In 2021 I’ll be offering a combination of small group hands on experiential workshops, and more larger Group sessions such as my monthly Group Meditation, my fortnightly Meetup group, and some larger workshops.

My group sessions are open to anyone who books in, and can be experienced Live or via a Recording.  I channel them specifically for those who book in.

My small group hands on experiential workshops are limited to 4 people and I run a new one every second month mid month on topics such as improving and opening your channel, opening to new gifts and energies, energy healing, as well as connecting more deeply to your intuition and guides.

I tend to post the latest workshop details on my Facebook Page – Yolanda Channels, so see my page for my latest workshop offerings, and spaces remaining.


Grounded: A 3 part series

Happy New Year everyone, I’m starting 2021 off with a 3 week channeled energetic session to help get you more grounded and anchored in preparation for the year ahead. It starts Wednesday January 13th. If you are interested, read on for more details. 

It’s been stressed so many times, in so many ways the importance of grounding as part of the Spiritual path.  But the truth is, so many of the techniques taught are temporary fixes, to get you grounded enough to proceed with whatever it is you are about to do.  Just the very fact that if you don’t always feel grounded, or need to continuously root yourself and get yourself more present in your body just goes to show that whilst those techniques do help, they are temporary and that you could really use something a bit more long standing and holding.

Grounding was one of the biggest issues I struggled with on my spiritual journey, as I had spent so much of my life half out of my body and not fully here and present simply because I didn’t feel safe.  I’d send roots down and wrap them around the Earth’s core and it would temporarily help, but then I’d be back to my floaty self pretty quickly and it became clear over time that I needed more than just a few hooks to keep me here.  I needed something more permanent to get me grounded, and keep me grounded.  Shifting into a more grounded state of being allowed me to begin to really bring through the next level of my spiritual work, and as my Spiritual work continues to grow and expand, I’ve had to upgrade my grounding connection to support it, and will continue to do so moving forward.  Thus I truly believe becoming more consistently grounded was an integral and necessary part of becoming a better channeler, and energy worker.  

As I was writing this post my team showed me a visual that I hope will help you understand this better. Our ability to be and stay grounded is like a structure that we live and work in.  For some people on this planet, the grounding structure looks a bit like a tent, with simple pegs holding it down, and can blow away in a big emotionally triggered storm, or crumple to bits when something unexpected hits it.  No matter how many tent pegs you send down, the structure itself is flimsy.  Upgrading our grounded state is like upgrading from a tent to a simple sturdier wooden structure with thicker wooden beams anchored into the ground, all the way up to a solid concrete Japanese skyscraper with large steel posts anchoring it down several stories deep, that can hold so much more inside, and stay anchored and upright regardless of the spiritual, emotional, or astrological weather (or major Earthquakes!).  No matter where you are at on your journey, there is always room to improve and uplevel, which in turn allows us to bring even more of who we are and what we are here to do as a soul to this planet.   

The intention of these 3 weekly energy sessions is to create a more permanent upgraded grounded and anchored state of being that’s perfect for you at this time, so that you feel more grounded and anchored and fully present and in your body on an ongoing basis.  Simply put, this workshop is going to improve your overall grounding connection and ability to be more present.  It’s also going to change how you ground, and how deeply, and is perfect for you if you sense you need it at this time, or plan to do alot of work to expand your Spiritual work this year. 

In this 3 part series, you’ll have the opportunity to get comfortable, and receive a clearing followed by an opening and expansion that is going to support you to become more grounded as an overall state of being, and more present in the here and now.  These 3 sessions are going to feel like receiving 3 full healing sessions as I’ll be doing the energy work on the group, so it’s recommended you find a quiet comfortable place to receive.  If you cannot find that at the designated time, the workshop will be recorded so that you can go back and listen when it is the right space and time for you to do so.  The energies will do their thing regardless if you are present for the live calls or not.

In the 3x 60 minute sessions we will be working on the following:

  • Improving our connection to Mother Earth
  • Clearing any blocks around our service work agreements that may be stopping us from grounding more fully here, and allowing the Earth to support us through that grounding connection
  • Helping to bring in a state of more present-ness, and the higher awareness and clarity that comes through that state. 
  • Improve your intuition through the grounding and anchoring of more of your gifts, your higher conscious energies, and expanding your awareness of all things.  
  • Ground and anchor any new energies that are coming in for you to work with in 2021 and beyond so that you can start working with them sooner, faster, and in a more powerful way. 

I’ll be channeling the energies for approximately 45-55 minutes and we’ll end each session with 5-10 minutes of connecting inwards to find out what we need to do personally to help anchor in this upgrade to our grounded state, as some of you may need to get outside and sit, or go for a walk or jog, spend some time in nature or meditate, as there most likely will be some work you will need to do personally between sessions to support the process more deeply and this will be different and unique to each of you.  If you have troubles connecting inwards to receive this kind of information, I’ll be able to support you to receive this specific info during the live calls. 

Sessions are running the last 3 Wednesdays of January, 4pm-5pm Melbourne time, as many of you may need to get outside after to integrate these energies. Intro Price is AUD$85 for all 3 sessions.  All sessions held online over Zoom and a copy of the recording will be sent to you regardless if you attend live or not.

Session dates:  

Wednesday January 13th, Wednesday January 20th, Wednesday January 27th

(*Please note that 4pm Melbourne time is 5am London time, 10:30am Mumbai, and 9pm Tuesday night PST, Midnight EST.)

Cost AUD$85

To book – click here:

If you missed this session, the recordings will be available for sale on this website in February.  🙂

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Opening New – A Monthly Group Energetic Session

*Please note, this Monthly Meditation is now finished for 2020 and will resume on the last Wednesday in February or March 2021.

This group session is for those who are anchored firmly onto your Spiritual Path. It’s focused on supporting you with anchoring in what’s next on your journey. Whilst these sessions will have a guided journey element to them like a meditation, they will feel more like receiving a group energy healing and activation as much energy work will take place in these sessions.

More details on these monthly group sessions:

Our Spiritual Journey is a journey of opening and unravelling as we not only discover more about ourselves, but step more into our gifts, our abilities, and our capacity to be of greater service to the earth and all her inhabitants, and the Universe in which we live. For the Spiritual Path is ultimately a path of service, regardless if that service is inwards focused being more of service to ourselves, or outward focused as we serve the world around us. Opening and upleveling our gifts, abilities and wisdom is a part of that path of service, and is often a necessary requirement for our journey.

And yet these gifts, abilities, and wisdom comes to us regardless if we are here on this planet at this time to help bring about a remembrance of ancient knowledge, or are here to be the wayshowers, the path finders, the pioneers of new ways of being, bridging the Cosmos with our planet. The purpose of this meditation is to bridge you into the new, what’s yet to be for you, but which you inherently are ready to step into regardless if this New to you in this lifetime now is actually ancient or brand new.

This new can be a plethora of things. It can be a new energy, a new gift, a new way of connecting, or being, or simply an improvement to what we already have. It’s a form of uplevel and initiation. My team with whom I channel, Chinorah Sun come from the future, yet also come from the ancient past. Time as we know it is a human creation, and my team are here to bend the fractals of time, to bring you the exact combination of what you need for your present moment, whether that be something that has already been created on our Earth, or something that has yet to be here for you.

This group session is to be held on the last Wednesday of each month 7:30-8:45pm Melbourne time, or 10:30am-11:45am. Cost is AUD $28.

The session includes 40-60 minutes of energy work, followed by a brief channeled message for everyone who attends live, which may be around what specifically was coming through for you in the meditation that you may not have been consciously aware of or to give you more guidance and clarity around the New that is coming through for you and your journey ahead with it. You are encouraged to be somewhere comfertable where you won’t be interupted.

All sessions to be held Live over Zoom, so you can join from the comforts of your own home. If you can’t attend live but feel you still need this session, the recording can be sent to you for you to listen in your own time.

Session times: Melbourney/Sydney time.
(Please note for North Americans: 10:30am in Melbourne is 5:30pm PST & 8:30pm EST Tuesday.)

Sessions to resume February or March 2021.

To register click here:

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Meetup Group

Spirit Connect Meetup Group

Since October 2019 I’ve run a fortnightly meetup group every second Monday night.  It’s been a nice group, and there have been a small core group of us that have met regularly as well as regular visitors who come on occassion.

In the beginning the group was focused on Automatic Writing, and we all wrote a lot with our microphones on mute and our camera’s switched off: blogs, workshops, meditations, webinars, and a ton of journaling was created during these times. However in 2020 we’ve shifted away from only just writing, and have been inspired to do other things too, such as meditate, drum, heal, and do other things besides just write in the time we are connected. It’s become a time where we connect to Spirit and our guides individually, together, while on the call as I hold space and energy for the group, and allow the time to be whatever it needs to be.

As per the usual format I’ll guide the group through a short 10-15 minute channeled meditation to get us really connected into our spirit teams and higher consciousness, and then we allow our Guides, our higher self, our Spirit teams to guide us through the next 1.5hrs, to bring through and do that which we personally need in this moment of time.  It’s an opportunity to have a co-working session where we work on ourselves, and get some clarity for ourselves with some accountability, all while having someone holding the space to make it easier.

Whether it be to simply connect, meditate, write, or create, or a combination of a few things. It’s the perfect opportunity to make a date with Spirit for 2 hours, and be held accountable to show up and stay connected.

Because how often do we intend to connect, and then go off and do something else instead?

Format for the night:

7:30pm – Greetings and seeing how everyone is.

7:35-7:50pm – Guided Channeled Meditation to get everyone connected into their Spirit Team, and Higher self.

7:50-9:15pm – We sit in the energy, microphones on mute, doing our own inspired work.

9:15-9:30pm, We come back together to have a little chat and sharing about what we w0rked on, what we did, and how we went with it.

So if you are wanting to join in, we meet every second Monday  7:30pm-9:30pm Melbourne time.

Please pre-book so that I know who to let into the Zoom room, for security purposes. Feel free to PM me via my Facebook Page if you are joining in last minute as my booking link closes 24 hours before.

Cost is AUD$5 as this is a meetup group, a co-working group, not a workshop.

Booking link:


Voice Channeled Group Q&A Workshop (Live & Online)

Have a question you’d love some guidance on, but don’t need a full session?  Join my Voice Channeled Group Q&A Workshops. This workshop is held every 2nd month and is currently limited to 10 people so that everyone has the opportunity to ask their question. 

In this workshop you’ll be guided through a brief meditation to get connected as a group, and then each participant will have the opportunity to ask and receive some  guidance and clarity on their particular question. If you’ve ever listened to an audio recording from one of Esther Hick’s workshops, you’ll have noticed that the answer to one person’s question can be beneficial to many, and this has been so in my Group Q&A workshops as well.  The workshop ends with some guidance and clarity around the set theme of the workshop.

Cost AUD$28

Next workshop: 2021

Sessions to be held live over Zoom, and a recording will be available.

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