I’ve got a few meditations I’ve created for my clients, feel free to download them if you need them.  🙂

Meditation to help you connect to your guides to begin Channeling

This meditation is just under 9 minutes long.  It’s great if you’ve channeled before, and are having a few troubles connecting in with your guides and would like a guided meditation to get the process started.  🙂


Meditation to help you connect to your writing guide to begin Automatic Writing

This meditation is just under 10 minutes long and great to help you connect in with your guides so that you can begin to do Automatic Writing.

Click the download button to download the MP3.


Meditation to close down and ground after channeling

If you are feelng quite spacey after channeling, this meditation is around 5 minutes long and will help you to close down, get grounded and feel more present and in your body after channeling.