In 2019 I’ll be offering a combination of small group Workshops and Healing/Activation Meditations.

My Activation Meditations are open to anyone who books in, and can be experience Live or via a Recording.  I channel them specifically for the group.

My workshops are hands on, and experiential. I like to limit them to small numbers (I prefer a maximum of 4) so that everyone has the opportunity to take part, ask questions, and receive some 1:1 help from me if required.


Channeling Workshop (Live & Online)

Launching October 2019, this course is for those who are wanting to learn how to Channel their Guides to bring through guidance for themselves and others. Course to be held over 3-4 weeks.  There will be a limit to a maximum of 3-4 people to allow everyone time to channel and recieve assistance if required.

Cost, times and dates TBC.

Automatic Writing Workshop (Live & Online)

***Next round to be run before February 2020.

Whenever anyone who wants to channel asks me where to start, so often the advice that comes through for them is to start with Automatic writing, as it’s simple and easy to learn, easier to get out of the way and let the messages through, and once you’ve mastered it, it’s easy to step straight into other forms of channeling.

Doing written readings gives you the opportunity to be of service to others, to grow and develop your gifts, whilst giving you the flexibility to work on your own time, and tune in when you are ready. It’s great if you don’t work fixed hours, or have young children.

The first time I channeled a written reading for someone I didn’t know personally, it was pretty short, just a short paragraph. I was nervous and unsure if I was doing it correctly. I had no one to hold my hand and tell me how well I did. I persevered and the more I did channeled writing, the more detail started to come through. But I’d get stuck, I’d stumble upon limiting blocks, and need to book a session with someone to help me clear through them, which opened me up for even more detail to come through. I did a written reading for people I didn’t know every week for an entire year in order to improve. My first reading was a few paragraphs, my last was 10 pages long and filled with so much detail. I also channeled readings in the form of short stories which were deep and meaningful, and this was the basis of my very first business in Australia. One day, I will channel a book.

The thing with channeling is that it’s a tool that can be used for so many things. Writing, Facebook Posts, Guidance for yourself and others, even Music, Codes, Art, and Healing. Automatic writing can give you a basic foundation to be able to expand into even more.

A year ago I channeled that there are many channelors, and budding channelors out there who could use my support, and so I’d like to introduce my first channeling course, which goes right back to the very beggining to where guidance has often recommended people to start:

Automatic Writing Workshop:

A 3x 2hr/week workshop for those who are not just wanting to learn how to do automatic writing, but actually be able to use it to do readings for yourself and others. This course is also open to those who’ve done a little bit of automatic writing already, but wish to develop it more.

Unlike other Automatic writing workshops out there, this one comes in two parts. In the first hour, we do energy work to help open your channel further, and clear out what’s getting in the way so that you can bring through clearer more detailed messages, and in the second hour, we write.

Course Overview:

Week 1 – A guided Meditation to meet and connect with your writing guide(s) (or your higher self). The one(s) who will be supporting you through the process for at least the duration of the course. We get your energy aligned with them so that you can feel confident knowing who you are connected to and where your information is coming from. We’ll also do some energy work on your channel to help you to write clearer guidance. We follow this up with some automatic writing exercises whereby we practice writing for and receiving guidance for ourselves.

Week 2 – In the first hour I’ll lead the group through a channeled healing meditation to deepen your connection to our writing guide, open channels to allow in more light, and clear away more beliefs and contracts that are holding you back from allowing more guidance and clarity to come through your writing, followed by some writing exercises in the second hour to begin channeling messages for others.

Week 3 – You’ll receive another channeled healing meditation to open your connection to spirit further. You’ll also be deepening your connection to the Earth so that you feel more grounded when writing (as automatic writing can cause some to become a bit spacey), as well as clearing some head noise, doubts, and activating your psychic gifts so as to better be able to hear/feel/know/see the words and allow them to better flow through you. Followed by an hour of writing to practice using automatic writing to answer some questions for each other.

Course is limited to 4 people so as to allow time for everyone to write, share, and ask questions.
Cost is AUD$120 Workshop to be held over Zoom and live attendance to all 3 is ideal.

To book – click here:

Meetup Groups

Spirit Writing is an online meetup group for those who do Automatic Writing.  These meetups are 2 hours long, or longer if I’m still writing.  In this meetup group we’ll have a short discussion on what we plan to write, and set some intentions.  I’ll then guide the group through a short 10-15 minute meditation to get us really connected into our Spirit teams and we spend the remainder of the time writing.  I’ll hold the space so that you can feel easier to connect and stay connected.

I have found it’s much easier to focus and write when I give myself dedicated time to do so, and I love writing even more when I’m able to write in a really beautiful space where the energy is high, I’m feeling fully connected to my Spirit team, and there is a level of accountability available to me.  Given that there is nothing like this available locally, I’ve decided to create my own.

This meetup group is great for those who wish to do some automatic writing in an online group setting.  Perfect for those who would love a dedicated block of time to do the following



-Socialmedia post writing

-Novel writing

-Writing channeled/psychic readings for others.

Time: Every Second Monday from 7:30-9:30pm AEST starting October 2019

Place: Online over Zoom (all participants will be muted during writing periods, however the chat option will be available)

Cost AUD$5, as this is a meetup group, not a workshop.

Max Participants: 10


In 2018 I ran a monthly series which focused on the topic of Creation.  However in 2019 & 2020 I’ll be running Guided Meditations as I recieve the inspired guidance to do so.

Announcements to be made here and on my Facebook Page Yolanda Channels as they are being held.

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