When our Spiritual Gifts are Upleveling

So often when we are going through an upleveling process, it can feel like it is something that is taking a few weeks, but this is only because we are feeling the intensity of the shifts as the old comes to a close and the new blossoms into being. So often upleveling processes take us offline for a week and puts us into this void like space, and require us to shift, release what no longer serves, there is often a healing element to it. Either the upleveling is the result of a healing, or the upleveling process triggers and brings up stuff to be healed and released, so that we can shift fully into the new level.

Even though it feels like the upleveling process is a fairly quick process, the truth is, it’s usually a long process that has begun many months, sometimes even years before, for so much is usually happening below the surface, as things are prepared and you are guided to the right time, space and place for the upleveling to finally happen. It’s like a volcano, pressure is building below the surface for many months, sometimes years even before we start to see any smoke, or lava bubble up to the surface. It’s the same with our spiritual journeys, our gifts.

I’ve just come through a massive upleveling process that began 3 years ago when I made a decision that I no longer wanted to be a revolving door to the Spirit world, channeling whichever guide decided to come through for my clients. For many years it was fun, I met a lot of beings in the Spirit world, a whole United Nations of beings of different races, times and dimensions. But I reached that place where I no longer wanted to be an Ambassador, a meet and greeter, an introducer of people with their guides, I wanted my own team. I wanted to specialize, and focus more on channeling guidance for the public. I looked to other channelors such as Esther Hicks, Darryl Anka, and Lee Carrol, and I came to a place where I was ready. With that decision, it still took 3 years for my channel to be prepared to bring through one very large energy, one collective that was here to stay. In truth, it’s really only been in the first 6 weeks of 2020 that the upleveling process was really strong, very much in my face, needing to sit outside anchoring in new energies, and yet, the whole process of this upleveling began 3 years ago. Truthfully I was hoping it would have been a fast process, but looking back I can see many sign posts along the way, showing me the preparations and initiations I went through in order to prepare for this new level to finally come into being.

The more conscious and aware we are of the process that’s happening, why it’s happening, and the greater purpose of it all. The smoother it will go. It doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be dramatically life changing, it can be really wonderful. We just have to allow it to happen, and not fight the process. If you are having a particularly challenging upleveling, it’s because you aren’t fully aware of what’s happening, and on some level, you are resisting the process, simply because you don’t have the full awareness. In times like these when we don’t yet have all the clarity, the answers, the details, the why’s, the best thing we can do is surrender to the process, follow the subtle cues, don’t question them, just simply go along with the potential weird and whacky requests our higher guidance will have for us. We may need to eat something different, or do something different. In my latest upleveling process, I had to sit with my bottom on the bare grass for 30 minutes once a week, and then sleep when I really wanted to stay up and chat with friends. I was asked to be fully trusting as my weeks were extra quiet in order for me to have the space to energetically bring this all through. I also needed to book in with some trusted healers to help move some bigger energies/emotions/traumas that were previously not a priority to heal, suddenly came up and needed to clear for the process to continue. The result was the smoothest transition and upleveling I’ve ever had.

I’m on the other side of that process now, and I can feel life going back to normal as I enter the next part of the process: discovering what’s possible within the realms of this latest uplevel. This is like entering a new place we’ve never before discovered. We won’t know what’s there until we start exploring.

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