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Although I offer 3 different types of sessions, I may incorporate elements of all 3 into my sessions.  All sessions are Voice Channelled, meaning they come through me direct from the Spirit teams. Know that whichever session you book, you’ll get exactly what you need, when you need it whether it be words of guidance, healing energies, or activations.  

All session conducted 1:1 online over Zoom, and will be recorded. Session recordings will be sent to you via Dropbox within 3 days. 

Embodying Your Potential Sessions

90 Minutes 

In these sessions we dive deep into your Path, your Purpose, your Potential, and most especially your Gifts and your Abilities; both those in operation, and those which haven’t switched on yet. These sessions are 100% Voice Channelled and you’ll receive a combination of information, guidance, activations, and possibly some healing work from my teams in whatever order they bring it through.   

Whilst I do bring in an element of healing when required in order to be able to activate and unlock different parts of your being, it is not the primary focus of these sessions. The healing work usually done is either clearing what’s blocking via the Akashic Records, or through your ancestral lineage.

Activations can come in different forms, sometimes it is simply via the energy being received, some of which may be shared for your information and other times it comes through sound or a combination of them both.  These activations serve to open, awaken, and unlock parts of your being that have simply been turned off for quite some time, or are ready to be upgraded to the next level in order for you to be better able to better assist others and walk the path of your greater purpose.  

These sessions are 90 minutes long, held online over Zoom and recorded so that you can go back and re-listen. AUD$150.

*Disclaimer, I will not blast open doors you aren’t ready for.  What I offer is not a quick solution.  Whilst I assist in opening and expanding your gifts in a very gentle way, you will still need to take the time to practice them, use them, and get comfortable with them, and for some clients, I give homework.  🙂

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Half & Half Sessions (30 Minutes Voice Channeling – 60 Minutes Healing/Activation)

90 Minutes 

These sessions are great if you are needing some bigger picture Clarity on things in your life as well as healing or activation work to get things moving and shifting. 

These sessions begin with 30 minutes of Voice Channeled guidance.   In all my sessions I go into a Trance, bring through guides, and get out of the way so that so that they can talk to you directly. In these sessions they love to chat, and pass you messages and words of wisdom, loving guidance, show you things from other perspectives, and they often give you processes and things to practice and do in your own time, as well as answer a few of your specific questions too, so best to come prepared with a few questions in mind of things you’d like to know!  They talk almost non-stop for around half an hour, and then bring through the energy for the rest of the session. 

In the last 60 minutes energy part of the session I channel energy which flows through you to clear and help you step more fully into more of your soul gifts, purpose, and the truth of who you are as a being.  In doing this we either dive into the Akashic Records to clear any vows, agreements or contracts you may have made which are preventing things from opening or flowing in your present life.  Or, we do activation work to open and activate some gifts or energies that are now ready to come through.  In most sessions we do a combination of both.  

Unless otherwise requested, my sessions tend to focus on your gifts, as that is my specialization: opening them, activating them, and fine tuning them.  I am also an Akashic Record Healer and tend to work with Galactic & Earth records. 

All sessions are 90 minutes long, are conducted via Zoom and will be recorded so that you can sit back and absorb the session.  AUD$150.

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Akashic (Past Life) Healing – 60-90 Minutes

In an Akashic Healing session we dive into the Akashic Records to look back through your lifetimes to find the root of some patterns, obstacles or fears playing out in your present day life.  In this session I’ll channel your past life story, or lives if there are some that directly ties in, give you a general overview as to why the pattern was created and how it’s paralleling in your current life.  I have found that in past lives, when things don’t turn out the way we wanted them to, we often didn’t have bigger picture understanding as to why things happened the way they did, and thus make vows/contracts/agreements to keep yourself safe in the future.  In the Healing part of the session we’ll be calling in so much love, forgiveness, and healing, break those vows, contracts, and agreements and shift the patterns playing out in your current life.  I have also found that in many past lives we had gifts which became shut down and often in these sessions, I get them switched back on in your present life as part of the session.  

I’ve been reading Akashic records for many years, and through training have learned to incorporate healing.  It’s been a passion of mine to develop the level of detail I see in these past lives so that I can really bring the story to life for you that really highlights the important parts, without triggering any trauma.  I have found them deeply clearing, highly transformative, and the biggest accelerator of my gifts and purpose really opening up. Whilst I incorporate Akashic Records into all of my sessions and all that I do, I’ve been feeling so many are needing Akashic healing at this time that I’ve decided to create sessions specifically for this purpose.  

These sessions usually take 60-90 minutes depending on how detailed into the record we need to read, and how deep of healing is required for this part of you to come back to wholeness.  Cost is AUD$120

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