What is the difference between Channeling, and Voice Channeling?

In my last blog I wrote about the difference between Psychics, Channelors & Voice Channelors.  In this blog, I’m going to go into a big more detail around the difference between Channelors & Voice Channelors, because there is a major difference.

Channeling was one of the very first gifts I discovered.  I was drawn to a book on Channeling, followed the steps and found it really easy to do.  I was highly Clairaudient so would switch back and forth between sharing a few words or a few sentences that I was hearing in my head, to moving into a slight trance as I blended deeper with my guides and let the words flow out more directly without interpretation. Around a year or so after I had learned channeling, I was sitting with some friends in a roof top restaurant in Hong Kong.  We were helping each other with our current life challenges, and I slipped from a channeled state, into a Voice Channeled state and surprised myself and my friends. I have been doing it ever since. As a result, I have experience with all 3 states, Clairaudience, Channeling, and Voice Channeling so I’m going to describe it from my experience and perception.

In my previous blog I explained that channeling is different from Clairaudience, because you aren’t repeating words you are hearing, but rather blending more deeply with your guides, getting out of the way, and letting the words flow out of you, channeling also is more focused on guidance rather than predictions. But I’d like to go a bit deeper into this explanation.  When you blend with your guides, it’s like giving them a hug. This is the best way I can describe it. And whilst you are hugging them and energies flow between you, the Spirit world uses that open connected flow to push words out of you. Which is why they tend to flow out without thought or resistance when you are in a semi or deeper trance state and blended.  

Voice Channeling takes that to a whole new level.  So if channeling is a hug, Voice Channeling is full on possession with permission.  Voice Channelors don’t blend their energies they fully allow the energy of spirit to enter and take over their body, and their voice, and the consciousness of the Voice Channelor moves out of the way. When i’ve allowed Spirit to move in fully, I can only describe it as feeling paralyzed as I feel very little in my body.  Whilst I have full control, as in, I can push the spirit out and re-gain control of my body at any time, I choose to let them take over for an agreed upon period. Ie, 90 minutes. So when they have taken over, my energy feels heavy, and for years, I was frozen, the only thing that moved was my breathe, my mouth and my voice.  

The other notable difference between channeling and Voice channeling, is that in a channeled hug, your guides push energy through the connection that flows out of you, but it is still your voice, it’s still your accent, however the words used are not necessarily the choice of words you would actually use if you were doing the talking.  With Voice Channeling, as the guide(s) have taken over the Channelor and their voice box, the voice changes, the accent changes, the vocabulary changes, the voice itself can change as it comes out more loud and booming and in my experience (unless you are channeling someone deeply soft and feminine), the words flow out much faster, and the personality of the guide itself comes through more. I’ve been Voice Channeling for 15 years, in the beginning I found it amazing how much my accent pitch and tone would change.  15 years later as my team and I have come together more, my accent changes less. If you listen to Lee Carrol, Esther Hicks, or Darryl Anka, the three most famous Voice Channelors of our time, you’ll notice their accent and voice changes are more slight, but the words still come flying out

We as humans have alot of inbuilt protection mechanisms to keep ourselves safe.  We also have a long history seeing possession, and being taken over by a spirit, willing or not as being a bad thing.  The Catholic church would perform exorcisms on those who were believed to be possessed. So moving from channeling to Voice Channeling is not an easy step for many, and not something people necessarily feel safe or want to do.  We also don’t have much proof of who we are letting in, all we have is a feeling, and our intuition to feel out that they are indeed high vibe and have the highest good of everyone at heart. This can be hard for some. Learning to trust our teams, and open to allowing them in to fully take over is not something that is easy.   It’s something that takes a lot of time, and a lot of practice. I’ve watched some interviews with other Voice Channelors, and they all say the same thing, it was a process to allow their Spirit team to embody them more deeply, there was a lot of clearing work that needed to be done to become clear channels whose messages are uplifting, energizing, raise other’s vibrations and really bring some powerful impactful guidance.  I myself can attest to this. I’ve had many healing sessions to clear blocks I’ve found in my own channel, to clear aspects of my own personality and belief systems that wanted to interfere (consciously and unconsciously, for various reasons) in order to deliver the best possible messages directly from Spirit.

Not all Psychics and Channelors are here to Voice Channel or even need to.  Everyone has their place in the puzzle of purposes that fill this planet. Some of the most valuable and impactful life changing messages can come through anyone who does readings regardless of how.  When choosing who to work with, it’s not about what they do, it’s about who can best bring through the messages you need to hear. 🙂

If you’d like to know more about me, and the Voice Channeling that I do, feel free to check out the rest of my website or find me on Facebook at Yolanda Channels. 🙂

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