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Podcasts & Youtube Shows

They Call Us Channelers – Youtube Show

In February 2022 I was invited onto the Docuseries “They Call us Channelers” With Kevin Moore on the Moore Show.

In February 2022 I was invited onto the Docuseries “They Call us Channelers” With Kevin Moore on the Moore Show.

Next Level Soul – Youtube Show

After watching my interview with Kevin Moore on They Call us Channelers, Alex Ferrari from Next Level Soul invited me to join his show. Alex has interviewed some amazing guests from all walks of the Spiritual world, from scientists, to Yogi’s to Healers, and those who’ve had profound Near Death Experiences.

In this episode I shared a little of my background story before channeling some wisdom and guidance to answer some REALLY big questions Alex asked.

Tap That EFT & Other Holistic Friends – A Podcast

Laine is a local Melbourne EFT Practitioner and Podcast host who just so happens to live near me. Her Podcast Tap That EFT & Other holistic friends features practitioners from around the world, introducing them and their work. In this Episode “After Healing Comes Growth” I share a little more about the work that I do. https://tapthat.buzzsprout.com/1932453/11890997-after-healing-comes-growth-with-voice-channeler-yolanda-tong

Other Platforms

Orykl – A platform for Channelers

I was invited to join Orykl by the founder Huenu Solsana. Huenu has carefully selected some of the best channelers to work on her platform Orykl, a place where you can find, and book in to have a reading with a channeler. I will be offering a few sessions a month on Orykl from November 2023. If my calendar on this website is fully booked, you may find I have an available time on Orykl (Q&A only), or you can find another channeler who can support you. In the future you’ll find courses, podcasts, and other things all related to the topic of channeling. I’ll be collaborating with other channelers on projects and will share that as it’s created.


Soul Star Holistic Festival

Soul Star Festival

I am an Active reader and workshop facilitator with Soul Star Festival here in Melbourne Australia.  Soul Star Festival is a boutique festival that show cases the best of Melbourne’s wellness & spiritual community.  It started out as an in person festival, however during Covid moved online and stayed online, and thus has participants join from all over the world.

Soul Star has the occasional Sunday readers festivals, and workshops.

It’s a great intro to my Q&A work as sessions held during Soul Star Sunday readers festivals are 20 minutes long.  My spots book out quickly so advanced booking is required.

You can find Soul Star on the Festival page or on Facebook.

Channeling Now Summit

Saryon Michael White has gathered a bunch of channelers together to create a free mini summit that can be watched anytime. Every channeler has created a short video offering their tips and tricks to channeling. Great to watch if you are a developing channeler.


Channeling Now Summit


My story Magpie was included in the book “Animals: Personal Tales of Encounters with Spirit Animals”, by Dr. Steven Farmer

In 2020 just after a long lockdown, I had a close spiritual encounter with a Magpie and wrote a personal story about it.  The story is about one of the struggles I had in regards to my own purpose, and journey:  a deep fear, which Magpie helped me to ‘fly above.’ In 2021 Sacred Stories did a call out for spiritual stories on real life encounters with the animal kingdom and my story entitled Magpie was selected. Animals: Personal Tales of Encounters with Spirit Animals, by Dr Steven Farmer was published in January 2022.  It includes 35 stories in addition to my own, along with an understanding of Spirit Animals and how to deepen your connection to them written by Steven Farmer.  If you love stories of hope, love, healing and connection in regards to the Animal world, I recommend this book, the stories published in this book are wonderful.  This book can be purchased through all major book retailers including Amazon.

Book cover - Animals Personal Tales of Encounters with Spirit Animals, by Dr Steven Farmer

My Story – Healing Regret

For years someone from my past continued to appear in my dreams at night. No matter what I did to clear him out nothing ever seemed to work. Then as I was about to fly back to Canada, my native country, where I first met this person, the dreams intensified, and so many other signs came along to pass along the information I was missing. What followed was a deep and profound healing which I shared in a story called Healing Regret which is published by Sacred Stories Publishing in the Book Signs by Simran which released March 10th 2023.