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Group Activation Sessions & Workshops

In 2018 I am taking my work out into the world to make it more accessible. Beginning March 2018, I’ll be hosting a new monthly Activation Meditation series with the Venusians and the Arcturians.  Each month will feature a guest Ascended Master, Angel, or Cosmic Being who will bring in their own energy, healing and frequency into the sessions.  Whilst the topic will vary from month to month, you can guarantee that the themes of expanding love and frequency within our being, as well as opening more to Creation, our unique Gifts, and the embodying more of our Soul Essence into our physical here on the Earth will feature throughout the year.

The Monthly Activation live group sessions will be recorded and sent to you if you cannot attend live.  Each month will have a theme which will be announced on this page, my Facebook page and be sent out via Email if you wish to subscribe to my newsletter.

The first Activation Meditation will be held on March 14th at 8:30pm Melbourne time and will be free of charge.

It’s an Activation with Venus Kumara, the Venusian Mothers, and The Arcturians and Divine Mother energy to activate and enhance our creations, whether they be galactic, or Earthly in Nature, this activation will take us into the womb of Mother Gaia, and using Cosmic Sound frequencies and activations, activate and enhance the creators that we are.  

If you are interested in joining my first free meditation on March 14th, you can sign up via the link below.  Bookings are essential regardless if you plan to attend live or listen at a later date as the meditation will be created specifically for all those who book in.

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