Where is Your Centre of Awareness?

Find out where your own Centre of Awareness is below…

If you’ve been doing Spiritual, Psychic or Healing work for ahwile, you would have heard by now the importance of Grounding.  Are you one of those people that struggles with grounding despite how much you try and send your roots into the ground, and hook into Mother Earth? This has been me since I was 13.  I’ve been on a quest to overcome one of my biggest struggles and get back into my body fully and permanently, and learn how to help others with this too, and I’ve finally found an important key thanks to my friend Lorenza who taught me this little gem.

Before I continue to tell you about it, I would love it if you did a little exercise, it will only take a brief moment.

Simply close your eyes and intend to connect to your intuition, your higher self, your guides.  Now I want you to scan your body and tell me where it is you connect to it all.  Is it in your body?  Where in your body is it?  Is it outside of your body?  Try to find it.  

If your connection place is in your gut, Congrats!  You are fully in your body, and grounding comes easier for you in general.  But for those whose Connection Point, also known as Centre of Awareness, is elsewhere, grounding is a bit more tricky for you, particularly if it’s outside of your body.  

It’s called a Gut Feeling, because most people’s Centre of Awareness or Connection Point is in their gut.  That’s it’s natural balanced place to be, that’s where it should be.  

For those of you whose connection point is not in the gut, I’ve found that it’s usually trauma that sends it elsewhere.  And our Centre of Awareness moves because the trauma makes us feel unsafe to be here in our bodies. Mine was 1-2 Metres above my head!  Yes, I was that out of my body and had been since I was 13.  I felt like my head was ALWAYS in the clouds. I could still connect to my intuition perfectly fine, I was just a space cadet and really struggled to focus.  Whilst some people got ‘gut feelings’ I’d get this sensation of taps on the top of my head when my intuition was talking to me.  People used to say I was connecting all wrong when I’d tell them I’d connect to my Higher Self above my head, but I couldn’t connect to them inside of me no matter how hard I tried.  This caused me to doubt myself for ahwile, but I realized in time that my connection was strong and clear, and that was enough for me, I was clearly just wired differently.  What language have you been using around your Intuition?  Do you say you have a gut feel? Or something else?

Interestingly getting back into my gut didn’t change my intuitive abilities one bit, I still felt just as psychic and connected before as I did after, what changed was my ability to feel grounded, focused and fully in my body. Now when I try to connect to my Higher Self 1-2m above my head, I can’t, it simply doesn’t work, I need to actually connect within.  

My friend Lorenza who is trained in a modality called Peak States taught me one way to get back into my gut was to trace back to the point when my Centre of Awareness left my gut, and tap on that trauma whilst she held the space for me and kept me focused.  I found the whole process a bit traumatic, understandably and despite having years of dealing with emotions and trauma, I just wanted to run out the door and far away from her.  But I managed to tap it all out and the trauma is completely gone.  

I hated the feeling of re-experiencing the trauma so I experimented and found that by calling in lots of love and support teams and using my own concoction of Universal energies, to clear away all the emotions and feelings behind the trauma until they have all released, the Centre of Awareness naturally moved back in.  I’ve also found it even less traumatic, if I use healing energies to clear it in someone else rather than have them clear it themselves and re-live those traumatic memories.  Whilst clearing things in ourselves, particularly using Lorenza’s method is very empowering, knowing you were able to help yourself, it’s not for everyone.    

This clearing is not always so easy to do, in fact, re-living old trauma can make things worse, so please, don’t do this by yourself if you don’t feel confident or strong enough to be able to deal with the emotions that may come up, please, book in to have a healing session with me, Lorenza in Italy (contact me for her details), or see a practitioner you trust who can assist.   Know that despite where your Centre of Awareness is, you are still safe and protected by Spirit, and call upon your Divine Support Teams for extra assistance if you feel you need it.  

If this is something you want assistance with, please, do not hesitate to book in for a healing session.  

So where are you in your body?  Are you in your gut or elsewhere?  Feel free to leave me a comment.  🙂

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