Sessions for Mothers & their Kids

Like so many of the women I work with, I am first, and foremost a Mum.  I have a 4 year old boy who plays such a big part in why I do the work that I do.  Especially when our children are young, so much of our energy and attention goes to them, because we not only want the best for them, and to see them reach their potential and grow up to be healthy and well balanced, but we want to be the best mum’s that we can be too.  Being a mum is such a hard job, and we’ve all had our struggles.  There are times when we can read our kids better than anyone, and we have days where we wish we could climb inside their little heads to understand what’s really going on with them.  I’ve created 2 sessions to help you with this, because I’ve been there, and there have been times when I’ve needed someone to help me better understand the underlying energy of what’s going on with me, and my child, and guide me through shifting what needs shifting.

Gifts & Purpose Readings for Kids

45-60 minutes 1:1 sessions over Zoom – Special Price AUD$75 if booked by September 15th (Regularly AUD$90)

In these sessions I’ll jump straight into Channel and will bring through information about your child’s Gifts, Purpose and energy.  If you have 1 child we’ll go into more detail, and if you have 2 we’ll cover everything you need to know for them both.  These sessions are best for children under the age of 8 years old.  If you are wanting a session for a child 12 years old+ I would prefer you have their permission before booking.  Depending on how much information comes through for your child, there may be an opportunity to ask some more specific questions at the end about your child, so come with a few questions ready.  The only information I require from you is your child’s first name, age, as well as any other siblings names & ages that they live with on a regular basis.

What will be covered in the session:

  • Your Child’s Gifts, both those that are currently playing out in their lives, gifts they are growing into, and other gifts they could potentially tap into with intention.
  • Your Child’s Bigger Picture Purpose.  I believe that we have come to this planet with an overall theme of a Purpose, and this is what I focus on rather than specific details which has the potential to change as your child grows.
  • Why your Child Choose you and it’s Father.  I have found that kids help us to grow, change and evolve, as we guide them through their childhood years.  They can bring the best out of us, and more of our potential too if we choose to look a little deeper and explore what’s happening below the surface.  If your child has siblings, I’ll also share more on their dynamic.
  • Your child’s energy and what they need to be healthy, happy, well balanced individuals.  Have you noticed that some kids seem to need certain things, and all our reject other things?  Kids are highly intuitive.  Their brains haven’t fully developed and so they have a habit of operating from gut instinct instead of mind logic.  We’ll explore what they need, and what they respond best to, to be balanced, healthy and strong.  This could be certain foods, more time in certain natural spaces (ie, around trees, grass, or water), plant medicines such as oils, homeopathics, flower essences, or perhaps your child could really use some healing energy, ie Reiki, or Kineseology to help keep them balanced.  I have found in most cases that what children need most, their parents are able to easy provide this for them.
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Mother & Child Healing sessions

90 Minutes 1:1 on Zoom with you only, AUD$120

These sessions are for you if you are struggling on your journey as a Mother, or your child seems to be struggling with something and is needing some extra assistance, or both.  So often if our child struggles with something, we can find it challenging to know how to help them.  It could be a pattern playing out that we haven’t been able to shift, or something we aren’t sure how to help them with.  As mothers, our children can trigger us too, when they don’t sleep, don’t listen, or have meltdowns.  In these sessions we’ll explore what’s going on energetically with your child, and with you, and we’ll go in and start to clear some of the patterns/emotions/belief systems playing out.  The clearing could take place in your child, if it’s something directly affecting them, it could take place in you, or in you both.  I have found that particularly when kids are young, by shifting something in the mother, the shift occurs automatically in the child as well.    As with all my sessions, even though the focus on this session is healing, there will still be useful information coming through about your child, their gifts etc.

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