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We all have gifts.  Some that we know about, some that have already been switched on and are working away in the background without our awareness.  and some waiting for us to become ready and aware so that they can start to come through.  Developing and growing our gifts often comes hand in hand with a shift in consciousness, as if the more our gifts expand, the more we become aware of what’s possible.

I work with all gifts, to activate them, develop them, enhance them, grow them, and expand them.  If you are ready to open up to so much more, you are in the right place.  I have 3 unique different types of sessions to support you and your gifts.

Whether it’s a healing session, an activation,  or a combination of them both that you are wanting along with some bigger picture clarity around your path and your potential, you’ll always get what’s perfect for you, for your team in Spirit will always bring through exactly what you need in every session.  

Channeled Healing Sessions

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Meditations & Workshops

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