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We all have skills & gifts.  Some that we know about, some that have already been switched on and are working away in the background without our awareness, and some waiting for us to become ready and aware so that they can start to come through.  Developing and growing our gifts often comes hand in hand with a shift in consciousness, as if the more our gifts expand, the more we become aware of what’s possible.

I work with all gifts, to activate them, develop them, enhance them, grow them, and expand them. My specialization in particular is with people who do energy healing, and channeling. If you are ready to open up to so much more, you are in the right place.  I have 4 unique different types of sessions to support you and your gifts.

I was a channeler long before I moved into doing energy work, as a result, you’ll receive guidance, insight, and bigger picture clarity in every session around your path and your potential. Whether it’s a reading, a session with an energy focus, you’ll always get what’s perfect for you, for your team in Spirit will always bring through exactly what you need in every session.

I’ve created a short video where I talk about the different sessions that I offer.  See 1:1 sessions to read more.

Some of the things I can help you with in my sessions:


  • Clarity around your Gifts, Your Purpose, and Your Life Direction.
  • A greater clarity around your sense of self, of the patterns playing out, and awareness of what’s working in your life and what’s not
  • Better understanding of your relationships with others, such as with family members or close co-workers or friends.
  • Practical, simple, and easy solutions to help you work through and overcome some of your challenges.
  • Information on what you can expect depending on which choice you decide to make (It’s your job to make the choice, I just help give more insight around it.)
  • New ideas and inspiration within your business and business direction.
  • Information around your Spirit Guides/Teams/Higher Consciousness and how they support you
  • Clarity and Guidance around pretty much any question or topic you may need to discuss, however medical, legal and investment matters are not my strength.
small faceted amethysts

Energy Healing Sessions:

  • Support to help you open and develop your own unique gifts, so that you can better work with them in your own way.
  • Clearing out whatever may be stopping you from developing and stepping into more of your potential, whether that be childhood, ancestral, or other lifetime patterns playing out, or simply beliefs you’ve taken on from someone/somewhere else. I can help clear out a lot of limiting beliefs quickly in a session.
  • Support you to open to your own energy healing work, and develop your own style of healing which includes your gifts and what you do best.
  • Support you to open your channeling, and progress from automatic writing to proper channeling, to direct voice channeling, and ironing out the process to allow it to flow better.  
  • Help open and develop your capacity to better tune in and read others, and get greater clarity for yourself.
  • Help bring in new energies, frequencies, and tools for you to incorporate into your healing work.
  • Connect, and re-connect you more into your teams guides, and upgraded those connections so that you can develop a much better, more in-tune relationship. 
  • Help open you up to be better able to tap into your own energy frequencies, and higher guidance, understand them, and incorporate them into your client work
  • Increase, expand, and help you develop your psychic/intuitive clairs, and capacity to be empathic without soaking in the energies of people around you.
  • If you have a business: support for greater flow and success in your business.
  • Support for your Self-Mastery/Self-Realization journey
  • Upgrades, moving through the glass ceiling, and upleveling, your consciousness, gifts and spiritual work and connection.
  • Support the opening and embodying of new levels of light language, and light codes. (Note that I myself do not use Light Language in my sessions, as I simply work more efficiently without it).

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