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I had a quiet week last week, Clairaudiently speaking.  I’d try and connect in with my guides, my teams for guidance, clarity, direction, and all I got was silence, or a few brief words advising me to meditate, or to rest with no indication for how long or why.  I wanted so badly to work, to channel, to bring through some new things, but they had other plans in mind. They were fully present when I needed to channel and connect in for others, but for myself, it was mostly silence.  

It’s not the first time this has happened and it probably won’t be the last.  There are times my guides are talking to me alot, and other times it’s like they’ve packed their bags and gone on a short vacation. Of course I know that they haven’t.  I used to question why this happened, for I’ve seen it happen with myself and others enough times to know it’s a thing that  does occur from time to time. I’ve learned over the years not to panic, or sink too deeply into the fear that I’m broken or worries that they might not come back, or even to book in for a session with someone to get them back online.  Although there have been times stuff has come up for me that has caused me to struggle to hear my Guides, and I’ve needed support to clear it, which inadvertantly brings them back online once all is cleared and balanced.

This past week however has not been one of those times.  Stuff hasn’t been coming up, it’s just been quiet. Each day I show up to work, to connect, I wake up fully prepared to be of service, and nothing happens,  so I’ve taken the opportunity to rest as guided, even though it’s not necessarily what I’ve wanted to do.  It’s challenging to surrender, let go, and trust that we aren’t missing out somehow, at least it is for me at times. I know they’ll have me be busy again when the timing is right, and ultimately there is no rush. A channelor friend once said to me that if I’m resting alot in my human form, it’s because there is alot going on with me in my Spirit form. I do believe this is true. 

I was chatting with a fellow Clairaudient friend last night who is going through a similar bout of Spirit Guide silence, and it inspired me to channel on the subject.  Since my guides don’t seem to have anything to say to me about it personally at the moment, I thought I’d see if they had anything to say to you, and they did! Enjoy. 🙂 

Channeled through from the Ascended Master Lord Maitreya, one of the Masters I am currently working closely with on September 2nd 2019.

Have you ever wondered what is happening when situations arrise to cause you to feel disconnected, detached, or more distant from the Spirit world? You know those times when you are receiving an outpouring of clarity and messages from your teams and then suddenly for some reason all goes quiet?

We’d like to share more on this topic, from a different perspective.  

As your Guides and support teams in the Spirit world, you are our responsibility, not in a dependency or disempowering kind of way, more in that we’ve made a commitment to you, an agreement with you to work with you, support you, and help take care of you.  Earth is the kind of place that can feel like living on Venus, but instead of gas clouds making it harder to permeate and reach the surface, we have collective clouds of beliefs, and denser energies that make up the 3D which makes it harder to be and stay in clear connection to us all the time.  

There are times rain clouds form, and block the sun, all goes dark in your world, and yet, when the rain clouds have finished dropping their rain, and the wind has blown those clouds elsewhere, the sun shines again.

We are your sun, we will always be your sun.  And yet like a dark cloudy stormy day, all is not entirely black, there is still some light permeating the clouds, it’s just not coming through fully, but it’s still there.  We are your sun, we will always shine our light.  

As humans, one of the things you are learning is to let go of your attachments to things, things like outdated belief systems, internal karmic struggles, and ancestral lineage patterns that you’ve inherited in order to break down and change, and adopt new ways of being. Human’s are an evolving species, but as part of that evolution, dark days matter.  Those days where it’s dark and stormy, and you just want toride the storm indoors where it’s warm and safe. They matter because just like the Earth needs rain to grow, and replenish, so too do you need the storms to help blow out the old, and the time to yourself in order for you to blossom, grow and thrive. 

Sometimes we take a step back to give you some space, because you need the quiet, not just from the world, but from us, so that you can connect back to yourself and hear your own truth.  Other times you throw walls up, via a trigger and a rising up of emotions as a result which keeps us seemingly at a distance as you work through your grief, fear, and other emotions that arise as part of your growth and learning journey.  Other times we need space to re-calibrate, re-align, re-organize, and re-centre with you and your path for the next part of your journey, and we pull back a bit while this re-structure occurs on all levels. We only do this because you need this too, we just often sense this before you do consciously.  

Many of you undervalue the purpose of rest, quiet, and alone time.  So many of you want more than you have, and then struggle to value it fully when you get it.  Many of you fill your time with meaningless time wasting brain and body busying things. You procrastinate giving yourself quiet time, and yet, for some, this is the rest you need.  You are all different. But we stress the importance of quiet rest time whatever that looks like for you. Some of you need more than others, and the less you allow yourself, the more time you’ll need in order to fill your cup, or, the faster you’ll need another rest once you are up and running again.  Surrender into rest is not something that comes easy for many of you on this planet of constant doing. Social media, artificial lights and the current collective values and belief systems keep many of you busier than what is healthy for you.  We also understand and recognize that for some of you these systems are the very systems in which you are currently thriving in as part of your purpose and we wish not to take this away from you, but rather to support you through it.  

The most important message that we have in this transmission to share is that we are that sun in the sky, we are always, always here, even on the darkest days. We are like the stars in the night, always there in the darkest of nights. Our presence cannot be erased, deleted or forever pushed away.  Some of you may believe that we are challenging you, testing you, or abandoning you when our presence feels more distant during a particularly turbulent time. This is not true, we never have nor ever will abandon you, nor do we test you like your human school’s do. We support you through all your challenges however there are times your soul needs us there holding your hand, and there are times your soul needs some space to do things your own way in your own time.  

Thus there are times it is challenging for us to reach you in the ways you are used to, perhaps because of the emotions you are feeling, or because energetically you have been needing some space, however during these times we are working around you.  Supporting you, doing behind the scenes work that may not be obvious to you as a human, but fully understood on a soul level.  

For you see at night, when you are asleep, your soul is free to roam, to connect, and have conversations with us, and this does not stop regardless as to whether or not you are experiencing a sunny day or a stormy day, metaphorically speaking.  So often we guide you when you are asleep, whispering in your dreams, or simply communing with your soul on a higher level, in a way that is telepathic in nature, rather than physical conversations, which is why you don’t remember meeting and conversing with us while you sleep because usually you don’t, because you don’t need to.  

So if you are feeling disconnected from us, as if we’ve gone silent, the best thing you can do is rest.  Stop trying so hard to reach us, and instead, read a book, meditate, go for a walk in nature, retreat from the world in your own way and give yourself space to recharge your batteries.  Once they’ve fully recharged, you’ll be back to hearing us.  

We understand that sometimes things go silent during seemingly critical and turbulent times, we recommend setting intentions to receive clarity while you are sleep, from us to your soul, and trust that although it won’t seem obvious, you’ll know what to do, where to go, and you will make the best decision for you.  Trust in your capacity to do so, and know that often the best decisions you make are the ones that YOU make, as opposed to the ones we advise you to make. The ones that you make, during times of distance and silence from your teams are opportunities for you to connect to your soul and make the best decision for you from a soul level.  These decisions are important because so often what happens is that as you develop your relationship with us, and open your gifts to be able to better communicate with us, there are times you come to rely on us too much for answers, and you forget your own beautiful presence and capacity to make the best decisions for you without any ‘outside’ influence. Whilst we have your highest and best interests at heart and guide you lovingly always in the direction you as a soul need to go, there are times when YOU as a soul need to make a decision based on YOUR connection to all that is, your own awareness.  And yet each time you do this, you are growing as a person, growing your own self mastery, by developing your own connection to the Universe. Outside help will always be there to guide you, but you as a soul, despite being a part of our team, and we apart of yours, at times, need to make individual decisions, and we love and respect that so much. There are times also when this is ordained, as in we have no authority, and capacity to speak up and out, Universal Laws dictate that for some decisions that are made, the decision must come from and be made from you alone.  Whilst your 3D world is full of influencers, each which serves their own purpose, know that we do not play the same role. We are here to support your growth, your purpose, and who you have chosen to ultimately become, we cannot influence you to go in a particular direction that we personally see fit, we can only love and support you to make the best decisions for you. Yes, we are here to bring through guidance if you seek it, we see the world differently than you, and we can share our views, our beliefs, our wisdom, our ideas, but unless it’s fully in alignment with your soul and it’s higher purpose, it’s not going to resonate.  Whilst we know you very well, sometimes better than you know yourself, we are not you, and yet we are still one team. 

So trust in your capacity to make the best most finest decisions for yourself.  We are always here guiding you, every step of the way, but know that it is ultimately you who needs to take the steps, and not just any steps, steps that are fully aligned with your soul.  

We love you and we send you many many blessings, and all of our love.

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