I currently am offering 3 different types of sessions.  I offer Q&A readings, Energetic Support & Upgrade sessions, as well as sessions specifically designed for Channelers. All sessions are Voice Channelled meaning they come through me direct from the Spirit teams. Know that whichever session you book, you’ll get exactly what you need, when you need it whether it be words of guidance & clarity, or energy work.  

All session conducted 1:1 online over Zoom, and will be recorded. Session recordings will be sent to you via Dropbox within 3 days. 

Unsure which session is best for you?  Feel free to send me a message via the Contact me Page, or via my Facebook Page – Yolanda Channels to arrange a 15 minute pre-session chat and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to organize a time. 

** Also, if you are in Europe, you may find my availability doesn’t suit you as we are on opposite sides of the globe.  I am able to be a bit flexible with my calendar, so please send me a message and we’ll work out a time.  🙂

Embodying Your Potential Sessions – 90 Minutes 

In these sessions we dive deep into your Path, your Purpose, your Potential, and most especially your Gifts and your Abilities; both those in operation, and those which haven’t switched on yet. These sessions are 100% Channeled and you’ll receive a combination of information, guidance, clarity, as well as some energy work to assist with healing, as well as opening up to what’s next for you. 

These sessions are 100% channeled.  They are a combination of energy work and guidance intertwined and will feel like you are receiving both a healing and a reading in one.  I’m an excellent multitasker.  Unlike a silent Reiki session I share what is actually shifting/clearing/opening as it’s happening and where, and when the energy needs a bit of time to do it’s thing, I use the opportunity to share more information you need to know, and most people feel the energy moving and may even feel a bit sleepy so make sure you are somewhere comfortable for the session.  There will be a lot of info in these sessions, too much to write down as it’s all happening and thus it will be recorded so you can sit back, enjoy, and simply just take it all in. 

Whilst the healing work is incorporated, the primary focus of this session is to open, awaken, and unlock parts of your being that have simply been forgotten or turned off , or are ready to open to the next level in order for you to be better able to better assist others and walk the path of your greater purpose.  There is often an element of new things coming in for you, whether this new be an ancient gift forgotten and buried over lifetimes, or something brand new you’ve not experienced before.  These sessions are accelerating, in the sense that they often get things happening faster for you simply by clearing what’s been in the way for you to take easier and faster strides forwards in your life. 

The healing and clearing work is either through a rapid clearing of what’s blocking via outdated beliefs that have come via the Akashic Records (in regards to otherlife times), or through your ancestral lineage, or simply things you’ve picked up along the way. The focus is on clearing out any stuck energies, beliefs, vows, outdated contracts, or no longer relevant agreements, as well as any energies not belonging to us personally that are impacting us.  Sometimes I go into the backstory if relevant, other times I simply just clear it, and you will not have to re-live the trauma in order for that clearing to occur. 

If this is your first time to work with me, I highly recommend you book in for this session first as it will give you and I both a bigger overview of what makes you so special, where you are at, and where you are going, and what you are ready for next.  

This session can be done in two ways: Either live over Zoom, or Offline whereby I simply do and record the session at a set time, and send you the recording. These energy part of these sessions are 90 minutes long, however if you attend live, please allow up to 2 hours so that we can have some time to discuss where you are at, and what you’d like to focus on.  If you decide to do the session offline, there is a form you’ll need to fill out so that I can have the relevant information I need to do the session. Please note that I do not need to see your face, in order to give you an accurate session. All sessions are recorded so that you can go back and re-listen as there will be a lot of information packed into these sessions. AUD$180.

*Disclaimer, I will not blast open doors you aren’t ready for.  Whilst I assist in opening and expanding your gifts in a very gentle way that won’t overwhelm you, you will still need to take the time to practice them, use them, and get comfortable with them, and for some clients, I give homework.  🙂

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Elevate – A session for those ready for an Upgrade to the Next Level of your Spiritual Work. 90 minutes.

Elevate is my signature offering, my own Modality I’ve been channeling through.

Elevate is a new style of session that was birthed early 2020.  It spent the first 6 months in development before it started to come through in client sessions.  It’s a similar style of session to “Embodying Your Potential” but it’s for those of you who are ready for more: a bigger leap, a bigger upgrade.  It’s for those of you who’ve done a lot of work on yourself, and are ready to move forward, ready to Elevate your gifts, and your life in general.

Elevate has one main purpose: to elevate people’s consciousness and open their gifts so that they can work at a more elevated level in order to support Humanity in it’s forward movement.  It’s here to help people like you ascend, and support others through ascension.  It does so by connecting you to new gifts and energies you’ve never connected to before, perhaps new things never seen before on this planet, but are ready to be received and worked with, or to remember old gifts and energies that have been lost with time, and need restoring, reconnecting and maybe upgrading to be relevant and supportive in this lifetime.  Whatever comes in for you, will be specifically and uniquely for you and for your highest good, and the highest good of those you are here to support.  

It’s a session for those of you who are active love/light workers, wayshowers, Spiritual practitioners, and are ready for an upgrade to your own unique gifts, Spiritual work, modalities, and could use some support to take it to the next level, to move forward with greater acceleration and ease.  It’s for those of you who walk your own path, who do your own Spiritual work.  Elevate is my own Modality that I use to support you and your own gifts and Modalities, to bring out YOUR best work.  

Whilst my Embodying your Potential sessions are a combination of clearing, and healing, and releasing outdated beliefs whilst receiving alot of guidance and information on various topics, and some things opening up for you, Elevate is more focused on the specific upgrades occurring.  The level of energy may feel more intense, and in most sessions participants are taken out of ‘space time’ and often find themselves drifting off to sleep so that they can go in and do more with less resistance.

They are for those who are ready to open to what’s next, as they have little to no healing work involved, they are simply an upgrade, and for some it may feel you’ve had a few parts of you upgraded and up leveled, and for others it may feel like a full system update, upgrade and reboot as you receive a whole new and improved layout.  These sessions unfold in two ways: either intensively opening up, improving, and Elevating what needs Elevating, and then either guiding you through taking it for a test drive, or bringing through more guidance, information around what occurred in the session, and how your specific upgrade works so that you can better understand what’s happened, and what to do moving forwards.

The session begins with your Spirit team and mine coming into place, preparing your energy for the work to begin.  Your Spirit team and higher consciousness play an active and important role in these sessions, and could not be done without their assistance and support as they truly know you best.  It’s important for them to be involved front and centre because they need to be able to work with you moving forwards.  Information will be channeled through from your team and mine as to what is occurring and where.  If you don’t know much about your Spirit Team, who they are and how they more specifically support you and your work, you will learn more in this session.

A few of the things that have opened up and come through in Elevate sessions in recent months are:

  • Enhanced Clairaudience for those who are highly Clairaudient and rely on specific detail that comes through Clairaudience in client sessions.
  • The raising up of your energy and consciousness in order for new higher vibrational Spirit teams/Collectives to come in to support you to be of greater service, to bring through more specific and specialized energy work.  These Spirit teams don’t just come in, but merge and integrate more deeply with your being so that you have a closer easier relationship with better flow and communication.
  • New more Specialized Energy healing streams birthing through, for those who are energy healers and wanting to take their energy work to the next level.
  • Supporting the greater Embodyment of your higher self/higher consciousness.

These sessions greatly open and accelerate things more than Embodying your Potential sessions.  Whilst Embodying your Potential sessions can be done as often as you’d like, these sessions require a longer integration time, and more time is required between sessions for you to understand, work with, and really embody those gifts before you are ready to elevate to the next step.  These sessions bring big fast changes to many areas of your life, and not everyone is ready for that.  Please check in with your intuition and guidance to see if you are.  🙂

All sessions held over Zoom and recorded so that you can go back and re-listen.  Session cost is AUD$210 for 90 minutes.

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Voice Channeled Q&A – 60 & 90 Min Reading

These sessions are for those who don’t want energy work, but instead are in need of some clarity around various things in your life, or are wanting to get to know yourself better.  To have someone tell you more about who you are, your gifts, your strengths, your energy, your intuition, where you shine and where you are, or are going to impact.

One of my gifts is seeing your strengths, what you are really good at, and I can just feel when you’ve stepped out of the maze and are heading down the right track. Because whilst we are aware of some of our strengths, so often it takes another person to point something out they see in us, for us to realize things about ourselves we either didn’t see, or took for granted, assumed everyone else was the same.

I call them Voice Channeled Q&A, but rather than focus on just life things you want to know, we also focus on you: you, your Gifts, your Path, your intuition, and your development.  My only request is that you take some time to think of a few questions you’d like answered and also understand that you won’t get a 30 second answer.  The more specific your questions are, the more specific the answers will be. The teams always have alot to say in alot of detail.

You’ll leave my session feeling excited, and inspired with a deeper understanding of how amazing you truly are.

Q&A’s are either 45 or 75 minutes long (however please allow for 60 or 90 minutes so as to have a few minutes to chat about the session), held over Zoom, and recorded so that you can go back and re-listen.

If you’ve got a few questions/themes you’d like to know more about, a 45 minute session is usually enough, however if you have more questions or are wanting to deep dive more into your Gifts, your Purpose, your Path, or your Business, 75 minutes is recommended.

Sessions cost AUD$120/45-60mins, AUD$150/75-90mins.

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Open My Channel – 1.5-2hr Session

This session is for the Channelors (Those that are here to channel words) and Channeled Healers (Those who channel your own healing energies instead of use an energy you are attuned to), as well as for those who are wishing to open up in this direction.

You’ve discovered you are a Channelor. Perhaps you move healing energy out of your hands, or you Voice Channel, or you channel written messages, healing, sounds, light language, or codes. Sometimes it comes through thick and fast and othertimes it trickles through and you can’t always understand why. Most of what comes through feels profound, powerful, and you are in love with your gift, and you want to improve, get better at it, have more control over it, you want to up the power, the clarity, the potency, the frequency, the detail. You want to take your work to the next level, you want to use this gift for good. It’s part of your mission, your purpose. It’s built into who you are.

Sure upgrades happen, ascension happens, life happens, in a way that naturally shifts us into the next gear, but how often do we feel like we actually know exactly what we need to clear/shift/heal/release within ourselves to get to that next level with our channeling work that we know we have the potential to reach? Usually it’s a knowing or a feeling something needs to shift or upgrade, but we can’t always quite put our finger on it. It’s like we are operating at one level when we know deep inside we can operate so much higher if we can just somehow push through that glass ceiling.

This session is for a channelor who would like some assistance to take their work to the next level. They are ready to open up to more and need someone who understands channelors, and how their unique channel works.  Whilst my specialization is in Gifts & Purpose, and although I work with people with a very wide range of gifts, it’s the channelors whom I understand the most, and whom in turn receive the most powerful, and impactful channeled sessions from me. Working with and helping channelors develop their channeling in whatever form it comes through has been a big focus of my 1:1 work for many years.  I’ve not yet offered this as a course simply because I recognize how differently everyone channels, how unique everyone’s processes and Spirit teams, are, and how this shifts and changes as we develop that I’ve yet to be able to create a course that will allow you to develop in the specific way you personally develop best knowing there is no one size fits all method.

These sessions are not a restful restorative Reiki walk in the park, they are not a gentle breeze blowing instant shifts your way. These sessions go deep, and take time to integrate and unfold, as clearing and opening our channels for greater and better flow cannot be compared to flicking a switch. It’s not about changing our mindsets, or clearing a core belief, it’s about improving and clearing energetic pathways through our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or blast our systems. There is just as much gentle opening that happens in these sessions as there is clearing. They are like an upgrade that can only be truly felt when we channel words or energy (or both if you are like me) and feel the difference in the flow, the clarity, the frequency, and experience what more comes through for ourselves and others.

We all have the potential to channel powerful and profound energy and information that can change people’s lives for the better, have an impact, shift, heal, activate, and truly make a difference.

Although it is not a requirement, I have found that those who have done up to Level 2 in Reiki in general make the faster and easier progress.  One of the benefits of Reiki is that it really opens our channels to allow alot more information and energy to flow through us, particularly if you are here to be a hands on healer.  If you have completed a Reiki certification, please wait 21 days before booking in with me.

All sessions are 1.5 long, but please allow up to 2hrs as in most sessions I actually get you to channel in these sessions, usually for yourself with me prompting you and guiding you through it to help give you a better understanding of what’s shifted, how it all now works for you and to get some hands on practice, with the reassurance when you’ve connected in fully, and that you aren’t making it all up.  It also gives me a better sense of what more we can work on in future sessions as I usually ask your team while you are in channel what area they’d like you to focus on next.

All sessions are held over Zoom, and will be recorded.  They cost AUD$180

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