I currently am offering 3 different types of sessions.  I offer Q&A readings, Healing/Activation sessions, and a Mentoring session. All sessions are Voice Channelled with the exception of the Mentoring sessions, meaning they come through me direct from the Spirit teams. Know that whichever session you book, you’ll get exactly what you need, when you need it whether it be words of guidance & clarity, or energy work.  

All session conducted 1:1 online over Zoom, and will be recorded. Session recordings will be sent to you via Dropbox within 3 days. 

Unsure which session is best for you?  Feel free to send me a message via the Contact me Page, or via my Facebook Page – Yolanda Channels to arrange a 15 minute pre-session chat and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to organize a time. 

** A note about my availability & calendar.  Due to Lockdown 2.0, I am back to homeschooling my 6 year old and thus my mornings are no longer available in my calendar during the week until school returns on August 19th, 2020.  If you are needing an appointment that is during my morning Melbourne AEDT, please send me a message, as I will be able to find a time for you if my husband isn’t working to meet a major deadline.  I have two time slots available in the afternoons Tuesday – Friday, as well as Tues & Thurs evenings, and of course Saturday’s I’m available all day.  🙂

Voice Channeled Q&A – 60 & 90 Min Reading

These sessions are for those who don’t want energy work, but instead are in need of some clarity around various things in your life, or are wanting to getting to know yourself better.  To have someone tell you more about who you are, your gifts, your strengths, your energy, your intuition, where you shine and where you are, or are going to impact.

One of my gifts is seeing your strengths, what you are really good at, and I can just feel when you’ve stepped out of the maze and are heading down the right track. Because whilst we are aware of some of our strengths, so often it takes another person point something out they see in us, for us to realize things about ourselves we either didn’t see, or took for granted, assumed everyone else was the same.

I call them Voice Channeled Q&A, but rather than focus on just life things you want to know, we also focus on you: you, your Gifts, your Path, your intuition, and your development.  My only request is that you take some time to think of a few questions you’d like answered.  The more specific your questions are, the more specific the answers will be. The teams always have alot to say, so we’ll get through your list and more.

You’ll leave my session feeling excited, and inspired with a deeper understanding of how amazing you truly are.

Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long, held over Zoom, and recorded so that you can go back and re-listen.

Most sessions can be completed over 60 minutes, however if you were wanting to deep dive more into your Gifts, your Purpose, and your Path, and have alot more questions around this, 90 minutes is recommended.

Sessions cost AUD$100/60mins, AUD$140/90mins.

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Embodying Your Potential Sessions – 90 Minutes 

In these sessions we dive deep into your Path, your Purpose, your Potential, and most especially your Gifts and your Abilities; both those in operation, and those which haven’t switched on yet. These sessions are 100% Voice Channelled and you’ll receive a combination of information, guidance, activations, and possibly some healing work from my teams in whatever order they bring it through.   

Whilst I do bring in an element of healing when required in order to be able to activate and unlock different parts of your being, it is not the primary focus of these sessions. The healing work usually done is either clearing what’s blocking via the Akashic Records, or through your ancestral lineage.

Activations can come in different forms, sometimes it is simply via the energy being received, some of which may be shared for your information and other times it comes through sound or a combination of them both.  These activations serve to open, awaken, and unlock parts of your being that have simply been turned off for quite some time, or are ready to be upgraded to the next level in order for you to be better able to better assist others and walk the path of your greater purpose.  

These sessions are 90 minutes long, held online over Zoom and recorded so that you can go back and re-listen. AUD$160.

*Disclaimer, I will not blast open doors you aren’t ready for.  What I offer is not a quick solution.  Whilst I assist in opening and expanding your gifts in a very gentle way, you will still need to take the time to practice them, use them, and get comfortable with them, and for some clients, I give homework.  🙂

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Open My Channel – 1.5-2hr Session

This session is for the Channelors and those who want to step into becoming channelors.

You’ve discovered you are a Channelor. Perhaps you Voice Channel, or you channel messages, healing, sounds, light language, or codes. Sometimes it comes through thick and fast and othertimes it trickles through and you can’t always understand why. Most of what comes through feels profound, powerful, and you are in love with your gift, and you want to improve, get better at it, have more control over it, you want to up the power, the clarity, the potency, the frequency, the detail. You want to take your work to the next level, you want to use this gift for good. It’s part of your mission, your purpose. It’s built into who you are.

Sure upgrades happen, ascension happens, life happens, in a way that naturally shifts us into the next gear, but how often do we feel like we actually know exactly what we need to clear/shift/heal/release within ourselves to get to that next level with our channels that we know we have the potential to reach? Usually it’s a knowing or a feeling something needs to shift or upgrade, but we can’t always quite put our finger on it. It’s like we are operating at one level when we know deep inside we can operate so much higher if we can just somehow push through that glass ceiling.

This session is for a channelor who would like some assistance to take their work to the next level. They are ready to open up to more and need someone who understands channelors, and how their unique channel works.  Whilst my specialization is in Gifts & Purpose, and although I work with people with a very wide range of gifts, it’s the channelors whom I understand the most, and whom in turn receive the most powerful, and impactful channeled sessions from me. In recent channelings, it’s become clear to me, that working with and helping channelors develop their channeling is becoming the a big focus of my work.

These sessions are not a restful restorative Reiki walk in the park, they are not a gentle breeze blowing instant shifts your way. These sessions go deep, and take time to integrate and unfold, as clearing and opening our channels for greater and better flow cannot be compared to flicking a switch. It’s not about changing our mindsets, or clearing a core belief, it’s about improving and clearing energetic pathways through our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or blast our systems. There is just as much gentle opening that happens in these sessions as there is clearing. They are like an upgrade that can only be truly felt when we channel and feel the difference in the flow, the clarity, and experience what more comes through for ourselves and others.

We all have the potential to channel like Esther Hicks – powerful and profound energy and information that can change people’s lives for the better, have an impact, shift, heal, activate, and truly make a difference.

All sessions are 1.5-2hrs long, are held over Zoom, and cost AUD$160.  These sessions are also available as a package.  To learn more about my Packages click HERE

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Mentoring session – 90 Minutes

These sessions are for anyone who wants some support to do things themselves.  Whether that be support to learn or improve on your ability to connect in with your guides, to channel, to get your own messages (and have the confirmation that you aren’t indeed making things up, and the clarity as to why if you are coming from your mind instead of your intuition), or even to do some self-healing, these sessions are for you.

Originally I designed this session to support channelors to improve their connection to be able to channel better, but so many others booked in wanting support with their spiritual gifts and getting their own answers.

In these sessions I help you connect inwards to your own intuition, your guides, and your higher self, and we work on whatever it is you are wanting support with.  With my support you’ll find the answers come clearer, louder, and things shift faster as I support every element of these sessions. I’m tuned into you and can feel what you are feeling.  I’m also tuned into my own team and recieve higher guidance as to what questions to ask you to move through things more efficiently.  I also am able to support you to move through things faster, especially if you get a bit stuck.  You’ll walk away from these sessions with so much un-questionable clarity, clarity you recieved yourself, clarity that I can feel is coming from Spirit, from guidance, from your higher self and not your mind or imagination. 

Mentoring sessions are held over Zoom, and cost $140.

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