Yes loving words can bring understanding and shift us towards resolution of our deeper trauma’s and stories playing out in our lives, however when I need some deeper shifts, something that’s going to get to the core and clear it out ASAP, I don’t book in with a Voice Channeler, I book in with a healer, and my favourite healers are Healers who don’t follow a modality step by step, but instead get out of the way, and let Spirit bring the specific healing I require through them.  

So how does Channeled Healing work?

Channeled Healers are people who’ve learned to combine their energy healing (like Reiki but their own version using their own energy healing gifts), with channeling, thus they don’t know what’s going to happen, they don’t have a step by step guide to follow, they simply go into a trance like state, and let the energies and the words flow.  In my experience the practitioner isn’t working alone.  They aren’t just moving energy through their hands and words through their mouths.  Some channeled healers don’t move any energy through their hands at all.  Those who channel are connecting to their teams in spirit and when channeling words, are essentially passing messages through, but those who do healing incorporate the energy from the teams in spirit as well.  With the channeler as the middle person so to speak, the one who can open the pathways for energy to flow, the teams in spirit aren’t just able to speak, they are also able to do direct healing.  My mentors called in many supporters into each session, whoever they were guided to call in.  Sometimes it was angels, other times ascended masters, or othertimes it was simply just my higher self and personal guides.  By being a conduit, a middle person, a bridge between the teams in spirit who’ve assembled, the teams are able to send energy both through the channeler to the client, and be able to work directly on the client as well.   In the early part of my channeled healing journey, I moved most of the energy through my hands, however these days, I often get the energy moving to create the energetic space and the doors open between you and the spirit world, and then sit back and share all that’s taking place within that space between you and them, and honestly, there is a lot happening!

So what does it feel like?  Well, if you’ve ever had a Reiki session you feel warm energy flowing into and around different parts of your body which leaves you very calm and relaxed.  A Channeled healing session can feel this way, but often you experience energy focusing on different parts of your body at different times.  Some is subtle, some is more obvious and clear.  Sometimes there is an intense pressure while things are shifting only for it to settle down shortly after.  I also find that there are times my mind gets busy with the information coming through and it starts to interfere with the session, and so my Spirit teams “Put me to sleep” for a short time where I’m in a deep sleep like state and suddenly wake up with a jolt at a perfectly planned time.  The best way to receive a Channeled Healing session is to be somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, relax and just let the energy do it’s thing. I should also note that Channeled Healing works equally as well in person as it does over distance, particularly as your Spirit teams will be working on you directly wherever you are.

What can channeled healing help you with?

Channeled Healing sessions have been the most impactful on my Spiritual Journey as they have gone much deeper and cleared out so much more than any other modality I’ve come across, perhaps because the spirit world, my teams and higher consciousness is doing most of the work, not the practitioner themselves.  The healings I’ve received have been very specific to me.  Some have been very powerful and lifechanging, others very gentle and supportive, and it’s really been what i’ve needed at the time.   Always there are things channeled in the session from the teams that is so specific and personal to me, things the practitioner couldn’t have known or even guessed.    

I’ve worked with several Channeled Healers over the years, and each has their own focus, their own specialty.  Some are very much healing focused, and I have worked with channeled healers to support the healing of ancestral trauma, as well as to help me heal physical problems, particularly those physical issues that have developed as a result of emotional baggage, as opposed to a physical injury. They’ve really helped me with my emotional struggles as well.  More commonly I have worked with channeled healers to support my spiritual development and growth.  Channeled healers have helped me open and develop my specific and unique gifts, as well as help support me to heal whatever was preventing my gifts from opening further.  I may have mentioned in another blog that I was chronically ungrounded for years and working with a channeled healer who specializes in helping people with their Earth connection supported my journey towards becoming a lot more grounded and Earth connected which in turn allowed me to be able to become that much better of a channeler myself.  

The thing I love most about channeled healers is that they work on the Spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.  They work at such a deep level as they are able to do healing on other lifetimes, ancestry, and work multidimensionally.   The work is very deep, and in my experience, has a much bigger and deeper impact in my life than other modalities i’ve experienced which doesn’t go past my childhood or my immediate family.  I personally have cleared trauma that was carried down several generations in my mother line, as well as countless other fears and stories I was carrying from other lifetimes. As a result, the processing and integration period after a healing session takes longer as the energies are needing more time to gently process, and the changes weave themselves through so many areas of our lives in very gentle ways, not just the specific area we worked on.  For so much of what is clearing, is stuff we have carried for a long, long time. 

Developing your own Channeled Healing

For some who have been guided to walk this path with their spiritual work, channeling energy healing comes first, and the words come second, and for others it’s the other way around.  I developed my capacity to Voice Channel loving messages before I expanded into opening my channel to allow more healing energy to flow through it as well.  I am currently working with several clients who are developing their channeled healing.  Some started out as psychics, channelers and mediums, and progress into healing, others are healing practitioners in modalities such as Reiki, Pelowah, and Kinisiology, and are wanting to open up to getting more specific detail and information to incorporate into their healing work.      

The combination of channeling words and healing energies is a powerful combination, and I do believe it’s something we can all learn to do if we choose to go down that path and develop it.   That being said, I’d like to make a disclaimer and say that it’s not the correct path for everyone, and as much as I’m selling Channeled Healing in this blog, I’d like to also say that it’s not the perfect modality for everyone and everything.  Discernment is key, and checking in with your intuition is crucial. It’s something that has it’s place, space and time on our healing journeys, and whilst it works well as a stand alone, and in conjunction with other modalities you may be receiving from other practitioners, there are times you may need a different approach to your healing. I myself also book in with other practitioners who follow different modalities as channeled healing isn’t what I need all the time.  There are times I’ve had deep clearings from one single channeled healing session, and other times I’ve needed several sessions to really bring about the deep shifts I was seeking.  I never know how profound a session is going to be until after it’s processed and integrated, both in the sessions I give, and receive, as after all, I’m not the only one doing the work.  

In conclusion

Channeling healing plays a big part in my purpose work, and is one of the main instruments in my own personal and spiritual growth and development.  It’s something I’m continuing to develop, and support others to develop, and thus it plays a significant role in my life, and will in the lives of others too. 

If you’ve never experienced Channeled Healing and would like to give it a try to see if it’s something that would benefit you on your journey, I highly recommend booking in for my Empowering your Potential or Elevate sessions.  They are 100% channeled, no two sessions are ever the same, and are a combination of energy healing/opening things up, and messages, and you’ll get a lot of both in those sessions.  I think you’ll find they are so much better than receiving your standard Channeled Reading.

To learn more about my sessions and how they are different from other channeled healers, you can read more here: https://yolandatong.com/work-with-me/session-types/

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